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History tales are something that always remains fascinating for people to hear and learn more about. If a tale is fictional and solely meant for entertainment, then it may create problems here and there. If that tale possesses educational things, that deems as acceptable, but if not, all it does is twist facts. But what we are here today is to learn more about a lady whose royal life started centuries ago in a peculiar fashion and ended in a tragedy. Her name is Mary, Queen of Scots.

Surely, you have not heard this name because Mary’s reign dated back a couple of centuries ago. About five centuries if we are, to be exact. Now, you should probably have your head scratched at this moment, thinking about why are we even talking about such a thing. Why are we even talking about such a person who lived five centuries ago instead of talking about some recent personality? Someone who takes or is taking the world by storm.

Mary Queen of Scots

Well, that is because the life story of Mary, the former queen of Scots, is something that people should have an idea about. Mary’s life is one of those stories that always remain in the shadows but does not deserve so. If your curiosity still rests, let’s pump it up with an interesting fact here. Mary took hold of the reign when she was just six days old. That is right, at the age of six, Mary became the queen of scots. This is what we talk about today.

Also, along with talking about her reign over Scotland, we’ll also talk about her most interesting personal life that has many things of interest here and there. Along with that, we also learn about her tragic death.

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Mary, Queen of Scots Early Life

Lived over five centuries ago, Mary, Queens of Scots, and also one of the youngest you started their reign, was born on 14 December 1542. Mary was born in Linlithgow Palace, Kingdom of Scotland. As a child, Mary was reportedly born before the date of her due date.

In other words, Mary was born prematurely to her parents. Talking about her parents, Mary was born to father King James V and mother Mary of Guise. Both her parents are from different parts of the world. While her father, King James V, stood as king of Scotland, her mother was French.

Mary’s ancestors are all royalties who ruled different parts of the world. While her father was the King of Scotland, her great uncle, whose name is King Henry VIII of England, reigned over England. Also, Mary’s paternal grandmother is Margaret Tudor, who also happens to be the sister of King Henry VIII.

When Mary was just six days old, her father died. Reports and other sources suggest that her father, King James V, died after the battle of Solway Moss, where he suffered a nervous collapse. However, other sources also say that King James V died of disease and other pathogens caused by drinking contaminated water while on his campaign around the war.

As legends suggest, the ancestors of King James V gained reign over Scotland after marrying Marjorie Bruce, the daughter of Robert the Bruce. On his deathbed, after getting the news that his wife gave birth to a daughter, King James reportedly said It started with a woman, and it ends with a woman as well.

Mary Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots Education

When it comes to formal education, Mary came to earth a little early for that. Because back in the days, education or formal education was only for scholars and philosophers, and others did not actually indulge themselves in that kind of matter. After starting to reign over Scots, who exactly needs education?

Well, even though there was not any formal education back in the days, Mary did get some education but not like the ones we have currently. Back in the days, five centuries ago, there were no classes, no carefully designed course structures that promised certain career goals.

While growing up, Mary received an education based on how to act like and think like a queen from her mother. As a royalty, there are certain things that differentiate others from them. On top of everything, Mary also received an education based on politics and tactics that would help her run her reign smoothly.

Apart from that, no other formal education existed back in the days. So the question of Mary going to primary school, high school, or even college is out of the topic. Simply because no institution like that really existed during that era.

Personal Life

Mary’s personal life resembles a lot of things that drove her decisions fueled by politics. At the age of five, Mary agreed to a marriage between her and the son of King of France Henry II. King of France Henry II proposed the marriage between Mary and his son because he wanted the two nations to unite their forces.

The name of King of France Henry II’s son was Dauphin Francis, and after meeting for the first time, both became very close to each other. The King of France even claimed that he felt that Marry and Francis knew each other for a long time in the making when they first met each other.

Mary went and started to live at the French court, and later for 13 years, she lived there with Francis and learned many great things as well. In 1958, Mary married Francis in a grand ceremony. Unfortunately, Francis’ father died a year later in 1959, and Francis became the king in reign.

This meant that Mary also became his queen consort. Another tragedy fell over Mary as her husband, Francis, died of an ear infection a year later. In 1960, Mary became a widow of Francis, and after living in France for another nine months, she returned to Scotland. Mary later married again.

After returning to Scotland, Mary married Henry Stuart, her half-cousin. After their marriage, in 1566, Henry and Mary welcomed their first child and named his James. Henry Stuart was later murdered in 1957, and the possible suspicion landed on James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell.

However, to people’s dismay, Mary married James Hepburn later. This caused an uproar and started the end of Mary’s reign.

Mary Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots Career

As mentioned before, about the Queen of Scots, one of the most interesting facts about Mary’s life, in general, remains the fact that her reign started at a very young age. Believe it or not, Mary became the Queen of Scots at the age of six days. Mary’s father died just after six days of her birth, and as the only successor to the throne, Mary became the queen.

However, naturally, a six-day-old child is unable to rule a country in any manner. While rumors spread that because of her premature birth, Mary was very weak of a child with not much of a likely chance to survive. However, soon, the rumors came to an end, but that still did not change anything regarding her ruling the country.

After everyone’s accord, Scotland came under the reign of Regents. Regents mean a person appointed to rule a state or a country because the original ruler is minor or absent. Eventually, after a couple of arguments, Arran, Protestant Earl, became regent of Scotland and started ruling.

During her early childhood, even before Mary became a teenager, she was promised marriage to several people for strong alliance purposes. Because of political issues, Mary went to France, where she would spend 13 years at the French Court. During her time in France, she learned multiple languages and became very good in other works as well.

Then came the death of Darnley, who was found murdered in his garden. When Mary married James Hepburn, the man who was charged for a while for the death of Darnley, her own people became aginst her. As a result, Mary found herself imprisoned at the Loch Leven Castle.


Later after getting out of imprisonment, Mary fled to her first cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England. Instead of finding refuge there, Mary found herself imprisoned again because Queen Elizabeth I saw her as a threat, which in the past once claimed the England throne. After 18 years old imprisonment, Mary was found guilty and later beheaded.

This scene took place because of Queen Elizabeth I, who previously received threats when Mary claimed her throne. Thinking everything through and seeing Mary more as a threat to her life and to England, Queen Elizabeth I of England cast her to imprisonment. Later, after eighteen years of imprisonment, Mary came to a halt.

In 1586, guards arrested Mary while she was riding out and later took her to Tixall. After some evidence that showed that Mary had plotted assissanitation of Queen Elizabeth I of England, she was sentenced to death.

Name Mary, Queens of Scotland
Date of birth 14 December 1542
Birthplace Linlithgow Palace, Kingdom of Scotland
Ethnicity White
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Profession Queen
Married No
Nationality Scottish
Birth sign Sagittarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


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