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You may have heard the name Manuela Testolini if you are an avid charity worker and someone who is always on the lookout to help people. This is because Manuela is among the few people who loves doing charity work and has a business that supports her initiative. But if you are not into all that stuff, maybe you know her the other way.

Now, you may still be thinking her name does ring a bell somewhere, but still, you are not quite sure how you recall it. Here is a subtle hint for you now. She is the wife of a famous Hollywood actor whose last name is also Benet. While you scratch your head and try to guess who that person is, let’s move forward.

manuela testolini

So, we already got out the fact that she is a charitable person and a business person who uses her influence riches and influence and works for the betterment of societies. Now let’s get back to the other thing that makes her famous. As you might have already guessed by now, Manuela is famous as the wife of Eric Benet. Good job everybody who guessed right.

You may be eager by now to more about Manuela, and frankly, we are more excited to talk about his beautiful lady’s personal life. All you have to do is read this post through to learn all the details about Manuela Testolini. Her personal life, marriage with husband, career, and other essential details.

Early Life

Eric Benet’s wife Manuela Testolini was born on September 19, 1976, in Toronto, Canada. Manuela grew up with her parents, who were always very loving and caring towards her. Because of that, Manuela also developed a very kind and humble personality over the years.

Since Manuela was born in Toronto, Canada, she holds dual citizenship both from Canada and America as her husband in America. Manuela also shares a white ethnicity. Additional details about her family remain unclear as Manuela keeps her personal detail hidden and does not reveal it to the media.

Because of her family environment, Manuela started perceiving the world in a different light from a very early age. She saw how everyone had the different opportunity and that some people barely had anything to eat. This all made her very emotional and also laid a foundation of who she is at the moment.

Name Manuela Testolini
Date of birth September 19, 1976
Birthplace Toronto, Canada
Ethnicity White
Height 5.2 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Business person
Married Yes
Nationality Canadian
Birth sign Virgo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $6 million


Manuela Testolini


As a kid, Manuela always performed very well in her school and made a persona of a very well behaved student, and all teachers adored her. From a very young age, Manuela had a knack for business and the concept of how it all works always fascinated her little mind. She graduated from a local high school.

After high school, Manuela went on to study at a very reputed college where again she established her name as a very bright student. After receiving her bachelor degree, Manuela attended the York University where she studied very hard and graduated with very good marks.

For a future that she always wanted, Manuela worked for it and studied very hard for it right from the beginning.


Manuela Testolini started her career in law field but shortly started doing volunteering works and began attending homeless shelters where she further enlightened herself. All this exposure to grief and poor living standards further encouraged Manuela to help less fortunate people and give back to them.

During her career, Manuela has worked with a number of charitable organizations and helped a lot of people. She has worked with Love4One Another, Young Women’s Empowerment Network, Free Arts Minnesota, and many others to help people in need and help them live a better life.

As the wife of a famous personality, and it is not Eric Benet we are talking about. We will talk about the other man a bit later. So, as the wife of a famous personality, Manuela received all the needed attention to help people. She also started her own business of manufacturing copper vessels, soy wax candles to patters and arts.

She named her business Altru, a shortened form of Altruism. Altruism basically reflects the belief of giving back to others and helping them in that process. She then also founded another organization called A Perfect World. A Perfect World is a non-profit organization which works welfare in countries like Haiti, Nepal, and many others.

A part of sales that her business Altru does goes as a fund to her non-profit organization which works for kids welfare in many countries worldwide. Through the organization, Manuela relentlessly works towards making the stories of people available to people so that they can also start giving back.


We mentioned earlier that Manuela had another person in her life other than Eric Benet, and that is Prince. Yes, the same Prince who people consider as one of the most legendary musicians who is also sadly no more with us. Prince died on April 21, 2016, in Minnesota, United States of America.

Manuela first met Prince while she was heavily busy working as a consultant for his charitable organization called Love4One Another. Prince noticed this beautiful and hardworking lady, and it attracted him. At that time, Prince was a married man, but his relationship came to an end shortly.

The couple started dating each other after Prince and his first wife, Mayte Garcia divorce finalized. After dating for some time, Prince popped the question to Manuela, and naturally, she said yes. Manuela and Prince married on Christmas day in 2001. They even moved together to Toronto, where both could stay closer to Manuela’s family.

Unfortunately, her marriage with Prince came to an end in 2004. After initially separating from each other, Manuela and Prince soon divorced. Their divorce finalized in 2007 even after seeking counseling many times.

Manuela Testolini

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Second Marriage

After her marriage with Prince failed, Manuela took a break from dating and relationship. After some years, Manuela started dating a famous R&B singer named Eric Benet. The couple started dating in 2009 after meeting for the first time in a Los Angeles Fashion Week Party.

Eric did not know who Manuela was or anything about her past relationship. After dating for 2-3 years, Manuela and Eric finally married on July 31, 2011. The same year, Manuela gave birth to a daughter and named her Lucia Bella Benet. Eric already has a daughter from his past relationship.

The couple again welcomed another child together, and this time also a daughter. They named their daughter Amoura Lynn Benet who came to this world in July of 2014. As a charitable person, Manuela has already made her two daughters, the Junior Ambassador for her non-profit organization.

Net Worth

During Manuela’s marriage with Price, she lived a very luxurious life, and the couple often threw lavish parties at their home. She also reportedly hired extravagantly expensive hairstylists that cost around $5,000 per day. During her divorce from Prince, Manuela received a good chunk of $6 million.

On the other hand, her husband Eric is also a very rich man as he has around $5 million in net worth.


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