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Mimi Rogers, a multitalented American lady, was born on the 27th of January, 1956 in Coral Gables, Florida, the United States of America. She belongs to the zodiac group, Aquarius. Her birth name is Miriam Rogers Spickler. She is a well known American actress who is multitalented and is also a movie actress, a producer, and a professional poker player. She came into the spotlight after her remarkable roles in Someone to Watch Over me, Desperate Hours and Gung Ho.

Mimi Rogers

Nationality and Ethnicity

Mimi Rogers is a citizen of the United States of America. She holds the citizenship of the United States of America and is American by nationality. Her ethnicity is white American.

Mimi Rogers; Family Life

Mimi Rogers had quite a proper family life. Her mother name was Kathy Talent, who was a former dancer, and her father was Philip C. Spickler, who was a civil engineer. She was married to Chris Ciaffa, and they have a daughter called Lucy Rogers Ciaffa. They are now leading quite a happy life. She has a brother named Paul Spickler, who is her only sibling. So, she had a good family life full of love and affection.

Education History

Mini Rogers attended accelerated school at the beginning. And she graduated form her high school at the early age of 14 years of old. She was not interested in studying in any college, so she instead formulated her program of study. Then, she became highly involved in writing and Community Theater. Also, after pursuing her studies, she worked in a hospital in Palo Atlo, California, the United States of America. In that hospital, she worked in a hospital for incapacitated patients. Hence, her education life was good even if she did not pursue any degree.

Mimi Rogers; Career

Mini Rogers first started her career in the early 1980s. At the beginning of her career, she did various small roles. She did a small part in an American Police Drama series called “Hill Street Blues” in 1981 and as Sandra Pauley. Also, she came up as Corrina Girard in Quincy M.E in 1981. While she was in 1982, she was offered a role in “Magnum P.I” which is one of the top ranking American Crime Drama Series. Her acting on that series was notable, and she was able to make a quick entry to the advancement in her profession. She also appeared in, “Blue Skies” in 1983, “Hear No Evil” in 1982 and “Divorce Wars: A love Story” in 1982. Those were the popular Television series of those times, and she was able to gain a lot of popularity and fame.

Moreover, she successfully played in a favorite American comedy movie called ‘Gung Ho’ in 1968 as Audrey with the renowned actor Michael Keaton. After that, she was able to play a leading role in various TV series and dramas. Accepting the offer of the lead role, she performed in loves like; ‘Desperate Hours” in 1990, “The Doors” in 1991, and “The Wedlock” in 1991. She also played as Leonore Stern in a popular TV series called “The Devil’s Arithmetic” in 1999. This popular TV series based on a novel that was written by Jane Yolen. In 2004, she came up in “Hope and Faith” which is a critically acclaimed sitcom and played her role as President Annie Hannigan.

Hence, after a long time of pursuing her career, she was able to come up as an established actress, and she is still rocking in her field.

Net Worth

Mini Rogers has a significant amount of net worth. Currently, she is a millionaire and her net worth is around 10 million dollars. She has made a tremendous amount of money from her career as she has played the role of the leading actress in various movies. Also, she worked as an actor and a producer. The film she played were of big hits, and she was able to make a lot of money from that.

Her movie, When Harry Met Lloyd was able to hit the box office with 39.3 million dollars, Lost in Space was able to make 136.2 million dollars, Hope Springs was able to make a handsome amount of 114.3 million dollars, Wedding Ringer was able to make 79.8 million dollars and Captive was able to produce 2.8 million dollars. Hence, because her movies grossed very high, she can collect that money as her net worth.

Body Measurements

Looking after her body statistics, she has quite a healthy body. Her appearances in her movie got admired, and people have tremendous respect for her as she has made the right image in public. Talking about her height, she measures about 5 feet and 8 inches, which is approximately 1.72 meters. She weighs about 68 kilograms. When it comes to her other body measurements, she has a breast size that is of 38 inches, chest size that is of 26 inches and hip size that is of 36 inches. Her bra size is 34D according to the U.S standards. Her facial features are appealing with a pair of dark brown eyes and gorgeous dark brown hair.

Mimi Rogers; Rumors and Controversies

Mimi Rogers lives a comfortable life. Her professional experience is very struggling, and she has been to the top because of her constant struggles. Also, her personal life is good too. So, she does not have any rumors or controversies on her head. Hence, this popular actor is free of all the gossips in the town.

Awards and Achievements

Mimi Rogers is a famous American celebrity who has won the hearts of many. She was much appreciated and loved for her roles in different TV series and movies. For her Outstanding performance in, “The Devil’s Arithmetic” in 1999, she got nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Children’s Special. This fantastic series was able to win the hearts of many children, too, and she became the favorite of children. Also, she was nominated for the Independent Spirit Awards for Best Female for her spectacular performance in The Rapture, 1991. Then, she was also the nominee for Golden Space Needle Award for Best Actress for the movie, Reflections on a Crime in 1994. She successfully won the award. Hence, her achievements are noteworthy, and it helped her to reach her peak.

Relationship Status

In her relationship history, this popular actress Mimi Rogers has got married three times. In 1976, she was married to James Rogers and adopted her surname, They had a beautiful love life, but due to some misunderstandings, this couple separated in 1980. After their divorce, she remained single for almost seven years, and in 1987 she got married to an actor named Tom Cruise in New York City. They had a good marriage. But, this couple too had to end their relationship by the end of 1989. Their divorce got settled at the end of February 1990.

Before their divorce got finalized, they released a very emotional joint statement which said that they were very positive about their marriage, but some issues arose in between which they could not solve despite their constant effort on working on it for an extended period. Hence, they had to end their married life. But, she disclosed that they had intimacy issues, and this was the reason they had to split in her interview with Playboy in 1993. Then, she began living with a new guy named Chris Ciaffa since 1990. They finally got married in 2003. This beautiful couple has two children and is now living quite happy and satisfied life with each other.

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Social Media Reach

Mimi Rogers is a private person, and she does not like to be involved in any social media platform. She is secretive so remains away from social media. There is no evidence of her getting into any social media platform like; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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