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One of the biggest things in life has a personality that attracts people in a positive manner. A personality is something that is so essential that it plays a vital role in major life moments as well. For example, the right personality gets you your desired job or into the school or university that you want to enroll in so badly. One of the most important roles in which personality has a major part is finding your significant other. It all depends upon personality, and here we have one person who has one of the best personalities. Her name is Nancy Putkoski.

Now, this is not a name that you hear all the time everywhere you go because Nancy here is not a famous actor or a famous artist, perse. But if Nancy is neither an actress nor a famous artist, then why are we here talking about her in the first place? Well, it is because she attracted to her personality. That is the reason why we are gathered here, talking about Nancy and why she is such an important person to talk about as well.

Nancy Putkoski

You should know Anthony Bourdain, the famous American chef who passed away last year. Well, Nancy, at one point in her life, managed to attract Anthony and make him her husband. That is the sole reason why we are here talking about Putkoski. Also, a word of caution already because Nancy has a very secretive manner. That means her intentions are always to remain outside of the limelight, and this nature has shunned out so many information.

But from this post, you may know all there is about Nancy and some of the things that remain unknown to even the closest followers.

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Nancy Putkoski Early Life

The ex-wife of one of America’s greatest and one of the most popular Chef Anthony Bourdain, Nancy Putkoski, was born in New York City, in the United States of America. Because of some unknown and anonymous reason, Nany likes to keep her birth details a sworn secret. Along with a place of birth, Nancy does not also reveal anything about her birthdate.

With missing birthday and year, we are currently unable to pinpoint Nancy’s age exactly. What we can only do is take reference in this matter because Nancy leaves us with no choice at all. Since Anthony was in his 60s, we fairly assume that Nancy currently lives in her 50s.

While this goes out without any offense whatsoever, we do believe that Nancy also looks like someone who has already reached their 50s. Grey hair and little wrinkles here and there, Nancy is someone who has seen a lot of worlds already and remains quiet and lives a happy life in her home as well.

Needless to say, with all the privacy concerns that Nancy has put out, we did not expect her to reveal anything else about her as well. If Nancy would so much talk about her zodiac sign, we would know the month she was born in as well. While this would not solve the immensely hard mystery, this would certainly give some relaxation as well.

Nancy belongs from a descent family who raised her to become a self-independent woman who never sought anyone else’s help as well. Because of that, Nancy is one strong person who has a lot of resilience built into her as well.

Nancy Putkoski Education

For the most part, American parents always tend to focus on their children’s career aggressively, and one thing that assures a career in education. Because of that, Nancy’s parents largely focused on getting her to a nice school and make her a learned person. Their intentions always worked on Nancy’s good.

As a young girl, Nancy Putkoski joined a local elementary school that looked after kids in a way that ensured that kids have a great time and also learn new things always. Because the school also had a nice reputation, Nancy’s parents thought it was a no brainer to enroll their young little daughter at the school.

After getting through her elementary education level, Nancy already developed a habit of going to school and finding the environment adaptable and enjoyable as well. As a child, Nancy always remained quite favored by a lot of people. Her looks were cute, and Putkoski also possessed a friendly disposition as a child.

After elementary school, Nancy enrolled at a local high school, which also, like the elementary school that she studied in, promised great results. During high school, Nancy also managed to involve herself in various kinds of sports, which boosted her confidence level as well.

After graduating from high school, Nancy does not talk about her further education journey. The fact if she went to a college and later followed by a university remains a total mystery as well. Because of that, we are at a loss to suggest anything that may contradict any facts.

But we strongly believe that Nancy Putkoski went to college and managed to get a college degree at least.

Nancy Putkoski

Personal Life

We know already that Nancy is the wife of famous American celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain who sadly, is no more with us at the moment. But do you know how the couple met and how long the relationship lasted between the two before things went sideways? Well, now, you will.

Nancy and Anthony are what people call old love. Nancy and Anthony first met each other during high school. Both Anthony and Nancy attended the same high school, and after meeting and liking each other from the very start, both fell in love. For most of their life, even after high school, Anthony and Nancy remained inseparable.

In 1985, Nancy and Anthony married each other in an intimate wedding ceremony that took place in the states. For more than two decades, Nancy and Anthony remained together as husband and wife. Unfortunately, both never had any children, and the reason for it also remains a mystery.

After two decades of a loving marriage, Nancy and Anthony hit a rough spot, and in 2005, both ended their marriage in mutual agreement. Just two years later, after divorcing Nancy, Anthony married another woman named Ottavia Busia, professionally a martial artist.

On the other hand, Nancy stayed clear of any relationship rumors or remarriage with another man. We have yet never heard that Nancy married for the second time. Anthony and Ottavia welcomed a daughter just two years after the divorce. In 2018, Bourdain was found dead in a hotel room, and the reason for his death was suicide.

Nancy Putkoski Career

For the most part, Nancy Putkoski remained private about her personal affairs and did not really talk about anything, even regarding her professional life. But as we mentioned earlier that interested is a great place and nothing ever remains hidden, Nancy’s professional life fact is here for you to learn.

At one time in her life, Nancy worked as a marketing person working in an advertising company. As we all know, advertising is a form of marketing where companies make their customers feel like they have to possess a particular product or get a particular service. As a great communicator, Nancy applied for the job.

Seeing her enthusiasm and talent for the agency, the unnamed marketing agency hired Nancy, and she began working in the advertising company as a very talented employee. However, after some time, Nancy left the company and never revealed the reason behind her actions as well.

After her departure from the advertising agency, Nancy has remained silent for the most part. Nancy also does not talk about her professional career. Because of the fact that Nancy does not even have a LinkedIn account, it is immensely hard for anyone to track her professional whereabouts.

On the other hand, her ex-husband late Anthony Bourdain was a man of fame who almost always remained in the limelight. Because people considered Anthony as one of the most influential chefs and a brilliant human being, he was always, unlike his ex-wife, talk of the town.

Net Worth

Before we move any further, do you think that with the information we have here, there is anything that is remotely related to finding a net worth? Although Nancy is a very talented personality and we know that because of the sole fact Anthony chose her as his life partner for over 20 years

Unfortunately, with very much limited information at our disposal, we cannot disclose anything about Nancy’s net worth. While usually, when a couple gets divorced, there is a settlement where the less fortunate get awarded a certain amount, those arrangements remain absent.

While we cannot figure out the net worth of Nancy here, we certainly can find out the net worth that the famous celebrity chef Anthony possessed. At the time of his death, Anthony Bourdain possessed a massive net worth of more than $16 million. The chef earned this massive amount thorough his skill as a chef and traveling in search of new cuisine as well.


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Date of birth N/A
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Ethnicity White
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Profession Wife of Anthony Bourdain
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign N/A
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


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