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The trait manly lacks in a majority of men out there. Many do not only mean that a person has to have a deep voice and mean-looking face only. It consists of all other qualities like chivalry, respect for others, and also charm like no other as well. These are some of the traits that a man has. Now, while these days, a lot of men out there trying to develop such traits, the person we are talking about today has all of it already dispositioned in him. His name is Michael B Jordan.

Now, you probably have scratched your head in confusion by this time. What and who do we mean by Michael here? Is it a famous basketball player? If it were the basketball legend we were talking about, we surely would have given some hints regarding the sports activity. But the Jordan we talk here is from another industry, one where people valor charm and attractiveness more. The Jordan we talk about here today is an actor and not just an actor as well.

Michael B Jordan

Jordan here is one of the most famous actors of this date, and he remains so with so much charm and fans following that it gets to the point of looking absurd. With dark and tall features, Michael here is the perfect example of what a man looks like and well, also how a man should act like as well. Along with the impressive features, Jordan also possesses the much desired deep voice and a smile that is not for the faint-hearted people as well.

But enough about his description. What about Jordan’s personal life? Do you have any current ideas about what he does and who Jordan is dating? If not, then this is the place where you learn it all.

Michael B Jordan Early Life

Tall, dark, and definitely and undoubtedly handsome Michael B. Jordan, the amazing actor was born on February 9, 1987. Michael was born in Santa Ana, California, United States of America, and currently, he is 32 years old. As of now, Michael has officially toppled any expectations.

For anyone thinking that entering 30s is way too old and people who already entered and crossed that age line are old, look at Jordan here. Do you think, by any angle, that Jordan here looks old and not so much of an attractive bomb? Well, at the age of 32, Michael easily gives top models in their 20s a run for their money.

As a child, Michael B Jordan was born as Michael Bakari Jordan to gather Michael A. Jordan and mother Donna Jordan. Both of his parents were working people from the very beginning. While Jordan does not talk about what papa Jordan did to run the family, his mother Donna worked as a high school guidance counselor.

Michael is the middle child of his parents as he has an older sister whose name is Jamila, and Jordan also has a younger brother whose name is Khalid. His older sister Jamila is working at the moment and indulges herself in production works. His younger brother is a football player who previously played for Howard University.

Most of his childhood, Michael experienced a very nice environment. His parents made sure that Jordan and his siblings, Jamil and Khalid get everything that they needed and desired at most all the time. Because of all the love and support as well, Jordan never walked on dark paths.

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Michael B Jordan Education

When it comes to education, you already know how strict western parents are and how they try to make their kids focus on studies. Just think about the kids whose parents or one of their parents are engaged in the educational system one way or the other. What would they have had an educational journey like?

Well, for Michael B Jordan, the scenario is somewhat similar. As his mother works in a school, you can fairly imagine what it must be like for Michael. Bakari’s mother worked as a high school guidance counselor, and you bet she counseled Michael during his high school age. As a child, it helped Jordan a lot.

Little Jordan went to one of the most reputed elementary school as a kid in his area. His parents made sure that the foundation itself was very strong for him. After getting through elementary, Jordan came of age to enter the world of high school. Being counseled from a professional high school guidance counselor, Jordan did not have much difficulty.

Michael B Jordan joined the Newark Arts High School. While the whole family previously lived in California, they later moved to Newark, New Jersey. Newark Arts High School is one of the best institutes for children with creativity and those who lay off from conventional career approaches.

While in high school, Jordan played basketball and enjoyed participating in other school activities as well. As a young man, Jordan always loved sports. Because his name has the name Jordan in it as well, it seems like basketball was destined for him.

Personal Life

Do you think that for a man like Jordan, it is possible to remain single? Such features in a man usually do not come by that easily, and Michael is one exception here. That smile and manly musk that Jordan possesses are some of the traits that he is famous for and attracts a lot of ladies to attend as well.

Back in the days, Jordan reportedly dated one of the most desired women ever, Kendel Jenner herself. While the relationship remains pretty much only as a speculation, it won’t come as a surprise to us if Jordan and Kendel actually dated each other. The relationship between Jordan and Jenner reportedly existed in 2015.

After dating Kendel, Jordan also reportedly started a fling with Iggy Azalea, a famous rapper who also remains famous for her body. Shortly after splitting with Kendel, Jordan and Iggy started their romance and became pretty close to each other as well. However, both never really confirmed the relationship themselves.

At the moment, Jordan reportedly remains in a relationship with another beautiful woman named Ashlyn Castro. As per sources, Jordan and Ashlyn started their romance back in 2018 and are together till now. However, confirmation awaits from both sides on this matter.

Michael B Jordan Career

Jordan started professionally indulging himself in the entertainment industry from a very early age. During his childhood, all the cute looks that Jordan was gifted with played into his part and got him several modeling contracts. As a child, Jordan worked as a model for Toys “R” Us and other kids’ brands.

But Jordan’s professional career in acting only started after he crossed the age of 10. At the age of 12, Jordan managed to grab the chance of appearing in one of the most famous shows of all time called Cosby. Jordan appeared in the show for one episode and later also appeared in The Sopranos.

Three years later, Michael managed to gather another opportunity to shine his career in acting. In 2001, Michael appeared in the movie Hardball alongside Keanu Reeves. Followed by that, Jordan also appeared in the series called The Wire as well. Other famous shows that Jordan appeared in are Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Parenthood, Gen: Lock, and What If…?

When it comes to movies, Jordan has particular success in this category than any other. During his early days, Jordan appeared in Red Tails and Chronicle as well. In 2013, he gave a voice for Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox in which he voiced Victor Stone. In 2015, Jordan became famous for appearing as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four.

2018, particularly looked brighter for Jordan. In 2018 he appeared in one of the most critically acclaimed marvel movies of all time, Black Panther as N’Jadaka or also known as Killmonger. The same year, Jordan appeared in Creed II, another critically acclaimed movie.

Net Worth

As you clearly see, Jordan started his career in front of the camera pretty early on in his life and began playing various roles as he grew up. Starting a professional acting career at the age of 12, Jordan has come a long way. In two decades, Jordan has already established himself as one of the most desired actors.

Along with fame for Jordan, fortune also followed. As a wise man said once, fortune is something that follows people automatically. As of now, after appearing in multi-million dollar movies, Michael has a massive net worth of $8 million at his disposal. How does he spend such a large fortune? Well, Jordan travels and makes sure that he always looks his best, as well.

Apart from all that, Jordan also lives in a very lavish home, or should we call it a mansion as well. The mansion that Jordan currently lives in values at $1.7 million currently. If that isn’t luxury, then we do not know what is.

Name Michael B. Jordan
Date of birth February 9, 1987
Birthplace Santa Ana, California, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 6 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Aquarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $8 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @michaelb4jordan

Instagram: @michaelbjordan

Facebook: Michael B. Jordan


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