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Having an acting profession is not an easy job to do. Talking about Neville Archambault, he is an American actor who was able to conquer the top of the acting industry. Neville is an American, but he has dual citizenship with New Zealand, holding a “Commonwealth Passport.” Member of SAG and AFTRA he is well known from this too. Any data regarding his family, education and himself cannot discover, but despite having everything secret and not disclosed, he might be from food family member having an excellent opportunity for learning and all.

Starting a career from childhood trough small stages playing a minor role, he got the chance to grab the opportunity and began with his interest. However, Neville is now best known for his role in the movies “13 Camera” and its sequel “14 Camera” where he has even won the award as the Best Actor. There is always a reason behind every success; likewise, Neville has got too. He has not got success but his own, he had struggled and also played in the TV commercials for a long time when he was young and even acted in plays and stages.

Neville Archambault

Personal Specification For Neville Archambault

Full Name                                         Neville Archambault

Birth Place                                        Oregon, United States of America

Profession                                         Actor

Height                                               5 feet 10 inches

Salary                                               not disclosed

Net worth                                          $ 2 million

Ethnicity                                            not disclosed

Nationality                                         American- New Zealand

Weight                                               34 kg

Hair Color                                           Brown

Eye Color                                           Blue

Father’s Name                                    not published

Mother’s Name                                   not revealed

Nick Name                                        EI Chango Blanco or The White Gorilla

Marital Status                                    Single

Online Presence                                Instagram & Twitter

Active                                               more than 40 years

Gay/ lesbian                                     no

Divorced/ Engaged                            Not yet

Children/ Kids                                   No

Education                                         not disclosed

Language                                         English, Spanish and Mexican

Famous movies                                14 Cameras (2018) and 13 Cameras (2013)

Waist Size                                        34 inch

Shoe size                                         12

Early Life

There is not much information about the early life of Neville. However, his dedication and hard work and struggling today show him about how good he was during his childhood.

Neville Archambault was born in the United States of America. However, he belongs to American- New Zealand nationality through his ethnicity is still unknown. As he has not disclosed about his personal life, other information about his father, mother and education are also has been like mysterious. Different media and news are also not concerned about this topic. He was interested in acting from his childhood. Therefore, he also played in many shows and stages from the beginning. It brought him in today’s level.


Academic qualification of Neville is a mystery. Any record about the theoretical section of Neville cannot discover in any of the social media, news, or any other sites. Observing to him, he is dynamic and energetic and able to pick the knowledge quickly. However, this habit shows that Neville was a good student during his schooling. He might have done every work correctly as he does today.

Education on acting is as the practice done during his childhood. He loved performing and has also found feature in TV shows. Talking about his knowledge of the language, he can speak three different languages like English, Spanish, and Mexican. Formally looking towards he is an intelligent person and useful too. However, from the source from the internet, it is found that he was the student of Ashland High School.

Career Of Neville Archambault

Everyone wants to make a career and future bright. And for making next intelligent everyone runs in the race. Same as this Neville also did his best for making his career best as now. Thus, Neville Archambault started his career as an actor from his childhood. He used to take part in different stage shows and plays there. Later, in the 1970s, Neville debuted in an Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Where in the same festival he played as China John. However, he has been in many parts of the many stages shows like The Merry Wives of Windsor as William Page and Henry the Fifth as Alexander Court.

After the many shows and stages programs, he also got a chance to shift from shows to series. He got a chance in many TV series and other plays. He has given the significant contribution in many shows like for example in the Unicorn Magic Show, he singles played the three characters and did his best job. Later, when he was residing from Mexico, he rejoined as an actor in the TV series Acapulco Bay where he again gave his best to make his show number one.

He also played a character of Bruce Horton in an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. In this series too he was one of the most appreciated actors and got the many praises. His name Neville got again one next chance to get in the frame by getting the lead role. He got a chance to play a leading role as Solomon Grundy. It was the tremendous experienced what he got. He also performed as ‘scary man’ in Puerto Rican film called Looking for Maria Sanchez.

Career Onwards 2016

Neville Archambault was again in the frame in 2016   which is also one of the hit movies ever, and it was13 Cameras where he got rave reviews from the public. He was also again the part of the same film named 14 Cameras which was also the sequel of 13 Cameras. Thus, many movie characters and opportunities were not only enough for making Neville in today’s stages. He is still working for it.

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Net Worth and Salary

Playing in more than number on films, TV series and shows, any man can make his/her life worthy. Working hard for a living is always fruitful for a person. Speaking about Neville, as he is outstanding in his work and his hard work and dedication brought him into today’s life. As he always kept his file secret but somehow about the net worth it has been publishing. According to different sources they say that Neville has the net worth of $ 2 million, which is also pretty good for him. Even talking about salary, it is secret, or it is better to say not disclosed or not revealed.

Relationship Of Neville Archambault

Neville is a person who wants to keep his personal and professional life separate. He does not want to mix both of his life. Thus, Neville was able to keep both of them separate too. He is a secretly living celebrity where there is no information about any relationship status. Hence, there is no information about Neville’s married status until now. Not any rumors about the children of him. However, he has kept his private life beyond the eyes of media but who knows about the relationship with him. He might be having a secret relationship with one of the most beautiful lady.

Rumors and Controversy

A person who keeps everything secret and beyond the media, it is impossible to get any news about him/her. Neville is a person who does not want to disclose and any of the personal life; thus, he was able to maintain the silence in the media too. No, any rumors have discovered. He is a secret living star who wants to keep everything along with his life, and he is enjoying his life without being involved in many cases. Thus all the media and rumors are being silent.

Body Measurement

Actor, celebrity is the person who is always in the eyes of the public. They still have to maintain their body structure attractive and healthy. Talking about Neville Archambault, he is a hard man. His body shows how he works for it to keep it. According to the picture which we can find in social media and also on the screen, he looks lovely. Measuring Neville, he is also pretty good in his height. He has a height of 5 feet 10 inches, which is as the excellent height for the person. But taking comparison of body weight with the height, it seems that he has not a good living standard.

However, this could not be true and can be wrong too, but some of the media says that he has the body weight of 34 kg. But if we go through the pictures that we can find in different sites and place, he has more than which we can predict. However, his eyes are the most attractive one. His eyes are blue, which is as one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Thus, his hair color is brown as ordinary people have. And his waist size is 34 inches whereas his shoes have 12 in size.

Social Media For Neville Archambault

Social media is an excellent platform for any of the artist. People usually follow celebrity and star, and this type of people influences many of the people. Neville Archambault is also active on social media sites. He is equally busy on Facebook and Twitter and even on Instagram. However, he has more than 472 followers on Instagram, whereas more than 246 people follow him on Twitter.


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