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Playing in a screen, using talent and showing to the world is not an easy job. However, if someone’s family is not into the film character and has not any link to the movies or any film industry, making a career in this type of family where there is a different occupation is not a simple work. Despite having lots of struggle in life and making a career, he is none other than Michael Zegen. Michael Zegen is an American Hollywood actor who can keep his sign in the film industry until now. Giving a short description of Michael, he is a hard worker, dedicated towards his works a serious on his job.

Played in many films and also in TV series Zegen has able to keep his frame and came to the limelight from a massive struggle. However, he is best known for being the member in the NYC sketch comedy group, Hottie & Galore. Michael Zegen is also best known for his role as Joel Maisel on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Playing in lots of TV series, dramas and films Zegen has also got nominated in different awards programs.

Michael Zegen

Personal Specification For Michael Zegen

Full Name                                         Michael Zegen

Age                                                  40 years four months

Birth Date                                         February 20, 1979

Horoscope                                        Pisces

Birth Place                                        Ridgewood, New Jersey, United States

Father’s Name                                  Jeffrey H. Zegen

Mother’s Name                                 Rachelle Zegen

Education                                        Skidmore College

Profession                                        Actor

Salary                                             Not disclosed

Net Worth                                       $400 thousand

Ethnicity                                          Ashkenazi Jewish

Nationality                                      American

Hair Color                                       Dark Brown

Eye Color                                       Dark Brown

Residence in                                   New York City, U.S.

Other Name                                    Mike Zegen

Year Active                                     2002 – present

Marital Status                                 Single

Divorced/Engaged                           Not Yet

Girlfriend/Dating                             Emily Kinney (2012), Rachel Brosnahan (2017-)

Online Presence                               Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Filmography Of Michael Zegen

  • Films

2005                           Bittersweet Place                                     Todd (Role)

2007                           The Girl Next Door                                   Eddie

2008                           Assassination of a High

School President                                       Steven Lohman

2009                           Adventureland                                          Eric

Taking Woodstock                                     Bernie

The Box                                                   Garcin

2012                           Frances Ha                                               Benji

2015                           Brooklyn                                                   Maurizio

2018                           Tyrel                                                         Eli

The Seagull                                              Mikhail

  • Television

2004                           The Sopranos                                              Partygoer

2004-11                      Rescue Me                                                   Keefe

2006                           Love Monkey                                              Luther

2009                           Mercy                                                         Jason Keener

2011                           How to make it in America                            Sussman

2011-14                      Boardwalk Empire                                        Benny

2012                           The Walking Dead                                        Randall Culver

2014                           Girls                                                             Joe

2016                           BrainDead                                                    Ben Valderrama

2017-present               The Marvelous

Mrs. Maisel                                                    Joel Maisel

Early Life

As mentioned already above, Zegen’s family does not link with any film industry. His family was well settled, managed, educated, and wealthy too. His mother Rachelle Zegen was a teacher whereas his father Jeffrey H. Zegen was a lawyer in his profession. Michael was born on February 20, 1979, on Glen Rock, New Jersey where his family moved to Ridgewood later on where Zegen was just five years of old. Zegen has two brothers; also, his grandparents were Holocaust survivors.

As Zegen’s family was well educated and wealthy, he also got every opportunity for making his career. He got well education and also attended Ridgewood High School, where he was active in the school’s theater program as his career started from this.


Talking about education, Zegen’s family didn’t compromise, educating him. Zegen was also serious about his study from his childhood. He was attended to Ridgewood High School where he was active in the school’s theater programs and even got knowledge about it. Zegen graduated in 2001 from Skidmore College. Where he is also a member of the New York City sketch comedy troupe “Hottie$ Galore.” About his education, we cannot find any such information, but definitely, he is not uneducated or unqualified for his career.


Michael Zegen is not less than another star. He was able to keep his step and marks in the industry which is full of competition on its own. His first level of career started from his school participating in the theater program. Michael Zeng is a dynamic person where his hard works and dedication seems more useful. Zegen has played in numerous television shows and films. His recent movie of 218 was Tyrel and The Seagull where his first film was Bittersweet Place which released in 2005 where he played in the character name of Todd.

Not only films, but Zegen has also played several television shows too. Taking a list of his television shows his first ever show was “The Sopranos” which released in 2004 where he played as a Partygoer on his role. After his first television show, he played other many too like ‘Rescue Me,’ ‘Love Monkey,’ ‘Mercy’ and many more which as listed above. Among all of the TV series, ‘The Marvelous’ is the recent one of Zegen. On this series, he is playing as a Joel Maisel where 18 episodes are already over.

Among all of his success, his role on Rescue Me became the running character in season from 1 to 3, playing the nephew of series lead Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary). On the same television series, he was promoted as to the main cast when his character began probationary firefighter school to become a firefighter in season 5 and 6.

Later in 2010, Zegen worked for the HBO series where he cast as gangster Bugsy Siegel for the second, third and fifth season. Again in 2011, James Ransone and Zegen worked for the HBO series in supporting roles of How to Make It In America. Like this lots of work still in mid-2011, Zegen got another chance to cast in the recurring guest role in the second season of the AMC series The Walking Dead. Describing his career, no one can explain about it because of this lots of achievements and turning point of his life along with this in 2014, and he created the role of Liam off-Broadway in the dark comedy Bad Jews.

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Relationship Status

Absorbing towards today’s recent news and from other different media, Michael Zegen seems to be single right now though he used to have a relationship before. According to various media news, Zegen was previously in a relationship with Emily Kinney in 2012. Since there no record of having a relationship with her right now.

Though media say he is not engaged with anyone other right now, rumors and some of the sound from the corner say that he has been in a relationship with Rachel Brosnahan from 2107 going on. However, many media have less interest in his new relationship. Hence, this could be a controversial topic, though.

Net Worth and salary Of Michael Zegen

Michael Zegen is non-other than a big star on the industry. His career and struggle say about his wealth. He was able to maintain his wealth from his own. Playing in the screen in more than 50 and also television series he has able cop up to his worth. Also, his achievements and getting the Screen Actors Guild Award nomination in 2015 on his performance in ‘Boardwalk Empire’ his worth got to the top.

As he has not mentioned his net worth officially, but different media have a different point. Some of the sources and media say he has got the net worth of $200 thousand till today’s date, but this is still to be confirmed. However, his salary his a mystery in public. Furthermore, there are no details available about his net worth and his salary, which he gets and owns.

Rumors and Controversies

Rumors are dangerous for a person’s life, especially for the person who is well known by the public, and many of the people follow him/her. Though talking about the rumor, there were some issues where Zegen was once got to media and was not on the frame. There were several rumors about Zegen where he was dating with actress Rachel Brosnahan. Rachel now is also considered to as a girlfriend of Zegen by some of the media which are yet to be confirmed. However, at present, there are no rumors concerning Zegen and his career.

Body Measurement

The person working on screen, influencing other people, and getting a massive personality of getting on someone’s target is not an easy job as already mentioned above. Perfect body structure and body maintenance are essential for a person such as Michael Zegen. Though it is vital to maintain body structure and have an attractive body, Zegen has not disclosed his body measurement. As other things like his relationship status, net worth, and salary, he has also maintained to keep secret as other.

If we are talking about his body measurement and structure, then there is no detail available about Zegen’s height and weight. Though seeing his pictures, it is clear that his hair has a dark brown color where his eyes also have as ordinary people have like dark brown. , his hair and eyes have the same color.

Social Reach For Michael Zegen

The social platform is equally essential for the person to like Zegen. Because many of the big stars have many followers and also they are an influencer, without the social media it could be impossible to maintain his/her status as now. However, Zegen is also active over social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Hence, his worked and dedication brought him on the step, and a massive number of the follower follows him on social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter. Counting on the name he has more than 3.2 k followers in the twitter where more than 21.1k people follow him on Instagram.


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