Nicole Bass: Biography, Career, Body Measurement, Death


Nicole Bass was born on the 10th of August, 1964 in the Middle Village, New York, the United States of America. She is a professional actress, bodybuilder, and professional wrestler. Her zodiac sign is Leo. She has worked as a wrestler in different wrestling companies such as; Extreme Championship, XPW, and World Wrestling Foundation.

Nationality and Ethnicity

When it comes to the nationality of this favorite wrestler, she is from American nationality. She has the citizenship of the United States of America and is the citizen of America. Her ethnicity is white-American.

Nicole Bass

Family Life

Nicole Bass has not revealed anything about her family life. She has not made anything to the disclosure of the public and was living quite a pleasant experience. But, she never revealed much about her family life. There is no data about her parents and her siblings. Hence, her family members did not get exposed until her death.

Early Life

Nicole Bass has not revealed anything about her early life. She did not tell about her family, her siblings and her relatives. So, there was no other person that could give information about her family life or her personal life. Hence, her early life got hidden until her death.

Education History

This popular wrestler does not have any education history. She has no revealed much about her education life. This famous wrestler is a very private person, and she does not disclose readily about her academic life. Hence, her education life is still under the curtains as she has not even taken out a thing about her life.

Nicole Bass; Career

She is a professional wrestler. In early 1998, she has debuted in Extreme Championship Wrestling. She has aligned herself with the popular, Chastity, Jason and Justin Credible. Also, she has participated with Tommy Dreamer, Beulah McGillicutty and Tommy Dreamer.

Moreover, she joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). She debuted in the WrestleMania XV as Sable’s villainous bodyguard on 28th of March 1999. Then, she became involved in Debra McMichael, which is an extended feud. It culminated in mixing tags with marching Val Venis and tag Match against Debra and Jarret at WWF Over the Edge championship in 1999. This event took place right after the owner of the tragic death of Owen Hart based on pay-per-view.

Moreover, she was also aligned with Venis after she attacked Venis as she loses a contest with Debra. She hit with Jarrett’s jacket. Also, after the competition with Debra, she interfered in the match that got conducted with Debra and Ivory. In that time, Debra loses the Women’s Championship because Nicole interfered in the game. Then, it led to the rivalry between Nicole and Ivory. The competition ended after she left the WWF. Also, she filled a lawsuit against the organization for the case of sexual harassment. She said that she was sexually assaulted in the backstage by Steve Lombardi. This case got dismissed in the court in 2003, and it got denied.

Additionally, she also continued to wrestle on the circuit that was independent wrestling. Also, she made the booking for various personal training and public events. Hence, she had a good career as a wrestler. Therefore, she developed herself as a good wrestler in the future.

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Nicole Bass; Death

An official statement was posted on the official Facebook page of Bass, by her girlfriend, Kristen Marrone on the 6th of February 2017. In the report, it got written that she had got hospitalized because she was found unconscious in her apartment. Also, in the post, she mentioned that all the things were possible because of her. As she got hospitalized, the doctors detected that she had a stroke, and her brain was medically dead too. According to her family and friends, she had taken off life support in the evening. Following this, she died on 17th of February when she was at the age of 52.

Body Building

Nicole Bass had an outstanding and shining career. She was a famous bodybuilder in the late 80s and the 90s. Also, this wrestler won the NPC National Bodybuilding Championship.

• 2nd HW of NPC Eastern USA Championships in 1985
• 16th of IFBB Ms. International in 1986
• 8th HW of IFBB Ms. International in 1986
• 8th HW of NPC Nationals in 1986
• 4th HW of IFBB North American Championships in 1987
• 7th HW of NPC USA Championships in 1987
• 1st HW and the overall NPC Northeastern States in 1988
• 3rd HW of NPC Extravaganza in 1989
• 2nd HW of NPC Nationals in 1990
• 4th HW of IFBB North American Championships in 1991
• 10th HW of NPC Nationals in 1993
• 6th HW of NPC Nationals in 1994
• 2nd HW of NPC Nationals in 1995
• 1st HW and Overall of NPC Nationals in 1997
• 14th of IFBB MS. Olympia in 1997.

Net Worth

Nicole Bass had earned a lot from her wrestling profession. She had collected a handsome amount of money from her job. As she was a well-known wrestler professionally, she had a big salary.

Hence, she had collected about 500 thousand dollars as her total net worth. Before she died, she used to live in an apartment and was living quite a happy life. Hence, her net worth is substantial, and she could live a comfortable life with it.

Body Measurements

When it comes to the body Measurements of this wrestler, she had a massive body mass. This famous wrestler had maintained her body and was putting all her efforts into her body. She had a body that could make anyone feel that she was a wrestler. Hence, she had a height that would make her very tall. Her height was 6 feet and 3 inches, which are approximately 1.90 meters. When it comes to her weight, she weighs about 108 kilograms. Her height and her weight look like that of a typical wrestler. Talking about her facial features, she was beautiful even if she was a wrestler. She had blonde hair and blue eyes that perfectly suits her. Hence, she has a vast body that completely looks like a wrestler.

Rumors and Controversies

Nicole Bass was a wrestler. She had been far from the media throughout her career. This lady keeps her life private from the media because she does not like to be along with the rumors and the controversies. Her life is free of scandals and controversies because she has not been living a decent living and frees herself from the gossips.

Awards and Achievements

Nicole Bass was among the wrestling champions of the world. She had won the various championship of the wrestling championship. This favorite wrestler had won the title of NWA Worldwide Intergender Championship. She won this at National Alliance for the 1st time. Also, she has won different titles and has made achievements too. Hence, she also won NWA Jersey Women’s Championship for one time. Thus, she has achieved a lot in her lifetime. So, the history of her awards and achievements is very pleasing.

Nicole Bass Relationship Status

Nicole Bass had a girlfriend as she is a lesbian. Her sexual orientation is lesbian. She has a lesbian partner whom she loved very much. But, she ended her life. Her lesbian partner caught her unconscious in her apartment. They had a perfect love life, but they had to stop it because she ended her life.

Nicole Bass; Social Media Reach
Talking about her social media reach, she was very active on social media before she died. She had all social media profiles like; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But, she was highly active on her Facebook account, but she was not so keen on her Instagram and her Twitter account. She had over 5 thousand followers in her official Facebook account. After her death, there is no one to use her account.


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