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The world remembers the bold and the ones who take every chance they get to mark they’re the name in the history book. One of that kind of people is María Félix, the beautiful actress who appeared in movies like A Woman In Love, Tizoc and others who became greatest in the film industry.

Born in Mexico, María Félix wrote her name in the film industry history and for all the good reasons. She is one of those actresses who possessed all the qualities that people admired in an actress. Moreover, Maria possessed the beauty only a few have ever walked with on this earth. Every man who ever laid eyes on this beautiful woman became an instant fan and fell in love. This is honestly not an exaggeration.

María Félix

Personalities like this are something that even death cannot erase from people’s mind as they forever live in the memory of those who love and remember her. From early to the mid-90s, Maria had most of the world in her palm. Wherever she went, limelight followed her effortlessly. She also worked with famous actors of her time and contributed heavily to the Mexican film industry.

In this post, we honor and recall this beautiful actress’ life. From her early life with a family to personal life details, we talk everything about María Félix. Her legendary career is something that never dies, and this post is merely anything but an ode to her work. Let everyone know María Félix, the woman who changed the film industry for good.

María Félix Early Life

Mexican actress María Félix was born as Maria de Los Angeles Feliz Guerena on April 8, 1914, in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico. Maria was born to parents, father Bernardo Felix Flores who professionally served as a military officer and her mother Josefina Guerena Rosas who presumably served as a housewife.

Astonishingly as it may sound, Maria’s parents gave birth to 16 children in total and Maria is one of them. Maria grew up in a very large family with fifteen of her siblings. Names of some of her siblings are María de la Paz, Pablo, Bernardo, Miguel, María de las Mercedes, Fernando, Ricardo, Benjamín, Josefina, Ana María del Sacramento, and Victoria Eugenia.

Unfortunately, three of her siblings died. Maria grew up in a very large family and grew particularly close to one of her sibling named Pablo. Her mother Josefina suspected that her two children were involved in sexual activities together which people also refer to as incest. Because of this, Maria and Pablo separated.

Most of her life, Maria spent in Alamos but later, she moved to Guadalajara and started to learn different things about the community. As he grew up, her beauty also began to attract many people for only a few girls in her locality were as beautiful as Maria was. This gave her confidence from a young age.

María Félix Education

With increasing beauty even as a child, Maria attended the local school in Alamos and started studying. As a student, Maria was average and neither excelled nor failed in exams. This also gave her the chance to participate in multiple programs while studying in high school.

After graduating from high school, Felix went to Guadalajara and started to attend the University of Guadalajara. There she began to gather a lot of attention because she was one of the most beautiful in her year and most probably in the whole university as well. Because of that beauty, Maria also won the Beauty Queen crown.

However, what Maria pursued in college still remains a mystery because she never talked about her major subjects at college. While studying, her career started, and people only seemed to be interested in her acting persona, and Maria did as well. As of now, we cannot confirm if she graduated from college or not.

Personal Life

As we already talked about her beauty, surely men would fall on her feet out of love. During her life, Maria married four times. First, she married a man named Enrique Álvarez Alatorre, a cosmetics sales agent by profession. The couple started dating early when Maria started out as an actress.

Maria and Enrique married in 1931, and the couple welcomed a son named Enrique Álvarez Felix. However, because of growing conflicts, Maria and Enrique separated and divorced in 1938. After many years, Maria met another man named Agustin Lara, a composer by profession.

Felix and Lara married in 1945 after years of dating but divorced shortly in less than two years. Despite Felix admiring Lara as a teenager earlier, their relationship did not withstand very long. In less than two years, the couple divorced in 1947. Uring their marriage, Lara wrote a lot of songs dedicating to Felix, but none of them could save their marriage.

Felix then married the man named Jorge Negrete with whom she once had an altercation about a decade ago. But after talking and much conversations, both started to like each other. Felix and Negrete married 1953 in the House of Catipoato. This time, the marriage did not end because of any conflict. Their marriage ended because of Negrete’s death.

Maria married for the fourth and last time with Alexander Berger, a French banker whom she met in the 1940s. Felix and Berger married in 1956, and their marriage lasted the longest. This time again, unfortunately, Maria’s marriage ended because her husband Berger died in 1974 when he lost the battle with lung cancer.

Maria did not marry again, but she did have a romance with Antoine Tzapoff, a painter. Maria Felix died on her 88th birthday while sleeping.

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María Félix Career

While many people work really hard for acting opportunities and struggle to get roles, the opportunity came running down to Maria while she was walking on the street. In the Early 20s, Maria received an offer from Fernando Palacios, a very renowned Mexican filmmaker, and director as he asked her if she had the interest to make movies.

Maria initially seemed reluctant towards the offer in the middle of the street, but after much persuading, she agreed to work as an actress. Felix made her first appearance in the film industry through a movie called White Black Ballroom. After appearing in the White and Black Ballroom, her career drifted towards Hollywood.

Cecil B. DeMille offered to manage Maria and help her establish as an actress in Hollywood, but she rejected the lucrative offer. Maria desired to make movies in Mexico and with the help of the man who first approached her, Maria starred in El Peñón de las Ánimas. The director of the movie was Miguel Zacarias.

Maria began to work on her career slowly as the movie offers started pouring in heavily. Felix’s second movie was Maria Eugenia in which she starred as the lead role of Maria Eugenia herself. In 1994 alone, Maria appeared in four movies in substantial roles. The movies are Women Without a Soul, China Poblana, La Monja Alferez, and Amok.

Every movie Maria appeared it began to do its magic in the box office. The more Maria made movies, the more offers she got. While her career boomed in Mexico, offers from all over the world started pouring in. Maria made her first appearance in Europe cinema with a movie called Mare Nostrum in 1948.

From there, Maria went to Argentina and worked there for a few more years before returning back to Mexico and working on her career there. In 1955, Maria returned to Mexico and continued her career there. Felix appeared in the 1995 movies La Escondida, Canasta de Cuentos Mexicanos and worked with famous actors like Pedro Infante, Jack Palance, and many others.

Net Worth

During her career, Maria appeared in more than 40 movies altogether, and that is a huge number for any actor or actress. The fact that Maria established herself as a prominent actress even during the developing phase of the film industry in Mexico is utterly astounding. During her career, Maria earned a lot of respect, fame, and fortune as well.

With more than 40 movie credits and modeling career as well, Maria accumulated millions of net worth, however, since she is no more with us, her net worth is virtually impossible to calculate. However, during her living times, Maria enjoyed a very lucrative lifestyle where she could afford anything she fancied.

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