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Michel Stern is the well-known business personality of the United States of America. He is a French advertising executive. His popularity went to the height after he got married to his wife, Lisa Kudrow. She is a well-known writer, producer, and an American actress. Michael is the native of France, but he went to the United States to pursue his career in advertising. After struggling in the field of advertising, he got established as a renowned advertising executive. Even if he had a good job, he was not a public figure. However, his fame rose as a minor celebrity in the late 1980s. After he got married to Lisa, he came as a prominent public figure.

He was born in 1958 in France. As of now, he is in his early 60s and is 61 years old. As he got married to Lisa Kudrow, who got to the limelight after she played the role of Phoebe Budday in the Television sitcom called ‘FRIENDS.’ After her role as Phoebe, Michel got noticed too. Once, they were the trending topic on the media. They are tied in a good bond of marriage, and their relationship is surviving the test of fame and time. Until today, their marriage life is healthy, and they are considered as dream couples as they live an independent entity but support each other through all downs and ups. However, Michel tries to escape the public and media as much as possible. Right now, Lisa and Michel live with their family in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America.  

Michel Stern

Family Life of Michel Stern

As Michel does not enjoy the stardom and media, he has not said anything about his family. The name of the parents of Michel is not into the disclosure. Also, the information about the siblings of Michel is under the curtains. About the family life of Michel, his wife Lisa, and his children are only in front of the general public. There is no information about Stern’s family, and people suppose that they might be living in France.

Childhood and Early Days

Talking about the youth of Michel Stern, he spent most of his childhood days in France.

Professional Career

The professional career of Michel Stern is limited to being an advertising executive. Stern moved to the United States from France to pursue his career in advertising and became successful. However, he did not get the popularity that he is living in right now because of his advertising career. He gained fame because of his wife, Lisa.

Lisa is a popular lady on the platform of Hollywood as she is an actress of a famous Television series worldwide named ‘FRIENDS.’ Lisa had an impressive career in Hollywood. Because of this, Michel also got noticed by the public and the media. Since their relationship got revealed, Michel got followed by her fans and media in a fast way. But, he always craved for his own space and his personal life. He did not want to affect his professional life because of the rising fame of his wife too. So, he has even avoided certain red-carpets and film festivals. However, in 2004, he went to the 10th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards to support his wife.

Education and Academic Qualification of Michel Stern

There is no information about where and when Michel stern gained his knowledge.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Michel is an American citizen as per now. But, his ethnicity is French as he comes from France.

Lifetime Achievements and Awards

In his lifetime, Michel has not got blessed with any awards. Stern rose to fame because of his wife, Lisa. But, he is doing great in his career of being an advertising executive too. Hence, he has not received any awards.

Relationship Status of Michel Stern

About the relationship history of the famous advertising expert Michel Stern, he got married to a legendary actress named Lisa Kudrow. This couple had been in a long time relationship before they got married. Lisa and Michel share a happy, married life. They got married in 1995 in Malibu, California. Before Lisa and Michel got married, they shared a dating experience for about more than six years. Their marriage ceremony was an intimate one, and they shared it with their close family and friends only.

However, in the beginning, Michel had dated Lisa’s roommate. But, it was not easy for them to handle their love life. So, they got split. Then, he met Lisa and fell in love with her after a few dates. After a few years, they also got a son on the 7th of May, 1998. The name of their son is Julian Murray Stern. Lisa got pregnant with Julian while she was shooting for the fourth season of the popular series ‘FRIENDS.’ So, she scripted her role.

Net Worth

Michel has a significant amount of net worth. At the age of the early 60s, Michel has already collected wealth for his lifetime. He has been deriving a lot of money from his career as an advertising executive. Also, Lisa Andrew, his wife, has collected a big sum too. As Michel and Lisa work together and support each other, their net worth is already crossing the millions. With deep concentration and dedication in their work, this famous couple has collected a considerable amount of money. They are also living a very healthy and luxurious life with their family in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America. However, the details about Micheal’s salary and his net worth is still not into the disclosure.

Moreover, his wife is also a millionaire. She has accumulated about 60 million dollars net worth from her career in the field of acting. The most money that she collected is from her series named Friends, and she has also appeared in different mega-hit series like Scandal and Web Therapy. Some of the other successful movies that brought her a significant amount of money are The Other Woman, Paper Man, High School Reunion, and The Opposite Of Sex.

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Social Media and Fan Followers of Michel Stern

Michel Stern is not a socially active figure. He has gained the popularity that he has due to his wife, Lisa. Michel tries to escape from social media as much as possible. He is not the man interested in fancy social media stuff. Also, he does not like it when he gets captured by the media and appears in the spotlight. However, he is enjoying the stardom of his wife and sometimes appears on the media. But, he does not use any social media sites publicly. Unlike his wife, he does not have many followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He keeps only his close friends, family, and relatives on his social pages.

Gossips, Rumors, and Scandals

Living a life with the famous star, Lisa, the presence of Michel stern is excellent too. This lovely couple has never been caught up in any significant rumors and controversies. They know how to handle their life and their relationship very well. So, they try to be away from the media as much as possible regarding their personal life. They have a strong and independent individual and professional experience. So, their relationship status has never been a part of gossips. Also, Michel did not gain fame as an advertising executive quickly. He won it with struggles. So, there are no gossips, controversies, and scandals about his life.

Body Measurement and Appearance of Michel Stern

Michel Stern is currently 61 years old. He is in his early 60s but still looks very young and dashing. His young and fresh looks might be the result of his well managed and luxurious life. He is fit and beautiful as he fulfills his body requirements with a heavy diet. Also, he exercises in a regular pattern. He has a tall height of about 173 centimeters, which is about 5 feet and 8 inches. The other statistics about his body measurements did not get disclosed to the media. We will try to update any information that we get regarding his body statistics.


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