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Things can go wrong sometimes, and people lose their loved ones to an utmost grieving tragedy. Monifah Shelton faced something like that. Now, that name might not ring any bells for you, but it is of pretty significance to many people out there. Monifah is not your typical celebrity that appears on TV shows and any other reality TV drama, but a victim, or so people say, a criminal.

She allegedly set up her friend for death. Now, this is a very horrible sounding thing that we just mentioned, and nobody should do that. But people claim that she did in fact set up her friend to kill herself. How much of a truth it holds is a very big question mark, and that needs a lot of discussions.

Monifah Shelton

We are here today to learn more about this girl who allegedly set up her friend’s death. Is it really true that she did that? How could someone do a thing like this to their friend? But, as mentioned before, this needs a lot of discussions, so let’s not jump to conclusions right away people. We have no rights to claim this kind of things as it requires proof.

While learning about this incident, we also have plans to talk about Monifah herself and learn who she is extensively. What does her family look like? All about her personal life. And just so you know, there are also rumors circulating that Monifah took her own life and left a suicide note. How true is that? Let’s find out all about it right here.

Monifah Shelton Early Life

Monifah Shelton was born on 15 September 1998, in the United States of America. She is currently 21 years old. Monifah grew up with her parents. From a very young age, Monifah was very playful and outgoing. She liked making friends and hand out with them all the time. Hanging out with friends never tired her.

As she grew up, she started going to parties and meeting new people. Her life has always been full of people who share her enthusiasm for meeting new people and hanging out with them. Unfortunately, there are no other information regarding her family at the moment. Monifah does not really talk about her family. Her family status and family member counting are unknown.

The most probable reason for this secrecy is definitely privacy concerns and that she does not want her family information going out and people knowing all about it. As of now, her parent’s name remains unknown. Also, any fact that she has siblings also remain out in the shadows. She does not really post pictures with any of her siblings and never talked about it in any other social media platform.

Monifah Shelton


Similarly to the information regarding her family that Monifah Shelton keeps as a sworn secret, she also does not talk about her education whatsoever. Shelton did go to high school and received education, the name of the institution remains under the wraps as Shelton does not talk about it.

After graduating high school, there persist no records whatsoever that Monifah continued with her educational journey and joined any college. If she did join a college, she would still be studying right now. Unfortunately, all this information only confides to Monifah only and her family as well who are as oblivious as her educational evidence.

Name Monifah Shelton
Date of birth 15 September 1998
Birthplace United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession N/A
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Virgo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Death of Friend

In 2017, Monifah made headlines when she started posting pictures of her missing friend named Kenneka Jenkins. Kenneka Jenkins was a 19 years old girl from West Side Chicago. On September 8, 2017, Monifah and Kenneka along with their friends, went to a late night Friday party at the Crown Plaza Hotel located in Rosemont.

After midnight, panic started building in the group when Kenneka did not show up to the group. All of them started searching Kenneka, but no luck as Kenneka did not show up anywhere. When the whole group could not find Kenneka, Shelton called her mother and told that Kenneka is missing for a couple of hours now.

Kenneka’s mother Tereasa Martin went to the hotel and started pleading to the hotel staffs to refer to the surveillance cameras for any clues about Kenneka, but they refused to do so without a missing search warrant from the police. Martins then called 911, and then the police arrived a few hours later and conducted an 11-hour search but did not find anything.

Kenneka’s mother did not lose hope and went to the hotel the third instance and this time, started asking questions to the guests of the hotel. Feeling that the family commenced a public nuisance, the hotel called the police to escort them out of the premises. But instead of doing so, one of the policemen agreed to help the devastated family.

After another bout in the camera footage, police spotted Kenneka who went by the front desk at 3:20 am. Kenneka was visibly drunk, and her friend Shelton was not with her. After another search right away, police found Kenneka’s body in one of the unused walk-in freezers of the hotel.

Monifah Shelton

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Monifah Shelton Killed Kenneka?

While forensics could not accurately determine what caused the death, people started coming up with theories how a drunk person like Kenneka could not have found her way to the unused walk-in freezer that located in a construction side of the hotel. And even though if she managed to find her way to that, she could not have possibly opened the large steel doors.

Soon, people started suspecting Monifah about the death of Kenneka as they suspected she set up Kenneka’s death. Soon, other friends of Kenneka also started accusing Monifah that she traded her friend Kenneka with stranger men in exchange of money. However, all of this remains speculation only.

Monifah put much effort in search of Kenneka, and she also vehemently approached the social media for help to find her friend. Kenneka’s mother did not say anything on these assumptions but complained about the authorities not taking actions immediately.

Monifah Shelton Dead?

Allegedly, Monifah Shelton committed suicide after the accusations started growing more violent by the day. People started taunting and lashing on her in public and started accusing in public. A source reported that Monifah committed suicide and left a suicide note as well.

In that suicide note, Monifah talked about the accusations getting over her head and that she could not take the accusations any longer. However, the reports never confirmed, and nobody knows if Monifah did commit suicide or not.

Social Reach

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Instagram: @monifahshelton

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