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People get famous by various means, and if we start to list them all, it might take a whole day for you to get through it all. But let that be a thing to discuss for some other time. Who we have here is someone who is pretty famous among people. However, that is not because of some traits she possesses. Who are we kidding to? It is because of her traits that she is quite famous. The person we are here talking about here today is Melissa Mcknight.

Now, you should fairly know who Melissa is and that of why she is famous. But for some of you who are out there oblivious about her, we will lay in some facts that will make it easier to recognize and, hopefully, for you to remember that you already know her as well. For all the people who already do not know who Mcknight is, Melissa here is a fabulous model who enthralled the industry with her beauty.

Melissa Mcknight

However, this is not the only thing for which Melissa is famous for. There is one other thing, and that is quite substantial as well. Now, even though Melissa is a model who has all the traits to become a world-renowned model, she became famous not as a model but the wife of a famous personality. She became famous as the wife of the man who made “How you doing?” phrase world famous. You guessed it right. His name is Matt LeBlanc, or as we all know him, Joey.

But, there is already enough that we know about Matt LeBlanc. And also, we are here to talk about Melissa. But that does not mean that we shall not talk about Matt. But for now, we shall learn more about Melissa herself first.

Melissa Mcknight Early Life

The famous model and also, former wife of famous actor Matt LeBlanc was born on March 10, 1965, in England. At the moment, Melissa is 54 years old, and even at this age, she manages to sway men off of their feet and also put a sharp dagger through their hearts. Metaphorically speaking, that is.

Since Melissa was born in England, she belongs to English nationality and is a very proud English woman who takes pride in her country and its origin as well. Now, the most astonishing part about her age is that she does not look like 54 years old a bit. We reckon it’s just the way models age.

According to Melissa’s birthday details, she was born on March 10, and her astronomical zodiac sign is Pisces. As per popular beliefs, people who share this zodiac sign are very kind-hearted and have a tendency to make friends wherever they go. As per sources, Melissa is also a very gullible personality.

Melissa was born in a very nice family who supported her in whatever she aspired to pursue from a very young age. They let her pursue a career as a model and also in other aspects of her life. However, Melissa does so much injustice to her parents because she does not really talk about them in any manner.

Not only that, but Melissa also keeps her other family details a solemn secret and does not confide it to anyone else. Because of that, we remain unknown to her family and if she has any siblings or not. For now, until the time Melissa says otherwise, we believe she is the only child of her children.

Melissa Mcknight Education

Born to English parents, Melissa grew up in a tight-knit family, which, as we discussed earlier, always supported her. Her parents, who are England natives, always made sure that they secure Melissa’s future and make her able for the life that she was destined to live. However, in the initial phase of any child, there is one important thing.

That is education. Melissa’s parents always made sure that Melissa gets proper education, which would ultimately make her able to pursue anything that she puts her mind into. As a result, Melissa’s parents enrolled her at a local school in her locality, which promised good results overall.

As a child, Melissa did not show any out of the ordinary intellectual skills, and that never sore out as a problem for her parents. They were always very much content at what their daughter was achieving. Moreover, Melissa never actually created any major disappointment for her teachers, as well.

After much studying, Melissa graduated from high school, and here comes the troubling part for all of her fans and followers. There remain very limited information regarding her education after high school. While at high school, Melissa often got compliments on her looks, which helped her build confidence.

As of now, we remain very much unsure if Melissa ever pursued higher education after high school. Until the day Melissa confesses and says otherwise, we firmly believe that she went to college and got her bachelor’s degree in check.

Melissa Mcknight

Personal Life

As we have already said, Melissa Mcknight is famous as a model, but she is more famous as the ex-wife of one of the most loved actors of all time, Matt Leblanc, who portrayed the iconic character of Joey infamous sitcom called Friends. The couple met for the first time back in 1997.

After a mutual friend introduced the couple, sparks flew, and things began to swirl between them. But before meeting Matt, she was married before. Back in the 90s, Melissa was married to a man named Anthony Esposito. Anthony is a filmmaker who was very famous back in the days.

Melissa and Anthony married in the year 1990 and went on to welcome two children as married couples. Her first child Tyler was born in the year 1991, just a year after getting married. Her second child was born in 1995, and they named her Jacqueline Esposito. Unfortunately, just a year after welcoming the second child, Melissa and Anthony split and got a divorce.

After meeting and dating Matt for about a year, Melissa and Matt got engaged back in 1998 and stayed as partners for a couple more years. When the time came, Melissa and Matt decided to marry. On May 3, 2003, Melissa and Matt married each other. The couple welcomed a daughter together in 2004.

However, a couple of years later, in 2006, their marriage dissolved in divorce. As of now, according to sources, Melissa remains single.

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Melissa Mcknight Career

As mentioned earlier, Melissa received a lot of praises and compliments regarding her beauty and her untethered ability to mesmerize people with her charm. All of this eventually led Melissa to pursue a career in the glamour industry and rightly so in every manner as well.

At a very young age, Melissa Mcknight began her career as a model an signed with a very prestigious modeling agency very soon as well. This came as no surprise for anyone, however. Melissa always possessed the charm that made her way into any place very easy. At a very ripe age, Melissa worked for a very famous modeling agency and magazines.

During her initial time as a model, Melissa worked for Elle, Cosmopolitan, and vogue, as well. From this alone, we clearly see how flourishing her way in was in the modeling industry. Since her modeling career was rising exponentially, Mcknight began getting offers to take part in movies as well.

Thinking that it would help her get the exposure that she deserved in the movie industry, Melissa accepted the offers and began appearing in movies as well. Mcknight’s first debut was in the movie called Triangles and Tribulations, which released in the year 2001. Her first appearance as an actress gathered a lot of attention and positive comments, as well.

The same year, Melissa also appeared in the famous TV show called VH1: All Access and her appearance in the TV show generated a lot of buzzes, and people wanted to see more of her.

Net Worth

For the most part of Melissa’s life, her career has always served her very well. As a matter of fact, it sounds like an understatement to say so. Since Melissa started as a model, her career soared in the glamour industry, and it kept on rising in the same graph line as well. We clearly see how her career transitioned from modeling to acting.

Keeping all of that in mind, we can also claim that Melissa Mcknight made a massive fortune during her career both as a model and as an actress as well. However, as unfortunate as it may seem, in the bags full of secrecy, Melissa includes her net worth as well. As of now, we cannot fathom how much Melissa is worth.

But since she was married to Matt LeBlanc, who, as we all know, is very wealthy as well, she had a very easy life. But her divorce settlements also remain obscure to followers.

Name Melissa Mcknight
Date of birth March 10, 1965
Birthplace England
Ethnicity White
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Model
Married No
Nationality English
Birth sign Pisces
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Social Reach

Twitter: @melmc222

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: Melissa Mcknight


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