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History has a way of remembering people who did great things while they were alive and, well, ruling a particular place and people’s heart as well. There will always be some people around who will always remember what they did and how they managed to influence people as well. Such personalities always remain alive in people’s hearts, and that is one of the kinds of success that we should all crave for. Here, we have someone like that who still reigns over people’s hearts. Her name is Maureen O Hara.

O Hara here is one of those personalities who has made it sure that wherever she goes, she never gets lost from people’s hearts and minds. Maureen’s work is something that drives people and helps them gather motivation and inspired a lot of people as well. In that way, Maureen always remains in people’s hearts and helps them drive to their dreams and passion relentlessly. But, it is very shocking to see that there are still people who do not know this name, or even though they do, they do not know everything that Maureen remains famous for.

Maureen O Hara

For anyone who already does not know, Maureen is a very famous actress who once ruled over Hollywood. That is, she isn’t still ruling over the entertainment industry. Some of her major works have helped shape the film industry to its current shape and helped other artists find their passion. Among her works, some of the most notable ones are How Green Was My Valley, Miracle on 34th Street, The Black Swan, and many others. Apart from establishing herself as an actress, Maureen is also a singer.

In this post, we talk about everything there is about this absolutely amazing actress O Hara. Learn it all here.

Maureen O Hara Early Life

Famous actress and one of the most sensual and fierce-looking actresses of all time, Maureen O Hara was born on August 17, 1920. O Hara was born in Ranelagh, Dublin, Ireland, and at the time of her death, she was 95 years old. Throughout her years of living, Maureen always worked very hard.

Born on August 17, Maureen shares the astronomical zodiac sign of Leo and shares the same qualities as well. As per popular beliefs, the people who share the zodiac sign Leo are very determined, stubborn, and masterful as well. Most of the time, Leo people are the leader, and people look to them as an icon.

Maureen was born as Maureen FitzSimons; however, she later changed her name to O Hara. As a young child, Maureen grew in the area of Beechwood Avenue in Dublin, a place in Ranelagh. Most of her life, O Hara spent her days with utmost happiness as she always had whatever she wished for.

As she grew up, O Hara began developing a personality that was painfully honest to everyone and always made sure that she never lied. It wasn’t the habit of O Hara to sugarcoat things so that the other person would like what she said. Often time, as O Hara explains, she was blunt to the point of rudeness.

Maureen O Hara Family, Parents, Siblings

O Hara was born as Maureen FitzSimons to father Charles FitzSimons and mother, Marguerite FitzSimons. Her mother, before marrying Charles, bore the last name Lisburn. Talking about her parents, both were highly successful people in their respected fields and later joined forces.

Her father, Charles FitzSimons, worked as a businessman who indulged himself in the clothing business. Charles FitzSimons’ business made so much money for him that he later bought a football club that his daughter Maureen always supported. Charles FitzSimons bought the Shamrock Rover Football Club.

On the other hand, her mother came from a different scenario. Professionally, Marguerite FitzSimons worked as an operatic contralto and later turned herself into a woman’s clothier personality. Moreover, there was a time when the whole of Ireland believed that Marguerite was one of the country’s most beautiful women.

Talking about Maureen’s siblings, there are plenty of them. Charles and Marguerite welcomed six children together, and Maureen is the second of the lot. That is right; Maureen has six siblings in total. The names of Maureen’s siblings are Peggy, Charles Florrie, Margot, Jimmy.

Maureen O Hara Education

As a young child who always possessed a tremendous amount of energy, Maureen would always run around in search of learning new things. As she grew up, Maureen became obsessed with the fact that boys always possessed an upper hand in society when compared to girls.

But she did not let that fact ruin her childhood. As she grew up, Maureen’s parents enrolled her at the John Street West Girls’ School, where Maureen began her educational journey. While at school, Maureen also began dancing and making the most out of that art as well. Slowly, her focus shifted.

While at school, Maureen also learned Judo in her aspiration to become no less than other boys around and also for her love of fighting. During school, Maureen also began appearing in the school drama shows and other programs as well. Slowly, her passion for performing took her places.

With a keen interest in drama, Maureen joined the Ena Mary Burke School of Drama and Elocution, and there began learning Drama. After that, Maureen enrolled at the Guildhall School of Music and later graduated from the school. However, Maureen’s graduating has a fascinating fact behind it.

As it happens, when Maureen graduated from Guildhall School of Music, she became the youngest to do so. Her graduating made history in the school’s record as not only she became the youngest but also one of the most talented as well. This gave Maureen all the confidence she required.

Maureen O Hara

Personal Life

As Maureen O Hara is one of the most beautiful women in Ireland and also the daughter of a woman who was considered Ireland’s most beautiful woman, what Maureen’s personal life looks like? Well, there are several facts about Maureen’s personal life as she made some mistakes and decisions as well.

Maureen married a man named George H. Brown, an Englishman when she was 19 years old. Although the couple married at St Paul’s Church, their marriage, for the most part, remained very secret. While both planned a big wedding later, it did not happen as the marriage got annulled later.

In 1941, during Maureen’s first career breakthrough, she married another man named William Houston Price. However, her regrets came instantly when she found out that William Houston Price was an alcoholic. While the marriage lasted for a decade, their marriage never became a happy one as it ended in 1951. Maureen welcomed a daughter during their marriage.

Two years after the divorce, Maureen began dating Enrique Parra, who was professionally a Mexican politician and also a banker as well. Maureen and Parra dated each other for more than ten years but later split. In 1968, O Hara married a man named Charles F. Blair, who worked as transatlantic aviation and also was a former brigadier general of the US Air Force.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended in a tragedy when Blair died in a fatal plane crash in 1978. Maureen died in October 2015, at her home in Boise, Idaho in her sleep caused by natural causes. O Hara was 95 at that time.

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Maureen O Hara Career

Maureen’s career began very early as she started doing stage performance before she even became a teenager who is amazing. When Maureen was at the age of 10, she went on and joined a theatre company called Rathmines Theatre Company and started working there.

Can you believe that Maureen began working at the age of 10? At the Rathmines Theatre Company, Maureen began working as an amateur in the amateur theatre. After that, O Hara joined the Abbey Theatre and began working under the mentorship of Lennox Robinson.

At the age of 17, Maureen signed a seven-year contract with Mayflower Pictures and began her professional career in acting. As per O Hara, she owes her whole career in its entirety to Mr. Pommer, one of the people who signed her initially. Maureen later made her first TV appearance in a movie called Kicking the Moon Around.

Later, a major breakthrough in Maureen’s career came when she appeared in Jamaica Inn in 1939, starring Laughton and herself. In the movie, Maureen portrayed the role of an orphan. Another breakthrough moment came in Maureen’s life in the year 1941. When she appeared in a movie called They Met in Argentina, she was losing hope in her career.

However, when Maureen appeared in the movie How Green Was My Valley, her career rose to fame and began soaring to new heights she wasn’t familiar with. After that, Maureen appeared in another great movie called The Black Swan, and her character received several positive responses as well.

Later in her career, Maureen appeared in movies like The Deadly Companions, Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation and The Battle of the Villa Fiorita. As of now, Maureen still lives in the history book as Ireland’s first Hollywood superstar who managed to reshape women’s position in Hollywood.

Maureen O Hara

Net Worth

As we clearly see, Maureen possessed a very successful career. One fact about O Hara that many may not know is that, when Maureen was a very young girl, a gypsy did her fortune-telling. The gypsy that did Maureen’s fortune-telling said that Maureen would, later on, become very famous and also very rich as well.

As the gypsy said, Maureen O Hara did become extremely successful in her career and later also became very rich as well. At the time of her death, Maureen became very rich and acquired a net worth of $10 million in total. The massive net worth made sure Maureen enjoy and relish her life as much as possible.

Name Maureen O Hara
Date of birth August 17, 1920
Birthplace Ranelagh, Republic of Ireland
Ethnicity White
Height 5.7 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality Irish
Birth sign Leo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $10 million


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