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In the world of Hollywood Entertainment industry, Parker Stevenson is one of the well-known names. Anyone who watches Hollywood Television series knows Parker very well. He has been very popular as an actor as he has played different admirable roles. Parker is well known for playing the role of Frank Hardy in a famous series named ‘The Hardy Boys.’ Also, his role in a renowned action drama series titled ‘Baywatch’ was Craig Pomeroy is very popular. He has been acting in several other famous Television sitcoms too. Some of his popular Television series are: ‘Greenhouse Academy,’ ‘Melrose Place,’ ‘Probe,’ and ‘Falcon Crest.’

This famous American figure was born on the 4th of June, 1952, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. His full name is Richard Stevenson Parker Jr. He belongs to the Gemini zodiac. Parker is a very popular actor who came into the Hollywood acting industry from the year 1972. He is playing a remarkable role in the industry until today. While Richard grew up, Parker had no intention of being an actor and wanted to be an architect. But, he changed his mind and played in ‘The Hardy Boys’ as Frank Hardy. He is not known as an actor only but also is a photographer. Parker is the owner of a popular studio named ‘Studio Works.’

Parker Stevenson

Family Life of Parker Stevenson

The name of his mother is Sarah Meade, and the name of his father is Richard Stevenson Parker Sr. Richard Parker got inspiration from his mother when he was small to be an actor. However, he was not at all interested in the field of acting. He joined a series of filming session, and it gave him opportunities for performing. Although his mother supported him a lot in his acting career, his father was completely against it. So, he often discouraged Parker from continuing the acting field. His father is an investment advisor, whereas his mother was in the acting area.

In the name of siblings, he has a brother. The name of his brother is Hutch Parker. He is the eldest son of his family.

Professional Career 

Parker Stevenson did not want to be an actor at the beginning. He had an intense interest in architect. But, Stevenson acted in a Television series named ‘The Hardy Boys” in which he played the role of Frank Hardy. He played in the series from the year 1977 to 1979 and got popular among the public. Then, he got the opportunity to play in a comedy movie named ‘Stroker Ace’ in which he played as Aubrey James. Also, he got to play in different Television series like: ‘Shooting Stars’ and ‘The Love Boat.’ He also played in Flacon Crest as Joel McCarthy in the year 1984.

Moreover, in the year 1985, he played as Nick Larabee in the movie called Rockhopper. Also, he appeared in different Television series like: ‘Murder, She Wrote’ and ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents.’ Then, n the year 1986, she got the opportunity to play in ‘North and South: Book II’ as Billy Hazard. After that, he appeared in top series like: ‘Shades of Love: The Rose Café’ and ‘Matlock.’

Furthermore, he also acted in a famous action drama series named ‘Baywatch’ as Craig Pomeroy. He appeared in 28 episodes of Baywatch. His other popular TV series include, ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight,’ ‘Caddie Woodlawn,’ ‘Shadow of a Stranger’ and ‘Flesh n Blood.’ He has also directed some episodes of series like; Baywatch and Melrose Place.

Additionally, he also appeared as Jack Sherbourne in ‘Not of this Earth’ after a long gap of about ten years. He also seemed in a popular Television series named ‘Loaded’ and ‘Legend of the Seeker.’ Recently, he acted in a movie called Mistrust and a television series titled ‘Greenhouse Academy.’ Apart from Parker’s acting career, he has also engaged himself in the photography platform. He owns a studio of photography.

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Education and Academic Qualification of Parker Stevenson

In the beginning, Parker wanted to be an architect-engineer. So, he studied with great passion and interest. He went to the Rye Country Day School and Brooks School when he was a child. Then, he went to Princeton University, which is in Princeton, New Jersey. There, he studied architecture. While he was at his school, he had appeared in different plays. But, he had no plans of being an actor. But after he completed his studies, he pursued an acting career.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Richard belongs to the North American ethnicity, and his citizenship is American.

Lifetime Achievements and Awards

He has not got awarded any big awards until today. But because he has made incredible contributions and still contributing, he might win different prizes in the future.

Relationship Status of Parker Stevenson

Parker is in his early 70s and his single. In recent times, he has not been involved in any relationship and is living a single life. On 22nd of December 1983, Parker got married to a popular American actress named Kirstie Alley. This lovely couple dated for a long time. They had a beautiful married life at the initials. Richard and Alley also have a beautiful daughter and a cute son. The name of their son is William True Stevenson, and the name of their daughter is Lillie Price Stevenson. Parker shared a wonderful time of about 15 years with his wife as a partner. But, after 15 years of their marriage, they decided to separate. So, they got divorced in the year 1997.

Before his marriage with Alley, he had been engaged in other relations too. Parker had dated two gorgeous women of the American movie industry. He dated a beautiful American singer named Carol Connors in the year 1981. Their relationship lasted for a year. Then, he dated another American actress named Morgan Fairchild. The relationship between Parker and Morgan lasted only for a few months. Other than this, he has not got engaged in a love affair with anyone. At the current time, he is single. 

Net Worth

As Parker Stevenson worked in the American Television industry for a long time, he collected a significant sum of money. He has acted in popular Television series and movies, which have given him a lot of money. Parker has a net worth of about 10 million dollars. However, he has not given any information about his salary.

Social Media and Fan Followers of Parker Stevenson

Parker Stevenson is not at all active in the social networking platform. He lives a very private life. So, he does not like getting himself into the popular media. Hence, he does not own account of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But, he has numerous fans and followers. His fans and followers connect to him through his Television series and movies. Also, there are individual fan pages of this famous person owned by his followers and fans.

Gossips, Rumors, and Scandals

Talking about the rumors faced by this celebrity, he has not got the blames for any big topics in the Hollywood industry. His relationship with his wife lasted for a long time. During the time of his divorce, too, he did not face any rumor. Also, he is living a life free of affairs because of which he has not got engaged in any scandals and controversies.

Body Measurement and Appearance of Parker Stevenson

Parker Stevenson has a fabulous physique. He has a stunning height of about 6 feet. He has a balanced weight to his height. The color of Parker’s hair is blonde. His eyes are gorgeous and are blue. Talking about his dress size, he requires the dress of size ten according to the U.S standards. There is no information on his height. Although he is already in his early 70s, he has maintained a fit body. He has got it with regular workouts and exercises. Also, he practices a balanced diet to keep himself healthy and beautiful.


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