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You may have heard the name Malcolm Washington if you are avid sports as well as a movie person. This is because Malcolm here made a transition that only a few people have seen making so far. He previously was an athlete, however, took a U-turn and boom. He is now a producer and a director.

Now, you may still be thinking his name does ring a bell but not quite sure how you recall it. We’ll give you a hint now. He is the son of a famous Hollywood actor whose last name is also Washington. While you guess who that person is, let’s move forward.

So, he is a former athlete who went on to become a director. If you ask us, it is quite an unusual transition and seems interesting to go and find out the reason. And as you might have already guessed, he is also famous, thanks to you, his parents.

Malcolm Washington

But who are they, and why did he exactly leave playing sports and got inside the film industry? All the answers are just lying around here. Be sure to read this post through to know all the details about Malcolm Washington. His personal life, affairs, girlfriend, and more.

Malcolm Washington Personal Life

Personal life is something that people always seek to know because it gives insight into the person of interesting and also reveals special and ever known before facts about people. The question here is, is Malcolm letting in people to dig around and learn about his personal life?

To be honest. It seems not. Malcolm is a little secretive towards his personal life and keeps everything shut and hidden in the dark. But that does not mean he can hide this one thing and that is who is parents are.

You remember us saying that Malcolm’s parents are quite famous. Well, just saying quite famous is an oversimplification of the matter. Malcolm Washington is the son of Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington. Told you that his parents are famous.

But surely, you did not guess this that he is the son of veteran actor Denzel Washington. The man has delivered so many great hits for Hollywood that people just cannot stop admiring him.

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Parents: Denzel and Pauletta Washington

Before we talk more about Malcolm, let’s know more about his parents Denzel and Pauletta Washington. Let’s start with the gorgeous Pauletta Washington. Pauletta is an actress. Wife of Denzel Washington, Pauletta was born on September 28, 1950, in the United States of America.

She had the 90s in her palm and was ‘THE’ actress back then. Having started her career in 1977 with a short movie called Wilma, she has appeared in1995 Happily Ever After Fairy Tales for Every Child and 1993, Philadelphia.

Pauletta will appear now in a short project called Career Suicide: Arthur’s Edge.

Now, let’s talk about the man himself, Denzel Washington. Of him, the more we talk about, the less it is. Denzel has given Hollywood so much value over the years, and this small introduction to him is anything but injustice. But we’ll try out best.

Denzel Washington is an actor himself, and he also started his career in Wilma in 1977 where he first met his wife, Pauletta. Denzel was born on December 28, 1954, in Mount Vernon, New York, United States of America. He is currently 64 years old.

During his career, Denzel has starred in blockbuster movies like 1992 Malcolm X, 2014, Equalizer and other like 2010 The Book of Eli. His other notable work is Unstoppable. Denzel is currently working in Macbeth that is in its pre-production phase.

So these are the legendary parents of Malcolm Washington.

Malcolm Washington

Malcolm Relationship, Dating, Girlfriend

Malcolm can easily bag any hottie in the biz with just the name of his father. Denzel was one of the most eligible men back then. Don’t get us wrong, because he still is and he is married as well. The only Washington man that remains unmarried is Malcolm.

But it looks like Malcolm is not interested at all to use all the fame that is at his disposal to have a relationship. On the contrary, he seems to be furtive about his personal life to many. From a young age, Malcolm has kept things to himself rather than revealing it to the media.

He follows the same approach until now. Washington has failed to give insight on his past relationships as well as his current one. As unfortunate as it sounds, everything is true. Malcolm remains quite tight-lipped about his affairs.

Whether he is currently dating anyone, and if he is, the details about his girlfriend remain solemnly hidden. The most probable reason for this level of secrecy is most probably piracy issues. Washington does not share anything suspicious that raises any eyebrow on social media.

Until he says otherwise, Malcolm is single at the moment and focused on building his career.


We mentioned before that Malcolm is a former athlete who is now into film making. But how did that happen? Back in his college days, he used to play basketball and was very good at it. He played a very major role in helping his team win many matches.

However, when Malcolm’s college days ended, so he made his basketball career. He decided that basketball just isn’t for him and wanted to follow his father’s footsteps but that too not entirely.

While his father is in an actor, Malcolm decided that he would become the one who made movies. He started his career in the biz as a production assistant for the 2014 movie Chef. He then involved himself as a second assistant director in the 2016 movie Trouble Man and 2017 movie The Last Bookstore.

His first work as a writer was what got him his first impression on the big names in the business. As a writer, he demonstrated his skill as a story maker and a storyteller.

He has also worked as a writer for 2017 movie Benny Got Shot. With each project, Malcolm started gathering recognition and soon started as a producer. He produced Summer of 17 and The Dispute. At the moment, he does not have any projects at hand.

Malcolm Washington

Malcolm Washington Bio, Age

American film producer and son of veteran actor Denzel Washington, Malcolm Washington was born on April 10, 1991, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. As he has an American nationality, it makes Malcolm come from mixed ethnicity as an African-American man.

Malcolm has two sisters and one brother in total, and they are Olivia Washington, Katia Washington, and John David Washington. All of his siblings went to the same schools as kids, although in different years. Malcolm joined a private school in Los Angeles thanks to the wealth of his father.

As a child, Malcolm always showed an interest in sports. After graduating from high school, Malcolm joined the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 2013. As a college student, Malcolm actively played basketball and won many games with his college team.

Over the years, Malcolm has successfully established himself as a film director. Although he could use the connections of his famous father, he chose not to and worked very hard to get where he is now. However, despite the success, Malcolm keeps a very low profile when it comes to flaunting his riches.

As of now, his earnings remain a mystery, and so does his net worth. But there is absolutely nothing to fret about here as his parents are immensely wealthy as it comes. At the moment, Denzel Washington has a massive net worth of over $220 million. Not only that, but his mother Pauletta also has a net worth over $100 million.


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