Morgan Eastwood; Age, Net Worth, Nationality, Body, Height, Boyfriend


Morgan Eastwood was born on 12th of December 1996, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Her mother was Dina Eastwood, and her father was Clint Eastwood who is a popular actor in America.  Even if her father was Clint Eastwood, who is a well-known person in the American Film Industry she led a very healthy life when she was a child. Her parents divorced in 2013 when she was at the age of 13 years.

Morgan Eastwood

Ethnicity And Nationality

This gorgeous actress holds American Nationality. But, she is believed to be a mixture of African-American, Dutch, Japanese, Irish, German, Scottish, English, Welsh ethnicities. This combination makes her beautiful and smart at the same time encompassing various ancestries.

Body Structure and Measurements

Gorgeous and adorable at the same time, Morgan Eastwood has a great personality. Being an actress by profession she weights has a model height which is 5 feet and 4 inches (approximately 1.6256 meters) and flaunts it. Megan Eastwood age is 25 years. She weighs only 50 kgs and has a curvy and slim body.  Her hair and eyes both and dark brown which make a perfect combination for her fair skin. Everyone admires this look of her, and she can win the hearts of many.

 Social Media

Being a famous American celebrity, she is very popular in social media. She has an approved Instagram account with 74.6K which is around seventy four thousands followers which is a very high number of followers. Able to receive a considerable number of fans following her Facebook account has the same range of followers too. On Twitter, she has approximately 31.6K  thirty one thousands followers. The amount of followers she has on her social media is enough to give justice to her popularity.


Morgan Eastwood’s father Clinton Eastwood who is popularly known as Clint Eastwood was born on 31st May 1930 in San Francisco, California, USA. He is the most popular Hollywood celebrity of 1960. Also, Clint is a director and a producer of various Hollywood movies. Clint Eastwood has an excellent job in the mary of The United States of America before he went into the Hollywood field.

Also, before his directorship, he was involved in various TV series. His movie, Million Dollar Baby won the Oscar Award for the best film. He was also elected as a monomer for Oscar Awards of the best director.


Morgan has a perfect family life. Although she is the only child of her parents, she has many siblings. Her siblings are the result of her father’s other relationships. She loves them all.

Scott Eastwood who was born from her step-mother Jacelyn Reeves stepmother Jacelyn Reeves  He was born on 21st March 1686. From profession, he is a professional Skydiver. Also, he is an American actor and model. Francesa Eastwood who was born on 7th August 1993 is her another sibling from her father and Frances Fisher. She is also an  American actress, television model, and a model.

Born on 19th May 1968 Kyle Eastwood who is a jazz bass musician was her brother from her father and Margaret Neville Johnson also known as Maggie Johnson. An American actress  Kathryn Eastwood who was born on 2nd February 1998 was the product of her father a mother Jacelyn Reeves. She is also a well-known writer who wrote Jersey Boys, Banned and Virus of the Dead.


Even if her father was a famous human figure, she led a very ordinary life. Her father had many relationships, and she could not enjoy an abundant life. He could make anyone feel special and get around with them quickly. Relationships of her father affected her personal life as well. As we all know a fatherless daughter life is a very rough one; she did not enjoy her life.

The influence of her father’s relationship proved to be very dangerous for her. Successfully, she could cover up all the tears and fake a smile in front of the public. All her private life is all hidden, and she showed up to be living a pleasant experience. She enjoys her vacation and parties with her friends too much. Therefore, she is supposed to have a perfect life with her friends.

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Morgan Eastwood Career

As Morgan Eastwood was the daughter of a famous American Celebrity, Clint Eastwood who is one of the biggest men in Hollywood she got direct access to  Hollywood. She came up in an acting career. Although she is in a few of her father’s films playing a small role, she could make an outstanding career in it. In 2008, she made a big comeback in a famous movie “Challenging” which proved to gain a lot of fans.

“Mr. Eastwood and company,” which was released in 2012, is a reality series where she acted with her siblings, and it was able to win Oscar Award. This incident made their family all big Hollywood superstars and made them all popular. That was the E! reality series. Also in 2004, she played a minimal role in the movie “Million Dollar Baby” at a minimum age of eight. This lady has a very bright career in the acting field as she is a famous actress.

 Educational Background

This popular American actress has not yet revealed her education history. Hence, nothing about her school, high-school or university is known so far.

 Marriage Status and Boyfriend

Morgan Eastwood had not yet revealed about her personal life. She is engaged with both male and female friends, so it is hard to decide her boyfriend and her own life. Although brought up in a strict family, she was able to hang out with both fame and female friends.

Her love life is lowkey, but still, media has been able to find it out. She has not made it out that her boyfriend public to anyone. But, she made a post about her primary school boyfriend giving her a gift.

The twitter tweets reveal that she received Claire’s Jewelry as a gift. Sadly, she only tweeted but has not posted the name of the guy or any picture with him yet which makes people wonder about her 5th grader boyfriend now.

She finds it right to reveal her private life to the public only after she becomes successful in her career. So, the wait is for her success.

 Scandals and Controversies

This gorgeous and adorable lady is more career concerned and is very goal oriented. She has made her personal life very lowkey which saves her from all kinds of rumors. Till date, she has not made her professional life too public and made a right balance between her public and private life. She hates interacting with media and does no possibly come outwards.

This life of her has saved her from various rumors and controversies which protects her from scandals too.                      

Salary and Net Worth

This gorgeous and adorable superstar is the daughter of well-known parents and lives a quite luxurious life. She has only done small roles in her father’s film and is supposed not to have a huge salary. Although she has a good career in acting, she is not stable in this field. Her father is a millionaire and has a property worth $375 million. Her mother has a net worth of $20 million as she is a TV reporter and a celebrity if a famous reality show, Eastwood.

Megan Eastwood Mother has good quality too. Her father’s and mother’s salary are known, but her salary and net worth are remained confidential.


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