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This is to inform you that today, you are going to know all about Oscar Maximillian Jackman,  son of the actor who plays the role of a famous comic character in movies. The hint is, he is in the X-Men movies and a lot of them. You will as of now know who Oscar Maximillian Jackman is, who his parents, the family are.

Oscar Maximilian Jackman

Oscar Maximilian Jackman Wiki

Oscar Maximillian Jackman is someone you should be pretty familiar with if you are not already. His father is someone who rips people off on-screen and has millions if not billion fans all over the world. Well, you might be wondering who exactly Oscar Maximillian Jackman is then who has this extravagantly popular father. Well, he is not some grown-up actor. He is the son of Hugh Jackman. For all of the cave people who do not know who Hugh Jackman is. Are you a fan of X-Men, especially Wolverine? Well, he is the guy who plays the role. Now you understand with the whole scenario of how Oscar’s father rips people on-screen.

Well, this might be your lucky day because all the question you have about this little guy called Oscar Maximillian Jackman will clear out. But before that, let’s admire him. He has the Hugh Jackman as his father and what could the coolest thing than that. Imagine going to school and bragging to your young friends about how your father is the Wolverine. Even though Hugh Jackman will not be playing the role of Wolverine anymore, we all know that no one can take his place.

Who Is He?

Now, let’s focus on who is Oscar Maximillian Jackman. As discussed, he is the son of Hugh Jackman and his not mention, gorgeous wife, Deborra-Lee Furness. Oscar was born on May 15, in the year 2000, in Australia. Oscar is now 18 years old, but he started his boyish acts way too early. As a kid, he made use of the fact that his father was the Wolverine and used that as a pickup line while talking to girls.

What best thing you could expect from 13 years old. That is the best he could do at that age, and we’re proud of him. Getting back to Oscar again, he and Hugh related biologically as adopted Oscar along with his sister in 2001. Hugh and Deborra had trouble with having babies of their own. The couple tried a lot of way in hopes of having children of their own, including IVF. However, all nothing they tried worked, and the couple finally gave up the idea of trying.

The only way that the couple could now have a baby was through adoption. In 2001, a year after Oscar was born, the couple decided to bring him home as their child. They also embraced the fact that Oscar was multi-racial and had different ethnic roots. While adopting him, Deborra acknowledged the fact that his being of mixed race was non-negligible.

Oscar Maximilian Jackman

Oscar Maximillian Jackman Family

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness may not his biological parents, but there are as good as it gets. Moreover, he also has a sister called Ava Eliot who the couple later adopted in 2005. Oscar and Ava were apart for about four years until brought to the same family. While Oscar gave the couple an enormous amount of happiness, the addition of his sister Ava only made the happiness grow.

However, the details of his biological parents are not public. When Hugh and Deborra adopted young Oscar, they did not reveal the details about his biological parents. The same thing when the couple adopted his sister Ava. Maybe, when he grows up, we will come to know about his parents exclusively.

Oscar Maximilian Jackman

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Vacation Together

Back to the Jackman family. The family of four went on casual vacation in Antiparos, Greece in June of 2017. The whole family donned a casual outfit while roaming in the streets of Greece. While the family mostly has bright moments, there was this fright moment when Oscar along with his sister Ava caught in a riptide.

While swimming off the coast of Sydney, Oscar and Ava caught a riptide. Fortunately, papa Jackman came to the rescue with the help of another man in the scene.

While the fact that Jackman and his wife adopted mixed-ethnicity children is not negligible, Jackman stated that it was an easy decision and did not require much thought to it.

He did not have any perspective of wanting the specific type of child from a particular ethnicity. When he found out that most mixed ethnicity children are turned away because of lack of homes, he understood the need and decided to adopt children of mixed ethnicity was the right thing he should do.

Oscar Talks About Father Hugh Jackman

While we all think that Hugh is the coolest father because he’s the Wolverine, the famous on-screen billions of people find cool, but Oscar believes otherwise. According to Oscar, Hugh in real life is nothing like the fierce man people expect for someone who plays the role of Wolverine. Hugh came to know about what Oscar thought of him when bombarded with Wolverine questions from one of his friends. Irritated Oscar replied that his father is not as tough as he looks on-screen and not as cool as people think he is. He shut down his friend and asked he would stop with the questions.

Well, that’s a bummer. But Hugh is not precisely a boring father as well. Remember when we talked about how Oscar uses his father’s career as Wolverine as a pick up like when he talks to them; Hugh plays along with it. In an interview, Hugh recalled being a wingman to his then 13 years old son. He said,

Now, who would be a better wingman than Hugh Jackman? On second thoughts, he would be the worst. In front of him, your date wouldn’t even notice you.

Oscar Maximilian Jackman

Oscar Maximillian Jackman Bio, Age

Oscar Maximillian was born on May 15, 2000, in Australia. He is currently 18 years old and is the son of Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness. He has a younger sister Ava Eliot. While Oscar and his sister are adopted children of Hugh and his wife, their biological parents are unknown. Oscar Maximillian Jackman is currently in high school. He has not shared any plans on following his father’s footsteps yet.

Net Worth

To talk about his father Hugh Jackman, he is most famous for his role as Wolverine in X-Men movies and has a net worth of well over $100 million. However, he keeps his children and looks after them as a strict yet loving father.


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