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Born on 30th October 1994, with Scorpio as the zodiac sign, Paige Wyatt is a famous American celebrity. She was born and in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, the United States of America with white ethnicity and American nationality.

This American Actress is very focused on her career and is creative and brilliant. Although she is not as famous as another actress in Hollywood, she has won hearts of many due to her fantastic personality. She is the actress of the popular American TV show, “American Guns” which led her to be a very famous TV personality and model.

paige wyatt

Paige Wyatt; Early Life

She was a fantastic and creative girl with a mature ability to learn things since her childhood days. Raised in a family of the gunsmith, she developed a keen interest towards guns and rifles from an early age.

She knew everything essential for gunners and about the guns from the very beginning. Guns and bullets were always her favorite. Her constant effort and determination towards it made her get a certified license when she was in high school.


Paige Wyatt; Family Members

She is a daughter of Reene Wyatt, who married Rich Wyatt after getting divorced from her first husband. Since then, she started living with her stepfather along with her mother and her younger sibling from her father, Kurt Wyatt. Brooke Wyatt and Ginger Wyatt who are her sisters from her stepfather also live with them.

Kurt, her brother who has an excellent knowledge of carving and making guns worked as a  firearm instructor on her step father’s business.  At the small age of 19, he was efficient in his work as was qualified as an engraver.

Renee Wyatt, her mother, works as the manager in the same company her father owns.

Paige Wyatt

Step-father; Rich Wyatt

Rich Wyatt, who is the step-father of Paige Wyatt, was the owner and the CEO of the famous Gun store, Gunsmoke Guns. Working as the Chief of Police, he was a kind and experienced Firearm instructor. He served for 22 years in this field, and later he set up his own gun business. Then, he was jailed in accuse of tax invasion and also illegally conducting firearm instructions.

Family Business and Career Startup

Paige Wyatt was involved in Gun making and her family business from her small age. Also, her father was involved in the making “American Guns” which is a famous American TV series. In small age, she joined this series as a lead actress as it was the show of her family.

Also, as she has good knowledge of guns and was beautiful as a teenager, she was working as a sales associate on the series. This series got much popularity and was shining on the Discovery Channel. It had gained many fans and follower in a short period which continued for long until it started learning controversies. As many people opposed and started being against it, the show had to cancel in December 2012.

In 2015, ATF agents were forced to raid her store due to no proper license. This incident led her store to shut down. Also, it sentenced her step-father to be in jail for six years. Paige then had a wrong time.

Paige Wyatt

 After Career

After her father was in blame of no license, she along with her mother and brother could not continue her family business. Hence, they started their way out to make their life go in a new direction.

She made other plans to make her career go good and came out as an elegant model and actor.  Also, this beautiful and sleek lady was determined enough to set up her fashion brand called Hughwear. Currently, she is the owner of Hughwear and is serving the clothing industry making T-shirts for men as well as women.

She also sales merchandise too through her website.

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Paige Wyatt Relationship Status

Being a celebrity is very hard as you can never cover your private life and it turns into hot gossips and talks. But, Paige Wyatt managed to make her private life very secret and well hidden.

She never revealed about her boyfriend and never showed up with anyone. Neither she was caught dating or anything. She had no history of getting engaged or being engaged to anyone. So, the media and general people trusted her to be single with no boyfriend until she revealed about her longtime soul mate.

She posted a picture on Instagram, and it was clear that she was in a long term relationship with a great star. Pete Harris, the founder of a famous sports academy, A2Z sports training was supposed to be her boyfriend since a very long time according to how she revealed. They were in a relationship since March 2016.

This young and attractive lady received a proposal from this handsome hunk in April 2015, and it was not a normal one. He knelt to his knees and proposed his gorgeous superstar. She then took time t and accepted at the end. They are now living a good life having a fantastic relationship.

Social Media Reach of Paige Wyatt

As Paige is a big celebrity, is it certain for her to be highly active in social media? She is a big Instagram model like the rest of the stars. Managing her social media time to time and getting a good feed is what she wanted. This motive of her pursuing a modeling career has made her able to gain nearly 5 thousand followers on Instagram, which is a vast amount.

Nevertheless, Paige Wyatt has around 50 thousand followers on twitter and about 9 thousand followers on Facebook. To get in touch with her current life, follow her accounts and know her social media reach to be updated. However, it’s been a while she has not updated it and is living a hidden life from the media.

Paige Wyatt Appearance

This perfect and adorable model, as well as the American Star, has maintained her personality well. She has made her body a complexion of a perfectly slim waist and curves. Beautiful and attractive at the same time, she has light toned yellow (blonde) hair with fair skin and brown attracting eyes. Standing 67 inches (5 foot 12 inches, 1.7 meters) long she is perfectly tall and has a proper height required for a girl.

Educational Background

Paige Wyatt’s educational background is not so strong even if she is found to be a highly creative, ambitious and determined lady. She is believed to have completed high school. There remains no history of her educational background after high school. Hence, she stays with a qualification of high school.

Paige Wyatt

Salary and Net Worth

Ever wondered how much this gorgeous woman earns to live a luxurious life? This popular and beautiful woman is a millionaire, as she made a tremendous amount of money from her single show, the “American Guns.” Also, because of her creative abilities and extraordinary potentials, she could make approximately 250 thousand dollars from a single play of her famous TV show which is helping her to live a lavish life.

As Paige Wyatt was involved in gun production in her father’s business and also worked in a sales office, she has earned revenues from it too. Even after the store was shut down, she was able to create her new gun collection which added to her salary. Nevertheless, Hugh wears her clothing brand helped her to gain a lot amount of money. The autographed pictures and merchandise she sells gets operated through her website.

With all the efforts and hard work, Paige Wyatt was able to own a car collection including a jeep of 4 x 4. Her net worth is currently 1 million dollars.

Awards and Controversies

Paige Wyatt is found to be inactive in the case of grants and significant achievements as well as there are no rumors and controversies regarding her. She is neutral in this field. Our elegant Paige has no rumors till date.


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