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Natascha Encinosa, the one and only woman who can make your heart pound like a horse on a racetrack, with either love or fear. She is one of the most beautiful women to ever walk this earth and fear because she can probably throw you out of the window. She won’t but she can.

If you are into fitness, then you probably know who she is, but for everyone who does not have any idea on who she is, Natascha Encinosa is an extreme fitness enthusiast, a coach, personal trainer, and a model as well.

Natascha Encinosa

Starting young, Natascha aspired to pursue a career in modeling and with sheer determination and will power; she made her dream come true. Her story is as much inspiring as it can get. You may have acquainted with her through Instagram posts, how well do you know her beside all that?

Do you know what her personal life looks like? From personal life we mean, her whole life behind the Instagram feed how she started her journey, what inspired her, her love affair, dating status, and much more. If you have a slight idea, this post will thoroughly educate you. Keep reading for all details on Natascha Encinosa.

Natascha Encinosa Personal Life

Natascha Encinosa as discussed is someone who can inspire a lot of people, but the real question is if she has found someone who can inspire her instead – Inspire her to love. We’re talking about her love life.

People call her the real-life version of Chun-Li. You must be familiar with Chun-Li, a character from a world famous arcade fighting game called Street Fighter. How and why she resembles Chun-Li is something we will talk about in a while. But for now, let’s just find out who is dating this amazing woman.

Natascha Encinosa Dating

Now finally, we talk about if Natascha is dating someone or not. Well, as it so happens, Encinosa who appeared in World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) is currently single and not dating anyone. But, there is a very strong chance that she made it look like it.

So far, Natascha has not talked about anything that remotely hints anything about her love affair. She has suspiciously kept this topic under the wraps and avoids talking about it as much as possible. However, the reason for such secrecy remains a secret as well — such an irony.

Just think about the person who would date Natascha Encinosa. Natascha has the kind of face that can make anyone fall for her instantly and add that with a perfect body. 10/10 people would be mesmerized by sheer muscle power and her determination to keeping it that way.

A woman with the power to change for good, an ambition, and immaculate beauty. What else can a man as from a woman? Although, the person who will become her boyfriend will most probably come from a fitness background as well because when it comes to lifestyle and fitness, opposites do not attract each other.

But, what is the guarantee that she will date men? Since she keeps all personal detail to herself, no one actually knows what her preference is when it comes to dating. Is she attracted to men or female? Is Natascha a lesbian?

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Natascha: A Lesbian?

In this era, a lot of people come out of the closet and confess that they come from the LGBT group. However, the fact if Natascha shares the LGBT community is not clear at the moment. All because she has not shown any signs so far.

Her Instagram posts do show her closeness to females; however, they also reflect the fact that she is close to her male friends as well. Encinosa has not publicly made any statement regarding her sexuality, and it has remained that way.

For anyone labeling her as a lesbian, given the lack of evidence, she is straight as of now. The reason her dating life may be absent right now is because of the fact that she remains heavily invested in her career. Actors and actresses find it stressful to have a love affair or maintain a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship while their career is on the rise.

Also, another piece of information that claims that she is not lesbian is the fact that she previously had a boyfriend who unfortunately dumped her during her dark days. We’ll talk more about it later.

The same is the case for Natascha. Encinosa is working very hard on her career right now which can be the reason for her silence on relationships. Come to think about it, let’s talk about how she started her fitness journey.

Encinosa’s Fitness Journey

We mentioned earlier that she aspired to become a model from a very young age and that she has now fulfilled her dream. You may think that she also pursued fitness from an early age because a physique like her takes years of hard work and determination. Yes, it takes a lot of determination, but her mentality and body profile were very differently just about less than a decade ago.

Despite aspiring to become a model after growing up, she always failed because of her weight. Encinosa had a very hard time keeping her weight down while growing up and was somewhere in the region between fat and obese.

The modeling industry is very competitive and demands a much-sculpted figure to walk the runway. Encinosa did not have that body by far. But, this is not also the thing that pushed her to her limits. It is her health.

As weight increased so did all the weight-related issues, and in 2010, she received devastating news.

The Change

In 2010, Encinosa went to a doctor for her routine medical checkup. While she thought this as just another medical routine follow up where she received certain guidelines to remain healthy; instead she received a death threat from a medical perspective.

Natascha’s doctor told her that her weight was starting to create very serious problems for her and that cholesterol level was so high, it induced a very significant chance of a heart attack. Naturally, heart attacks are one of the most serious and commonly happening medical conditions where some people make it out alive while some do not.

For Encinosa, this was the point break. After contemplating the possibilities of her weight-related issues and a high probability of heart attack, she took the lease on her life and committed to a change. Encinosa received a lot of help from her parents to get her diet in check in a time period of two years; she made a drastic change to her diet.

Her main motive till now was to just have her diet in check. But during that process, her then-boyfriend dumped her because of her massive weight. This, instead of breaking her and letting things go, all two years of progress, she instead let the breakup fuel her intentions on becoming fit.

In 2012, after her relationship ended, she started getting in fitness. While she did light cardio before, she started lifting weight now.

From 2012 Till Now

Natascha went back and forth during her weight loss period, and she has successfully kept her initial weight off only since 2017. She started getting famous on Instagram for her transformations and continuous before and after pictures.

Soon, her body shape started gathering all the attention. Encinosa started posting bikini-clad pictures where her slim waist and bulging thighs were the highlights. Because of that, fans started comparing her photo to video game character Chun-Li. She humorously appreciated the gesture.

She works out at the gym for five days a week and avoids weighted squats because of kneecap injury she suffered at a young age. Natascha works out for two hours a day as a normal training regimen and ups that time during competitions.

Natascha Encinosa Bio, Net Worth

Young fitness enthusiast Natascha Encinosa was born on February 21, 1996, in Florida, United States of America. Encinosa has a younger brother whose name is Bryan. Natascha is 23 years old as of 2019.

In 2017, Natascha made her first World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) appearance in December 2017, Atlantic City, New Jersey and there she received WBFF Pro Card, in her very first appearance.

While her earnings as a fitness coach and model remain hidden in the dark, she reportedly charged 5 thousand dollars for one ad post on her Instagram account that has over four hundred and forty-five thousand followers. Tabloids report that her annual salary ranges between $60 thousand to $80 thousand and she has a net worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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