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Several people in the world talk about fortune, fortune-telling, and all kind of things that supposedly comes as signs from heaven or the sky above us. These are the same sky above us, which have stars and helps people learn more about their upcoming days as well. While you may be confused right now, what we are talking about is astronomy. Astronomy is one of those branch studies that gave with the idea of zodiac signs and other things. However, where did it all come from, and who carried it on fro for many years? Well, we have one of the men who did, and his name is Nostradamus.


Nostradamus is one of those people who lived centuries ago and helped the world get more ideas about astrology and other aspects. A French by nationality, his works go far beyond some region and have created knowledge for everyone who now has a zodiac sign. Most of the work that Nostradamus has done over the years has also helped new and aspiring astronomers get their studies at work. As we already know, most of the things people know right now are possible because someone in the past already scratched the surface. Nostra is one of those who did, and we’re glad that he did.

But since he lived centuries ago, a lot of generations do not remain familiar with this man right here. But there remains nothing to fret about here because we take care of it all as well. For anyone who has little to no idea about Nostradamus, he was a French astrologer, but that is not it. Apart from working as an astrologer, Nostre also worked as a physician and also as a reputed seer as well.

Here, learn more about this amazing personality.

Nostradamus Early Life

One of the most famous personalities in French history and possibly, around the whole world as well, Nostradamus, was born on 14 December 1503. Nostra was born in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Provence, France, and at the time of his death, he was only 62 years old in age.

Talking more about Nostradamus, he was a fairly good looking man with a full beard. Now that we mention his beard, let’s talk more about it all. Nostra grew pretty full facial hair most of the time, but despite the unavailability of machines, he always kept it all quite managed.

Moreover, Nostra also dressed according to the fashion that remained profound at that time and age. He wore laced up jackets, a hat and usually carried himself quite nicely as well. It may have been because of his profession as an astrologer and also as a physician that he carried himself nicely.

Since we’re talking about some facts relating to Nostra, let’s also talk about the things that most people do not know. From back in the days, zodiac signs were quite relevant as they are right now. Another fact about Nostra that remains mostly unattended is that he stood at an impressive height of 6.2 ft.

Moreover, since he was born on December 14, Nostra shared the zodiac sign of Gemini. According to several beliefs, Gemini is very prosperity seeking people who like nature and has a kind disposition as well.

Nostradamus Family, Childhood, Parents

One of the most revered personalities in French history, Nostradamus, was born to father Jaume de Nostredame and mother, Reynière. Many people also do not know, but the real name of Nostradamus is Michel de Nostredame. Later, people Latinised the name as Nostradamus.

Michel’s father, Jaume de Nostredame, worked as a physician himself and belonged from a Jewish background. Jaume de Nostreadme’s father, Michel’s grandfather, worked as a grain and money dealer back in the days. On the other hand, his mother also has a history.

Michel’s mother, Reynière, was the granddaughter of Pierre de Saint-Rémy, whose profession was a physician as well. The professional working like a physician always remained quite prevalent in the whole family. His parents welcomed a total of nine children, and Michel is one of them.

While information about all of his nine siblings remains missing, here are the names of the ones which historians have identified. The names of Michel’s siblings are Hector, Louis, Bertrand, Jean II, Delphine, Pierre, and Antoine. While growing up, all siblings shared good ties with each other.


Nostradamus Education, Schooling

Centuries ago, there were very few institutions that people established so that people could get an education and other benefits. However, in these institutions as well, only those with influence or sheer determination to become a philosopher or other profession got the chance.

Because of the fact that Nostra came a family that, for a long time, had physicians in their family, it was easier for him. When it comes to education, during the 15th century, there was a tradition of grandfathers teaching their grandchildren. According to several reports, this is what took place.

As per historians, Michel’s maternal side grandfather named Jean de St. Rémy started his educational journey. However, further information that could justify this finding remains missing at the moment. When Nostradamus became 14, he wanted to get an advanced level of education.

For that, Michel went on and enrolled at the University of Avignon so that he could prepare for his baccalaureate. While at the University of Avignon, Michel also studied trivium, grammar, rhetoric, and logic. Unfortunately, Michel did not finish his studies at the University of Avignon.

Because of the lack of solutions, plague stood as a serious problem. While studying, the University of Avignon closed because of the plague. Later, in 1529, Michel enrolled at the University of Montpellier to study for his doctorate.

Personal Life

When it comes to personal life, there are a lot of things that people already do not know about him here. While many know that Nostra married more than just once, they do not know why he married. Back in the days, in 1531, Nostradamus married a local woman by the name Henriette de Causse.

Henriette and Michael remained happy for most of their lives and welcomed two children. Unfortunately, while working as a healer, the plague caught up with his wife and children, and they did not survive. After losing his family to the plague, even after working as a healer, it took a toll on Michael.

After traveling to another city and searching for herbal remedies, Nostradamus met a rich widow named Anne Ponsarde. Meeting her and after falling in love, Nostradamus and Anne married each other in 1547 and welcomed six children in total. By 1566, Michael diagnosed with gout and suffered from edema as well.

Before dying from clinical issues, Michael left all of his possession to his wife.

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Nostradamus Career

During his initial days, after the University of Avignon closed, Michel traveled for nearly a decade and lived in different places. The one reason why he traveled was to learn about herbal remedies and become a learned in herbal remedies as well. After many years, he gathered enough knowledge to become a practitioner.

During the 1530s, Michel began working beside established physicians of that age named Louis Serre and combating plagues. Plagues during that time consisted of obscure diseases that affected large masses and killed many people. Over the years, Michel helped a lot of people.

Later, Michel visited Italy and began involving himself in horoscopes, scrying, and good luck charms as well. During that phase of his life, Michel wrote almanacs, which now assessed, contain approximately 6000+ prophecies and 11 annual calendars as well. Soon after, Nostradamus also began counseling psychic advice.

At some time in his career, Nostradamus also began writing a book which would contain one thousand mainly French quatrains. That book also would contain a large number of undated prophecies as well. After publishing the book under the title Les Prophéties, people generated mixed feelings towards the book. But it still remains as one of the most crucial aspects till now.

One of his most important pieces of work called the Almanaces, which Michael wrote almost every year till his death became quite famous. Living the life of a diviner and astrologer, Michael also lives the life of a prominent healer as well.


Net Worth

Most of the people who lived centuries ago did not usually calculate their net worth as modern people do. The riches of people living back in days were only of royal people and very important figures. However, that does not mean that we do not have anything and Nostradamus here.

Talking about his earnings, Nostradamus was quite a rich man with a property with 3,444 crowns, which equivalent to $300 thousand in today’s economy. With that much amount, Michel was one of the richest men in his city. Before death, Nostradamus left his possessions to his wife.

Michael also allegedly foretold his death because, one day prior, he told his secretary that he would not find him alive during sunrise. As said, Michael was found dead in his room on the floor.

Name Nostradamus
Date of birth December 14, 1503
Birthplace Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France
Ethnicity White
Height 6.2 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Astronomer
Married Yes
Nationality French
Birth sign Sagittarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


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