Olivia Black: Body Measurement, Relationship, Rumors, Net Worth


Olivia Black, a popular actress, was born in the United States of America. He has not revealed her exact date and place of birth. However, she celebrates her birthday every year on the 16th of October every well. Her birth sign is Taurus. She is popularly known as the actress that acted in a series called, Pawn Stars. Also, her appearances in the season of Rick Harrison were admirable. She has also been as a model in numerous other areas.

Olivia Black

Nationality and Ethnicity

Olivia Black is a citizen of the United States of America. She is one of the holders of the citizenship of the United States, and her nationality is American. When it comes to her ethnicity, her ethnicity is white.

Olivia Black; Family Life

This pretty and sexy girl has not even said anything about her father and her mother. There is no history of any of her siblings. She likes to keep her family life private, and she never reveals it.

Early Life

She has also hidden her early life. No one knows what she was like in her childhood days.

Olivia Black; History

Olivia Black has not said anything about her education and academic qualification to the public or the media. So, her education history and requirement remains a mystery.


At the beginning of her career, she first started by appearing in a popular TV series called “Pawn Stars” from the year 2012 to 2013. Altogether, she appeared in 13 episodes of the popular series. Also, she was a successful producer who produced a show called “Hardcore Club Restore.” She has been a model for a very long time and also worked for many different conventions as cosplay models. Her central sector of modeling is working as a promo model. Hence, she has worked in several brands. Also, this popular girl was on the cover page of various magazines like; Tabu Tatto, Enquirer, and the Fox News. Nevertheless, she was also the model of a favorite Dollies & Doggies Calendar and the host at Los Vegas Benefit Event.

Olivia Black; Net Worth

Olivia Black is a wealthy personality. She has earned a lot from the recent movies and TV series that she has done. With all the wealth that she collected, she is now living a very lavish and luxurious life. She was one of the cast members of the “Pawn Stars,” and she earned a lot. But, she never disclosed her salary and net earnings to social media. Other average stars in the series earned about 25 thousand dollars per episode. As she was also a participant, she had the salary that ranged between 5 thousand to 10 thousand dollars.
However, the total amount of money she earns or earned has not come to the disclosure of the audience yet. So, her total net worth is not known.

Olivia Black; Body Measurements

She works a lot to keep herself maintained. For her beautiful body, she has struggled a lot. She did a hefty workout at the gym and also controlled her diet. With the balanced nutrition she pursued, she was able to get a beautiful body. What adds to her beauty and her body is her height. Her height is about 5 feet and 5 inches, which is approximately 1.65 meters. This height is a proper height for an American lady. She weighs about 52 kilograms. Hence, her body looks adorable and flaunting. She has other body features and characteristics that are good too. Her chest measures 34 inches, her waist measures 27 inches and her hip measures 32 inches. All these measurements make her look curvy and slim.

Moreover, this gorgeous lady has facial features that can attract anyone. Her skin is fair with not even a spot. She has a pair of adorable and drawing brown eyes. Also, her dark brown hair adds more to her beauty. Talking about her shoe size, she wears the shoe of magnitude 5.5 in the U.S. As set by the U.S standards; her dress size is 4. She has a body that has tattoos all over it. With that kind of organization, she appeared on the cover of popular magazines like; Inked Magazine, Inked Girls and Tabbu Tattoos.

Rumors and Controversies

Olivia Black is a decent human being. She is confident and lives life her ways. Having no fear of anyone, she can keep a bright personality as she disclosed publicly about her lesbian partner, unlike other celebrities. This beautiful has not faced any rumors about her personal life. But, she suffered a lot of gossips about her TV series “Pawn Shop.”She had many fans there, and she was able to create many fans. But, National Enquirer leaked her porn photos. Because of her leaked porn photos, she got fired from the cast in the TV series. This rumor was the only rumor she faced in her entire childhood. Hence, there are no rumors other than this that she faced in her life.

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Awards and Achievements

Olivia Black has contributed to the American movie industry as her role in the Television series, “Pawn Stars” was very notable. Because of that, she was able to gain a lot of fans. Also, her fan base was strong, and she had numerous people that would cherish her. But, she had not achieved so much in her career like other American celebrities. Hence, she has not received any notable awards and conclusions in her lifetime. She might get a few awards in the future, but for that, she has to work hard.

Relationship Status

Olivia Black is a proud lesbian. She has no shame telling people that her sexual orientation is different than the ordinary people. So, she reveals her sexuality openly. This petty girl is an active member of the LGBT community. She also began her campaign for the LGBT community for the gays and lesbians who do not reveal much about their sexuality. This lady has become the primary source of inspiration or the celebrities that are not straight and feel shame to open up about their sexual orientation. She has fallen in love with a girl, and she got listed among the top lesbian couple celebrities. Her lesbian partner is Maria Plaza, who is a well-known chef. There is nothing more than this about Maria that has got disclosed to the public.

However, these couples have been stopped together in public places like; parks, restaurants, malls. Also, they come together at any event. She does not feel shame, and she shares about her lesbian partner in her social media sites too. Her Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube are full of pictures with her and her lesbian mate. Nevertheless, she also runs a business of sex toys with her lesbian partner. Their website is barenakedmob.com, and they together sell sex accessories.

Social Media Reach

Olivia is hot and sexy. She has bold facial features along with a sexy body. After she appeared on the popular American TV series, “Pawn Stars” she was able to gain a lot of fan and followings. Because of her pleasant appearance in the series, she could get millions of people on her support. However, after her nudes got leaked, she was fired from the series. Even when she got fired, her fans supported her in the say way as they did before and did not let her feel low. So, she still maintains that fan base and keeps them close to her heart. This beautiful personality has attracted many people because of her adorable features.

Hence, she has a lot of people in her social media. She is highly active on the social media platform and is burning like fire. Her appearance on social media is remarkable, and she uses it too often. Mostly, she is active on Instagram, and she looks no less than any other Instagram models. Her followers are on the count of thousands in her official Instagram account. She is active on Facebook and Twitter too.


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