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Being a businessman is not so easy, but Nancy Shevell was one of them. Talking about her introduction, Shevell is an American businessman and entrepreneur who is also currently the vice-president of the big group of industries also known as “Shevell Group of Companies” which is her family’s transportation business. As her father set shop, she became the vice-president of the conglomerate in around three years after her joining to the family business. Not only an entrepreneur, but she is also one of the former board members of the ‘New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority.’

And great entrepreneur with great mind she was born in 1959 making her age of 59years of old, she is and cancer patient and fighting from cancer. She has many ups and downs in her life. Nancy was a part of a great person because of her work. She has correctly used her academic qualification in her practical experience as she saved her family business from getting closed. Nancy had a great life with her family though Shevell married the second husband; her family accepted all the thing and have a great time with each other. She now is living with all children in a happy life.

Nancy Shevell

Early Life

Talking about her early life was born in a well-established family. She was born on November 20, 1959, in New York. Though she was born in the United States. Nancy grew in a Jewish family in Edison, New Jersey. Born with the great minded family her father Myron P. Shevell was the owner of ‘New England Motor Freight,’ when she was born. Her mother named Arlene Shevell, Nancy lost her mother in her childhood because of breast cancer in 1991.

In her early life, she used to be attracted to more about boy’s things like football, Cars rather than dolls and all. Nancy was even in her school team. Because of her family business about transportation, she always used to give attention to the machinery things rather than dolls and toys. This quality made her read more about shipping and also did the degree on it. Hence, she got enrolled in her father’s business in the year 1980s.

Personal Specification

Full Name                                    ​​Nancy Shevell

Birth Date                                    ​​20th November 1959

Nationality​​                                   American

Occupation​​                                   Business Women

Age​​​                                             59 years and six months

Sign​​​                                            Scorpio

Born in​​                                        New York City, USA

Marital status​                               Married

Divorced​​                                      with first husband name Bruce Blakeman

Husband ​​                                    Paul McCartney

Father Name​                               Myron Shevell

Mother Name​                              Arlene Shevell

Disease                                      ​​Cancer patient

Education                                    ​​Degree in Transportation

Height​​                                        5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)

Net Worth                                  ​​$200 million

Ethnicity​​                                     Jewish

Weight                                        ​​60 kg

Hair Color                                   ​​Brown

Eye Color​​                                   Hazel

Measurement                             29-27-34


Nancy Shevell was a talented girl from her childhood. She was active in her youth. As mentioned above already Nancy was on the football team in her school team. As she was attracted to car and transportation, she held a degree in transit from the ‘Arizona State University.’ Though she was among the few females to major in such a masculine subject. It was so amazing that she was among the few women to study that subject.


As Nancy was interested in her father’s business since she was a child, she started her career working in her father’s company itself. It was their family business started by her father and her uncle. Nancy took over her family business in 1983 after her degree. Thus, it was a difficult task for Nancy to set their business. Her company was established by her father back in 1920 where later on his brother joined to start the business. Because of some reason, her father and uncle’s Shevell brother company was found guilty due to fraudulence and also it was declared ad bankrupt. It was a piece of the sad news that her uncle could not take the stress and committed suicide.

But her father was strong enough, and again her father bought the trucking company named ‘New England Motor Freight,’ which is also known as one of the subsidiaries of ‘Shevell Group of Companies.’ However, this second business also found fraudulence, and her father got into custody. Hence, this was the turning point for Nancy, where she joined her dad’s business, and her hard work, dedication, and interest towards her business showed her position in three years. She became the vice-president of the company. Thus, in 2001 she was selected as one of the board members of ‘The Metropolitan Transportation Authority.’

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Personal Life Of Nancy Shevell

From the different source of media, we know that Nancy Shevell married with different guys. Her first husband was Bruce Blakeman. She got married and later had a son named Arlen. But this didn’t work well, and in December 2008 she got divorced with Bruce. Later on, she found the next love with a musician named Paul McCartney. She was in love with an instrumentalist. It was hard to be them in the relationship, but later on, it turned out positively. Hamptons, New York, an island was the first place where both of them met for the first time. They were often spotted spending their time sever times. However, their relationship was not public, and also Nancy didn’t reveal before her divorced though they were in a relationship before it.

Soon after Nancy and Bruce divorce, Nancy made her affair with Mac public and also they got engaged. It was shocking news that Paul gifted Nancy about 650 thousand USD ‘1925 Cartier’ solitaire from ‘Tate Galleries.’ After all, they did the court agreement, and after the four years of period Nancy and Paul finally walked the aisle. They did their wedding ceremony at ‘Old Marylebone Town Hall,’ London. Talking about Paul, he was a married man before getting marry with Nancy. However, Paul’s daughter, Stella McCartney, designed Nancy’s outfit. Also, her second daughter Beatrice was the flower girl of the day, how was the daughter of Paul from his second wife, Heather Mills. Hence his all family member gave Nancy a warm welcome including his son James McCartney. Furthermore, both Nancy and Paul accepted each other’s children from their previous marriages. 

Looking Nancy disease on her personal life, she is a cancer patient and also had made diagnoses in her past time.

Salary and Net worth Of Nancy Shevell

Nancy is an independent girl. She worked hard in her past time. Hence her hard work gave her return gift. She was able to get success and go to the high level and also made her company to the best position. Nancy is a talented girl; moreover, she is one of the board members of the most significant public transportation authority in the state of New York. Hence, this much of her effort and all gave her net worth of $200 million till today’s date. Though this is too little for Nancy because by seeing her work, net worth is not anything because she also got name, frame and many more which is a lot for her being successful entrepreneur or businesswomen.

Rumors and Controversy

Nancy Shevell has an apparent life. There are no rumors and controversy about Nancy Shevell. Though stories seem to be there when she had an affair with Paul. But in the present situation, there are no rumors regarding her personal and professional life. She shows that she is doing her best job without and controversies and harming others. Nancy is loved and liked by everyone. She is a great person with a strong personality. Hence, she is doing her best in her life.

Body Measurement

As Nancy is 59 years’ old, but she does seem so. Though she has cancer and Nancy has made a diagnosis before but looking towards her outer approach and body, she is perfect and has an excellent shape too. Her weight is also ideal, according to her height. Her height is 5 feet 10 inches, maintaining her body weight of 60 kg. However, her height is perfect, and her heights shoot when they are in a couple together. Not only height and weight, but she also looks more attractive by other reason too. She has brown hair; moreover, her eye color is hazel, which looks prettier and attractive.

Social Reach For Nancy Shevell

As Nancy is a great woman because of her works, also, she is followed by everyone and have concern towards her. She is equally active in Facebook. With more than 2.1k followers in her account, Shevell is responsible towards her mind. There are many other social media such as Instagram and Twitter, but she doesn’t use it. Though she only uses Facebook, she has not left any platform to have connection and relation with her follower. Hence, she has not let her life to come in controversy. Her Facebook profile is after Nancy Shevell. Her Facebook page is also equally active.


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