Oliver Stark: Married Life, Career, Net Worth, Family, Height, Age


Oliver Stark is a popular actor in the United Kingdom. He got his popularity after his role as ‘Evan Buck’ in a series named ‘9-1-1.’ Stark also appeared in a drama based on martial arts as ‘Ryder’ named ‘Into The Badlands.’ Before Stark began his professional career in acting, he was engaged in different jobs. He worked as a sports writer, call center operator, night club promoter, door-to-door salesman, and computer game salesman. Also, he worked as a cleaner.

Talking about his date of birth, Oliver was born on the 27th of June, 1991, in London, United Kingdom. He belongs to the sun sign Cancer. Stark is very famous among the British and American people because of his acting in Television series and feature films. People notice him by his remarkable appearance in his family and because of his birthmark in his left eye side. Despite his facial features, he has gained popularity because of his admirable acting in TV series and movies.

Oliver Stark

Family Life of Oliver Stark

There is no information about the family life of Oliver. The name of the parents of this famous personality is not known yet.

Professional Career

Talking about the professional life of Oliver Stark, he has worked in different jobs. From his personal experience, he has struggled a lot to get into the limelight. When Stark was at a young age, he got involved in different professions because of his low family income. He had to survive different hard conditions and live through it as life showed him different sides. However, all this knowledge that he had gained as a child helped him to be a good actor.

In the beginning, when he just passed from his school, he got into the job of a salesman. He started going from place to place as he was forced to work as a salesman and move from here to there offering things. Also, he worked as a cleaner too. He also worked as a promoter in a nightclub and an operator of a call center. Then, after some while, he got to act as an actor in different movies and TV shows.

Then, he started his acting career acting in a movie called ‘Follow,’ After that, he also got other new roles and the opportune opened for him. He also got to work in the episodes of different TV shows like Big Bad World, Casualty, and many others. Then, in the year 2012, he got to act in a feature movie named Montana, which got released in the year 2014. In the year 2017, he also appeared in Mind Games. He appeared as a series regular in Ryder, which was a martial-arts based drama of AMC. At present, he is working on ‘9-1-1’, which is a series monthly.

Education and Academic Qualification

To gain knowledge, he went to the Hendon School located in the North West of London. He went to school from the year 2002 to the year 2009. The information about the college life of Oliver is not into the disclosure yet. Because of the low income of his family, he did not get the opportunity to get admitted to high school. So, unlike the rest of the celebrities, he has not got an education from his high school. To fulfill the needs of himself and his family, he different jobs.

Nationality and Ethnicity of Oliver Stark

Stark is the citizen of the United Kingdom. His ethnicity is Caucasian.  

Lifetime Achievements and Awards

Oliver Stark, who started his acting career in the year 2001, has gained much popularity in this period of 18 years. He has got marked as one of the greatest actors in England. Also, his short movie has got followed by the Film Council of the United Kingdom. But, he has not been the receiver of any critical awards.

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Relationship Status

Talking about the relationship status of Oliver Stark, he is in a relationship. There is no information about the history of the girlfriends of this popular actor. But, he has disclosed this present relationship. He is in a loving relationship with a famous star named Hannah Gottesman. This couple has been in a relationship since the year 2015. Hannah is also a popular actor in the Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2. They have been engaged in a beautiful relationship right from the start. They have appeared in different functions together.

Moreover, this couple is so close that they share a perfect bond of mutual trust and respect. At first, they made their appearance on the red carpet. They also attended Fathom Events in the year 2017. As there is no history of the past relationship of Oliver, he shares a good life with Hannah. They love each other very much. If any issue arises in their connection, they sort it out with mutual trust and respect. Also, they have a high level of understanding between them, which has made them trust and love each other very much. Hannah and Oliver both have no history of any past relationship. In conclusion, they are both loyal to each other and share a happy link with life.

Net Worth of Oliver Stark

As Oliver Stark started his career in acting from the year 2001, he has made significant progress in his field. Oliver is one of the biggest stars on the Television screen of the United Kingdom. Stark has made tremendous progress and got a high number of fans. Hence, his salary is big too. He has a considerable net worth of about 2 million dollars. His popular and top-grossing movie: ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ has made more than 196 million dollars. Also, his other films have made more progress. From Underworld itself, he has gained a substantial amount of wealth.

Moreover, he also has been in some famous TV series. Some of his TV series are rated above eight by the IMDb. In that way, we can think that he has a salary that can be crossing millions. Also, he has got engaged in different other modeling works too. So, he might have collected a considerable net worth. But, the exact amount of his net worth has not got disclosed.

Social Media and Fan Followers 

Oliver Stark is the social media crush to many of his fans and followers. He is very active on social sites. Stark likes to be engaged in social media and enjoys spending time with his fans. He posts many pictures and videos on his social media sites. Daily, he posts videos and stories on his stories too. His fans enjoy a lot when he posts. The most significant amount of followers that he has on social networking sites is on Instagram. He has about 128K followers on his social media. Also, on his Twitter account, he has about 32K followers. But, he does not use Facebook. He uses all his social sites regularly and keeps entertaining his fans and followers. 

Gossips, Rumors, and Scandals

In his career, he has not faced any scandal that hampers his name. He is involved in his work very much and does not include any stories. So, his professional life is good. Hence, he has not got involved in any rumors and scandals.

Body Measurement and Appearance

Oliver has a great body. He has a proper body measurement. The exact measure of his height is about 6 feet and 2 inches. His weight is about 74 kilograms. The color of his hair is light blonde, and the color of his eyes is a beautiful blue. Other information about his body statistics is not into the disclosure. He looks very well managed and professional in his TV shows and movies. We will update you soon if we get any information about his body measurement and appearance.


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