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Who does not wants a tall, dark, and handsome man in their life? We know you do. Otherwise, why would you even be here? He is handsome, tall, dark, has a bright smile and most importantly, a man who is very successful with a very fruitful career. Yes, we are talking about the one and only Morris Chestnut.

We know, Morris does not exactly need any introduction, but there are also people who do not know this wonderful man. Weird, right? But to his fans as well, how well do you know Morris Chestnut? You have seen him on your TV screen innumerable times, but as a fan, there are still a lot of things you have to learn about him.

morris chestnut

Don’t get us wrong. We are not fan shaming you or anything like that. Just simply igniting the urge to know more about The Enemy Within actor. How many of you know about his personal life. Do you know who he is married to or anything about his family? Well, if not, then you have come to the right place.

Here, we will talk about Morris Chestnut personal life, professional life, and everything in-between. All the tea, facts, and plausible rumors that are lurking around. Keep reading to find out everything.

Morris Chestnut Personal Life

Chestnut is not what you call a typical man as you already know; he is an accomplished actor with a bag full of credits all jingling in glee. But everything extensive about his career is readily available on the internet. Want to know what role he played in the famous TV show called Rosewood? Chestnut played the role of Dr. Beaumont Rosewood.

See, everything about his professional career is available. But not his personal life as fans have to dig around a lot to gather all information on him. Why is it that hard? Well, for one. Morris Chestnut is not so much vocal about his personal affair, and the other reason is everyone is looking into the wrong place.

Women cannot get over any of Chestnut’s TV appearance. No matter what it is, he makes it look smooth, charming, and unbelievably interesting. All the qualities, to be honest, should be available in actors who are at large. But sadly, for anyone who ever wished to date him or still have hopes of dating Chestnut. You can’t.

Why? Because he is married with kids. Bet you did not see that coming. Morris Chestnut is a married man with a nice little family that will swoon you over and over again. But, before we get into talking about his family altogether, let’s talk about his wife and get to know her more. But before that, let us calm your soul. Her name is Pam Chestnut.

Morris Chestnut Wife, Married

Yes, you heard it right. Morris Chestnut is married to a woman named Pam Chestnut, formerly Pam Byse. The couple met back in the 90s when old love reigned over people’s hearts. While it happened more like love at first sight but the couple grew fond of each other gradually, and Morris was the first one who fell in love.

Morris is just like how he looks. A little reserved, not so much talkative and a very, very good listener. We know how heavily you ladies love a man who is a good listener. When Morris first met his wife, he did not fall in right away but kept a close watch on Pam. He observed Pam for some time, and the things that he noticed are very impressive.

As Morris revealed in an interview, he looks out for a lot of qualities in a person, especially a potential partner. Right of the bat, Morris knew that Pam would be a great mother because he noticed how good she was with children; her nephews and family in general. The fact that she respected her family came out as very impressive qualities that lured him.

Morris and Pam married in 1995 in the United States of America. The wedding included only the couple’s closest family members and friends and went out just the way both planned. As an officially married couple, Morris and wife Pam started living together happily only to realize their happiness had no limits.


Morris Chestnut


After a long love that finally turned into marriage, the couple started thinking about the future and by future they meant a small family of their own. In 1997, Morris and Pam welcomed their first child together, a son that they decided to name Grant. While the new parents started living together as a family of three, another bundle of joy hit them.

In about two years after the birth of their son, Morris and Paige welcomed another child in their lives. A daughter this time and the couple decided to call her Paige. Morris, who always believed that Pam could be a great mother for their kids, she did not disappoint as Pam raises her kids very wisely and teaches them to be kind.

Their son Grant is at the moment, 21 and their daughter is 19. The family of four currently live in the United States of America.


Morris Chestnut, who always bore the aspiration to become an actor, started his career in Freddy’s Nightmares which he portrayed the role of Jason Woodman in 1990. He then bagged a role in Boyz n the Hood in 1991 as Ricky Baker and appeared later in Out All night.

Because of sheer hard work and a little bit of luck, Morris excelled in his career as an actor as the years went by. He started acting besides famous and very talented actors from whom he gained a lot of knowledge and practical acting skills over the years. Morris appeared in movies like Under Siege 2: Dark Territory in 1995 and G.I Jane in 1997.

Chestnut’s other works include The Best Man, The Brothers, Like Mike, Anacondas: The Hunt For the Blood Orchid, Not Easily Broken, Kick-Ass 2, Living Single, Legends, Rosewood, Firehouse, Being Mary Jane.

Morris, who has a sexy body became People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2015, however, over the time he lost touch. But when agents offered him a role in The Best Man Holiday, directors required him to portray the role of Football players. As football players go, they are pretty bulky and fit.

So, in order to fit into that role, Morris started training in the gym very hard and started a healthy diet so that he could get back into shape and portray the character effortlessly. In a matter of months, Morris regained his fit body and appeared in The Best Man Holiday.

Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut Bio, Age

American actor Morris Chestnut was born on January 1, 1969, in Cerritos, California, United States of America. Morris is currently 50 years old. His father is Morris Lamont Chestnut Sr. and mother is Shirley Chestnut. As a young man, Morris went to the Richard Gahr High School in 1986.

After graduating from high school, Chestnut joined the California State University located in Northridge. He studied finance and drama there and graduated with a degree. Morris also won the 1998 Madden Bowl as he got victory over multiple celebrities.

Net Worth

He has a lot of experience and knowledge about acting and performing on the screen, which is why viewers love him very much. Because of his successful career, Morris earned a lot, and currently, he has a net worth of a massive $8 million.


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