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After the release of a Netflix story based on one of the most notorious drug dealers of all time, if not the most notorious, almost all of the people around the world knew his name. As per rumors, this man once owned a fully functioning zoo inside his home, imported illegally from other countries. Also, stacked with so much money, this man once burned $2 million in cash to keep his daughter from cold. Do you have any names jumping around your mind? Is the name Pablo Escobar?

Pablo Escobar

If you are saying the name, then you are absolutely correct. Who here does not know who Pablos Escobar is and how that can ever happen. After all, the Netflix show has done, making a documentary named after him, showing everything that Escobar did during his reign. Now, we do not promote such activities anywhere, but the man is a legendary figure on what he managed to accomplish at such strength that Pablo even negotiated with his own country.

Pablo, however, does not stand as a criminal to his Colombian people as he is one of the most generous ones to them all the time. During the time Pablo started to earn a massive number of money, he would go around the poorest parts of the city and distribute money to the people. Escobar also built homes for the homeless and provided them with food and shelter. All of these deeds gained Pablo a special place in their hearts, and they also supported him unconditionally.

Pablo Escobar Early Life

Of one time in the world, one of the most notorious if not the most notorious drug dealer of all time, Pablo Escobar was born on December 1, 1949. Escobar was born in Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia. Born in a low-income family, at the time of his death, Escobar was just 44 years old.

As government and legal bodies describe, what Escobar pursued during his reign was categorized as narcoterrorist as well. From a very young age, Pablo possessed a true taste for business and getting rich as well. Because of that, from a very young age, Escobar began involving himself in petty things as well.

Escobar was born as Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria to gather Abel de Jesus Dari Escobar Echeverri and mother, Hilda de Los Dolores Gaviria Berrio. While Pablo also used his full name sometimes, he often only liked to use his first name or last name only. Pablo’s parents were working people.

His father, Abel de Jesus Dari Escobar Echeverri, worked as a farmer on a farm that the family-owned. On the other hand, quite educated, his mother, Hilda, worked as a school teacher in an elementary school. During his childhood, Pablo usually only saw poverty and financial struggle.

While growing up, to escape all the rat race, Pablo began taking the wrong path ahead, and there started his crime destiny right in Medellin. As a teenager, looking towards the demand, Pablo used to steal used gravestones from graveyards and later sanding them down to sell it to smugglers.

In a large family that included Abel de Jesus Dari Escobar Echeverri and his mother Hilda de Los Dolores Gaviria, they welcomed seven children. Among the seven children, Pablo is the third one.

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar Education

Studying and going to school is one thing. While most of the modern families around the world want their children going to school and seeing them excel, there are also those who let everything as it is. This happens especially when parents are either very absorbed in their work or do not care about their children’s future.

In Pablo’s case, it is a little different than everything. While his father worked as a farmer for most of his life, there was someone other than his father, who could give Pablo advice. Pablo’s mother, Hilda, was a school teacher for elementary school, and you know how school teachers go.

From a very young age, Hilda focused on the educational journey of his children. As a young boy, Pablo went to a reputed elementary school. After studying at the Elementary school for a couple of years, Pablo joined a very reputed high school in the locality itself. In Pablo’s case, he did not want to leave the city of Medellin.

After graduating from high school, Pablo’s deeds came into most of the community’s people’s notice as well. However, since it wasn’t doing any harm to them, the people of Medellin did not make a complaint. After graduating from high school, Pablo, one of the universities that the city offered.

However, after a very brief period, Escobar took the leap and quit university altogether. The reason why Escobar took flight while at university is because his career in crime began to flourish, and it started giving him very handsome returns as well.

Pablo Escobar

Personal Life

The love life of the once drug kingpin Escobar is not as successful as other things he did. After Escobar fell in love with a much younger woman, for reasons, Escobar and the girl eloped. Although the girl also loved Pablo with all her heart, her family was against Pablo and all of his traits because they did not think him worthy.

The name of the woman is Maria Victoria Henao. At the age of 15, Pablo and Maria eloped and married each other in an intimate wedding ceremony. After a couple of years later, Escobar and Maria welcomed their first child, a son, and named him Juan Pablo. A couple of years later, Escobar and Maria welcomed another child.

They named her Manuela. While Pablo loved Maria unconditionally, he allegedly pursued extra-marital love affairs with other women as well. One of the most prominent and public ones in Escobar’s relationship with Virginia Vallejo, a journalist. Everything came to light when Virginia published a book named Amando a Pablo odiando an Escobar.

In that book, Virginia explained about her relationship with Escobar. Also, Escobar allegedly pursued another relationship with Griselda Blanco, a fellow drug dealer, as well. After his escape from his self-made prison, Pablo always ran away, evading police. However, after joint forces of the US government, the Colombian government, military forces, and a local group, they gunned down Pablo in 1993.

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Pablo Escobar Career

As mentioned earlier, Pablo began involving himself in crime and criminal activities from a very young age. As a child, Pablo used to go around sandstone gravestones and resell to smugglers. During his early crime career, Escobar worked as a bodyguard and also as a thief as well.

While looking after executive people in the city, he would also kidnap them and ask for ransom as well. While doing so, Pablo earned himself over $100 thousand from Ransomes. After finding a man who could make the white powder known as cocaine, Pablos began his partnership with that man and his cousin as well.

During the initial days, in 1975, Pablo began exporting cocaine to Colombia and Panama and briefly started to export cocaine to the United States as well. As the demand for cocaine started to increase in Colombia and the United States as well, Pablo began expanding his territory and his smuggling routes as well.

In 1982, Pablo already established himself as one of the most notorious drug dealers of all time. At one point, people believe that Pablo supplied the world’s 80% drug and controlled all major smuggling routes as well. As his empire grew larger, Escobar bought many lands and also began purchasing real estate where he would carry out his operations as well.

However, all of the business did not go quite unnoticed. At one time, the Colombian government got so much frustrated with all the drug dealing; it considered the option of extraditing. However, seeing that as an optimal threat, Escobar had the whole Supreme Court burned down along with papers that stood as evidence.

Pablo Escobar

Net Worth

Escobar’s net worth is something that stands as an amazing thing to most people. As a boy who merely grew up in a middle-class family, Pablo became infatuated with the thought of getting rich fast. At the age of 26, Pablo already had over $100 million in his name from all the crime work.

As Escobar’s business in distributing cocaine started to expand, he began feverishly purchasing real estate. While most of the real estate that Pablo bought or built, he used for work. The remaining ones Pablo kept as his personal luxury items. Reportedly, Pablo also spends $1000 per week on rubber bands. Also, Escobar used to write off 10% every year because of spoilage.

Another most luxurious thing that Pablo indulged in was creating heaven for himself and his family. Pablo built a home that had it’s own zoo, large swimming pools, and sculpture gardens as well. After his surrender to the Colombian government, Pablo also built a prison for himself.


Name Pablo Escobar
Date of birth December 1, 1949
Birthplace Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia
Ethnicity Latin
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Drug Dealer
Married Yes
Nationality Colombian
Birth sign Sagittarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $30 billion


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