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Looking young and fresh, Nolan Gould is one of that personality whose slightest twist of lips into a curl and a smile can leave even the most stone-hearted person paralyzed with awe and admiration that is otherworldly. Now, this may sound like an exaggeration, but if you don’t believe us, just take a look for yourself. However, we hardly believe that you will return to tell the tale to anybody. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Nolan is also one of those actors who started their career very early and succeeded like no other actors of their age. With cutest smile and talents that no other kid of his age possessed, Nolan is surely one of a kind, and his success remains unquestionable. As he grows into an even more handsome of a lad, we fear that all the ladies out there will swarm over for Nolan and his one glance. You men have tough competition.

Nolan Gould

Apart from acting, Nolan is also a very intellectual person as he stated himself. When Gould appeared in the famous Ellen DeGeneres Show, he very politely talked about his intellectual prowess. Unlike other kids of his age, Nolan possesses a profound quality. As per Gould himself, he possesses an IQ of 150, which is an IQ level than not even many adults possess. While most people possess an IQ of below 120, this young man is way ahead of his league.

While we talk about all the interesting stuff about Nolan, we have another mission to attend to. In this post, we aim to talk very extensively about Gould’s personal life and how it unveils different, never known facts to his fans and followers. Learn everything about young actor Nolan.

Nolan Gould Early Life

Young, charming and extremely talented young actor Nolan Gould was born on October 28, 1998, in New York City, New York, United States of America. As of now, Nolan is 20 years old, and at such a young age, Nolan is the owner of many highly aspired skill sets and intelligence. In fact, Nolan is one of a kind but in the most humble way possible.

Gould was born to parents Edwin Gould and Angela Gould. Gould’s father professional career revolved around his military services, and so did his mother’s because the whole family moved very frequently. Because of that, his mother’s professional career also shifted from time and again.

According to his birth details, Nolan was born on October 28, and that means he shares a Scorpio zodiac group. As per popular Scorpio beliefs, those who belong to this particular astronomical zodiac sign group, they tend to showcase an extraordinary level of emotional composure and have a very distinct character.

Gould has three siblings in total. He has two brothers, Aidan Gould and Garrett Gould. Nolan also has a sister named Cassie. Among his three siblings, Nolan and Aidan are famous for they pursue acting careers and have a strong ground in this industry. Because his other two siblings stay away from the entertainment industry, they are not as famous.

Gould grew up in a very well brought family, and he spent his childhood in a very comfortable manner. All his and his sibling’s needs remained fulfilled as their parents always wanted to see their kids happy.

Nolan Gould Education

Both of Nolan’s parents are like any other average American parents when it comes to getting and pursuing an education in the most proper manner possible. As far as it went, Nolan’s parents always emphasized the importance which education held in every person’s life. Since both his parents are educated people, Nolan drew reasons for their saying.

However, his parent’s teachings were only a verbal source of inspiration for Nolan because he began showing extraordinary intellectual abilities even as a kid. Nolan went to a local high school in New York City, and there, Gould began to amaze his teachers with his intellectual prowess.

While leaving everyone in his class dumbstruck, it did not take much time for people to realize that Gould possessed extraordinary intellectual gifts. As a result, Nolan found himself jumping through grades like a bunny jumping through holes. With his abilities, Nolan escalated through ten grades during his high school.

After what seemed like a very short time, Nolan graduated from high school and started looking for ways to gather more information. However, his acting career stood as an obstacle. With a calculated IQ of 150, which is remarkable for any teenager, Nolan decided to not go to any conventional college.

Instead, Gould says that he aims to pursue his higher education via online college courses. While doing so, Nolan can maintain his acting career while also continuing his studies.

Personal Life

We have repeatedly mentioned how girls are crazy over this young and extremely charming actor who also possesses a big head. Now the big head is just metaphorical, referencing to his IQ. Now, girls and boys reading, wouldn’t you like to have someone like Nolan as your boyfriend?

Surely you do. Luckily, there also seems like a slot open for a lover in Nolan’s life because according to sources, Gould is single at the moment, and he is not dating anyone right now. However, it does sound very weird because for someone as charming, talented, and notable as Gould, him being single is a surprise.

As per reports, Gould has remained single for a  considerable time now, and he also does not have any reported relationship history. Now that is a surprise nobody expected. None of Nolan’s social media posts suggest that he is dating someone and has a girlfriend. All we can say at the moment is Nolan remains very committed towards his career as an actor.

Combine that with his determination to continue his educational journey, Nolan hardly has any time to fool around and maintain relationships. However, some people quickly assume that his single status is nothing but a cover for his gay sexuality. However, since Nolan does not talk about anything like this, any remarks on his sexuality remains a mere hoax.

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Nolan Gould Career

As mentioned earlier, Nolan started his career very early. Now, you may not believe it, but Nolan started his acting career as young as when he was three years old. That is right, Nolan appeared in a commercial while he was just a three years old baby. Since then, his parents made sure that his career continues.

However, it was not until 2007, that Nolan professional started his acting career as he appeared in The McPassion, Waiting Room and Sunny & Share Love You. With these projects, Nolan began his acting career very professionally. In 2008, Nolan appeared in Montana as Johnny.

In 2009, Gould received his breakthrough role as he started appearing in Modern Family as Luke Dunphy. Since 2009, Gould appears as Luke Dunphy, and his character receives a lot of love from the show’s fans and followers. Moreover, Gould has fans, especially from teenage girls.

Apart from Modern Family which Gould still appears in, he has appeared in other movies and TV shows as well. When it comes to movies, Nolan has appeared in Space Buddies, Hysteria, Friends with Benefits, The To-Do List, Field of Lost Shoes. These are some o the movies that Nolan appeared in.

When it comes to TV shows, Gould appeared in Good Luck Charlie, R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, Whose Line is it Anyway? Sofia the First. Nolan also appeared in Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition.

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Net Worth

As you can clearly see, Nolan has a career that even adult actors wish to possess. For someone who is just 20 years old, a success like this seems impossible. But here is Nolan, proving all the clichés wrong. With a career that throbs like a racehorse on the track, Nolan has gained a lot.

A lot of fame, and not to mention a considerable amount of fortune. Reportedly, Modern Family paid Nolan a whopping $70,000 per episode. Now taking reference to that Nolan is with the show for over a decade, we can only imagine how much Nolan earns at the moment.

For all of you who are eager to know, Nolan currently possesses a massive net worth of $12 million. However, since Nolan has a whole life in front of him as an actor, there is plenty of room to expand his fortune.


Name Nolan Gould
Date of birth October 28, 1998
Birthplace New York City, New York, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.10 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Scorpio
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $12 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @Nolan_Gould

Instagram: @nolangould

Facebook: Nolan Gould


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