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When it comes to a certain age, famous people do not continually strive to become more famous as something else starts wandering in their minds. One of those things is personal relationships and family as it becomes more important over time for most people. However, while talking about this particular topic, there is one person who comes to our mind, and his name is Pat Sajak. Now, you do know Pat, don’t you?

Pat is only one of the most famous TV host of all time, and certainly, if we are not wrong, he has made history most recently through his professional career. As one of the veteran and still strongly on-going TV host and TV personality, Pat has a lot to offer to his fans and followers. With the charm that he brings to the TV screen, certainly, most of you out there cannot get over of him in any possible way. That is just how Pat works.

Pat Sajak

If you are an average American citizen, then there is a fair chance that you have watched Pat from the past couple of decades. For anyone who does not already know about Pat, he helps other people to make a fortune through the use of a wheel. You have guessed right, and Pat is the host who hosts the Wheel of Fortune game. Wheel of fortune is one of the most famous till now, and every bit credit goes to Pat.

However, we already know about the show and the charm that Pat brings to our TV screens. But what are the things that you know about his personal life? We talked about some of the most famous people starting to lean towards a life with personal satisfaction. Pat falls somewhere at the top of that list.

How Old Is Pat Sajak?

The veteran TV personality and one of the most celebrated hosts of all time Pat Sajak was born on October 26, 1956, in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. As of now, Pat is 72 years old. However, he still shows off enthusiasm and energy as any other 40 years old. This is all possible, thanks to his super healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Pat was born to father Leonard Anthony Sajdak and mother Joyce Helen who before marriage renowned herself as Brandecka. Pat’s father worked as a factory worker, and unfortunately, he passed away when Pat was just a young lad. Despite the death of his father, Pat never felt short of love as his mother was always there to give him all the love in the world.

While growing up, Pat and his mother did not have any financial security. The fact that his father was a factory worker and died during the prime of his life meant that the son and mother were left with very limited amoung for livelihood sustainability. But things began to get a little better as Pat’s mother married another man named Walter Backal.

Sajak grew up in a very normal environment, and when his mother married, a new man as a father started to support him in every step. While growing up, Pat started to become a very good and disciplined young man. His mother managed to set the right example for Pat in every step, and Pat also followed his mother’s teachings.

Sajak, while growing up, did not have any siblings of his own because his father died early. As the only child, his mother showered him with all the love she could muster. This blind love and trust that she bestowed became a guiding line for Sajak.

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Pat Sajak Education

As we mentioned earlier, Sajak and his mother were not financially secure and that their livelihood was to that of a very normal person. His mother started to work to support the family, and after remarrying, additional support came to Pat and his mother’s aid. As a young child, his attention drew towards education, and as his mother also wanted it, Pat became determined towards it.

As a wee young lad, Pat went on and attended the Farragut High School located in Chicago itself where Pat was born and raised. He went to the school and started learning about everything that he could get his hands upon. His enthusiasm also managed to make him one of the brightest student in his section and his year apparently.

Sajak graduated from Farragut High School in 1994 and began contemplating about continuing his studies further. As mentioned, Sajak started thinking very hard for the right choice because of his financial condition. After much thought and waging his marks against the odds which were very good, Pat enrolled at the Columbia College Chicago.

However, in order to sustain himself and also carry out the fees of his education, Sajak started working as a desk clerk at the Palmer House Hotel. While working there, Pat began to learn many things, and all the while continues his studies with sheer determination to excel in everything.

After a couple of years of hard work, Pat finally graduated from Columbia College Chicago and received his Alma Mater.

Personal Life

Pat is very fortunate enough, not because of his professional career, which is equally astonishing but also because of his surprisingly spectacular charm. This has helped him gain success in different aspects of his life, and one of them is his personal life. However, Pat experiences his share of failures as well.

As a matter of fact, Pat married two times till now, and both of the women are some of the most beautiful ones ever. To start everything with ease, let’s start from the very beginning. Out of the two marriages, Pat married his first wife in the 70s when people believed so much in love.

During the 70s, Pat met a beautiful woman named Sherrill Sajak and her charm instantly mesmerized Pat. After a couple of conversations and frequent meets, Pat began to fall in love with Sherrill and the same was going on with Sherrill. A couple of months of an affair, both began their official relationship.

After some time, Pat and Sherrill married in a beautiful wedding ceremony in 1979 in front of family and friends. Unfortunately, less than a decade later, Pat and Sherrill found each other on the verge of despair and sour love. Eventually, all this led to divorce, and Pat and Sherrill ended their relationship in 1986.

Name Pat Sajak
Date of birth October 26, 1946
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.10 ft
Weight N/A
Profession TV Host
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Scorpio
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $65 million


Is Pat Sajak Married Now?

After divorcing his first wife, Pat stayed single for a while before meeting another astonishingly beautiful by the name Lesley Brown. Meeting for the first time back in 1987, Pat and Lesley started dating each other pretty swiftly as both of them have many things in common.

Both Pat and Lesley liked each other’s company, and soon both realized that they wanted to spend their lives together. After a year of dating, Pat and Lesley married each other in a very blissful wedding ceremony in December of 1989. From their marriage, the couple are parents to two.

After the wedding, Pat and Lesley welcomed two Kids, one daughter, and one son. The names of their children are Patrick Michael James Sajak and daughter’s named is Maggie Marie Sajak. The family currently resides in Severna Park, Maryland.

Pat Sajak Career

We mentioned earlier that Pat initially started work as a bell clerk at the Palmer House hotel so that he could sustain his livelihood. After that, while still in college, Pat started working as a newsman for WEDB, a radio station in Chicago. From there, Pat started his broadcasting career.

For a brief time, Pat also served in the Army as a disc jockey and also served in Vietnam for a while. Upon returning, Pat started at different networks and began to expand his field of knowledge. During his early days, Pat started to for different pop music playing stations, like WSM.

From there, Pat made his way to NBC and there he began his roles as a substitute weatherman, and after somewhile, people started to notice his work which included Dan Miller. From NBC, Pat moved to KNBC as a full-time weather reporter. All these are just the initial days of his work as in 1981, Sajak for his big break.

Upon approach, Pat accepted the offer to start appearing as a host for Wheel of Fortune which previously Chuck Woolery hosted. Despite initial hassles, Pat began the job and now is the longest-running game show host in history. In 2018, Pat returned for 36th season of Wheel of Fortune.

Social Reach

Twitter: @patsajak

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: Pat Sajak

Net Worth

Pat, who made so many people lucky by spinning the wheel, has a fortune stacked up for himself as well. As of now, Pat Sajak has a massive salary of $15 million annually, and those are some number that many people only dream of attaining. With a huge salary, his net worth is also quite massive.

As of now, Pat Sajak has a massive net worth of $65 million.


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