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Winning hearts of people seems like a sport to many people around the world and also, absolute honor as well. Because of this, these kind of people always seem on the go and never spotting for anything as well. Now, a majority of these kind of people renown themselves as various title emerges with time. But the one thing that tags with these kind of people is inspirational/motivational speaker. But the person who we are talking about today, Michelle Obama, has the tag FLOTUS to her.

Now, we believe that everybody in the whole wide world knows who Michelle Obama is and what she is famous for. But if you do not know what FLOTUS means, it means Former Lady Of The United States. Wife to the former president, Michelle is one of the most inspirational people on this planet right now. Even way before giving off speech and other factors of entertainment, Michelle stood strongly as an inspiration to billions of people.

Michelle Obama

Her fan base includes mostly women, and why is that you ask? Just because Michelle is the former lady of the United States, does not mean she should stand as an inspiration, right? Melania is the current lady of the United States, but she does not possess the same hype as Michelle. That is because of all the work that Michelle has done over the years. Michelle has written several books that have become best sellers and also, Michelle talks about problems and how to overcome them as well.

But these are some things that Michelle talks about. What about her own life? Does Michelle talk about her personal life? Let’s find it out here and learn more, shall we? Here lies everything about Michelle, the FLOTUS.

Michelle Obama Early Life

The first lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, one of the most inspirational figures ever, was born on January 17, 1964. Michelle was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, and at the moment, she is 55 years old. Now, this is the real mystery. Does Michelle look 55 years old?

Despite this looking like a very odd thing, Michelle does not look an inch like someone who is already in their 50s. So easily, Michelle looks like a diva ready to make it to the runway even on last notice. Her secret to eternal looking persona is healthy consumption and of course, exercise.

Michelle was born Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. After marrying Barack Obama, former president, Michelle took his last name and changed it officially. Michelle was born to father Fraser Robinson III and mother, Marian Shields Robinson. Both her parents were employed.

Michelle’s father, Fraser, worked as a City Water Plant Employee and also as a captain for Democratic Precinct. On the other hand, his mother worked at the Spiegel Catalog Store as a secretary. Marian Shields Robinson also worked as a full-time homemaker as well but later left the job after Michelle started with high school.

Michelle’s ancestry dates back to the 80s as it has traces that her paternal ancestors had were born during the slavery period and freed themselves after the war. Growing up, Michelle always experienced a normal family life where her family members gathered around to talk and have fun. On another note, Michelle claims that her childhood was a conventional one.

Michelle Obama Education

Obama, as a young child, realized what her duties as a child were. Her parents always believed that education should always remain in priority as children. Fraser Robinson III always wanted the best for his little daughter Michelle and saw her as their future as well. All the while, Michelle put up with all their wishes.

As a child, Michelle enrolled at an elementary school that was located very near to her living area. After realizing that her father suffered from multiple sclerosis, Michelle became very determined to perform better at school and manage to bag good grades as well. As a thought, Michelle did perform very well in school.

Her active engagement in school helped her establish herself as a very disciplined child and a very good student. Michelle also remained very determinedly to stay out of trouble as much as possible as a student. Fortunately, Michelle also managed to join a gifted class at the Bouchet Academy as well.

After finishing elementary school, Michelle joined Whitney Young High School and started studying there. Whitney Young High School was one of the very first magnets high school, which also was around three hours of travel for Michelle. After graduating from high school, Michelle’s thirst for knowledge did not stop.

In 1981, Michelle joined the Princeton University and particularly focused in sociology and minored in African-American studies. After four years, in 1985, Michelle graduated with Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Arts. Despite people repeatedly saying that her vision was far greater than what she could achieve, Michelle proved everyone wrong.

Michelle Obama

Personal Life

Michelle Obama, although famous as a motivational speaker. First, he is most famous as their wife to the former president of the United States. However, Barack Obama claims and owns much of his success to his wife, who relentlessly supported him through all times. Michelle acknowledged all the hardships that they went through to get to where they are now.

After meeting for the first time at a law firm, Michelle and Barack became friends first and later started to hand out more. While Michelle worked there, Barack was a summer intern at Sidley & Austin. Michelle was assigned to advise Barack, and in that process, both fell in love with each other.

After marrying in 1992, Michelle and Barack have remained together for more than two decades now. They welcomed two beautiful daughters and named them Malia Ann and Natasha. Both the Obamas remain very committed towards their family and have a strong faith together.

However, before conceiving children, Michelle went through a phase of miscarriage that left her devastated. As a chance and leap of faith, Michelle and Barack opted for in vitro fertilization to conceive both their daughters. While their relationship looks flawless at the moment, there were hard times.

As per both the couple, there were times when both had very little time to talk to each other, and romance was a far-fetched idea as well. As a result, there were definitely times when the Obamas felt their love stressed. However, love and faith kept them together, and now here they are, as an iconic couple and a power couple definition.

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Michelle Obama Career

In college, Michelle particularly focused on sociology, which helped her establish contacts with various kinds of people, people who would turn out useful later. After graduating, Michelle began working as an associate at one of the Chicago law firm called Sidley & Austin. Coincidently, this is also the place where she met Barack.

With law certification at her disposal, Michelle worked at Sidley & Austin, focusing on Marketing and Intellectual Property Law. Moving on from working at Sidley & Austin, Michelle moved to hold a position in the public sector in Chicago city government. Also, while there, Michelle worked as an assistant to the Mayor.

From working as an assistant to Mayor of Chicago state government, Michelle also managed to acquire a position as a dean at the University of Chicago, where she especially focused on Student Services. Embedded to work for the place where she was born, Michelle later moved to work at Chicago hospitals.

At Chicago hospitals, Michelle started working as an executive director and later worked as a vice president for Community and External Affairs. During her tenure at hospitals, Michelle looked at welfare and tried to look after affairs as effectively as possible whenever she could.

In 2008, Michelle started supporting her husband in his presidential campaign, and Barack Obama succeed at that time. However, later in 2012, Barack commenced his re-election process, and this time, Michelle put all her effort in as well. In 2009 as well, Barack managed to run the presidency, and Michelle continued as FLOTUS.

Net Worth

As Michelle always emphasizes that the couple came from very weak financial backgrounds, their hard work over the years has managed to prove very fruitful. Both the Obamas focus on doing good and helping people whenever they can in any manner. This thing alone helped them rise in people’s eyes.

Growing with financial struggles, as Michelle and Obama started working together, both began earning pretty well. Initially, Michelle earned more than Obama, and both put all their efforts together. Before the presidency, Michelle and Barack earned nearly a million dollars together. As of now, Michelle has a massive net worth of $40 million.

Michelle earned the sum from her books and her public speeches. On the other hand, Barack Obama has an impressive net worth of $40 million as well. Obama couple spends their fortune traveling and buying real estate in different parts. Most recently, they purchased a $14 million worth estate.

Name Michelle Obama
Date of birth January 17, 1964
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.9 ft
Weight N/A
Profession FLOTUS
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Capricorn
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $40 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @MichelleObama

Instagram: @michelleobama

Facebook: Michelle Obama


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