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Maggie Grace, an American actress, was born on the 21st of September 1983 in Ohio, Washington, the United States of America. Her birth name is Margaret Grace Denig, and her zodiac sign is Virgo. She is an American actress and a model who is well known for plating her role in Lost, which is an American television series broadcasted on ABC Channel. Also, she is famous for her purposes in Taken as Kim Mills and The Twilight Saga in Irina.

Maggie Grace

Nationality and Ethnicity

Maggie Grace has the citizenship of the United States of America. She is a famous personality in her country, and her nationality is American. Hence, her nationality is American. Her ethnicity is white-American.

 Family Life

Maggie Grace has a good family life. She lived with her parents. Her father is Fred Denig who ran away from a jewelry business conducted by her family. She, along with her family, lived in a house which was 200 years old located in Ohio. Also, she has two younger siblings named Marissa and Ian Denig. Her parents divorced when she was only 16 years old, and she had to live with her mother.

Maggie Grace

Education History

Talking about her education history, she received her first studies Worthington Christian School, which was her early education. She was a nerd while she was a child because she was an avid reader. In her school, she started playing in a community theater, and later she attended Tomas Worthington High School. But, she dropped out of high school. After she dropped out, she moved to Los Angeles, California with her mother.


Within a week after she relocated to Los Angeles, Maggie Grace acquired an agent. She also enrolled in acting classes. Her first role got landed in Rachel’s Room. It was a web based video series of 2001. The video series included affairs of a teenage girl and her bedroom. That series got constructed by Dawson’s Creek. The executive producer was Paul Stupin. She had her next role in the year 2002. The purpose was on a television series Septuplets. But, the series that is Septuplets got scrapped before the first episode got telecasted.

Moreover, her career developed when she had her breakout role on the television movie of 2002, Murder in Greenwich. Murder in Greenwich got entirely based on the true story of 15 years old Martha Moxley who had got murdered. The victim of the killing that is Martha Moxley got nominated for a Young Artist award. She was portrayed as Moxley and was in her best performance in the movie. After this, she went on to feature in various minor roles on the series aired in television. Some of the series in which she got featured is Law and order called particular victim unit, Like family, cold case, The Lyon’s den, the creature unknown and twelve-mile road. Hence, she has a shining career. Her career has led her to become a well-known person in the room. Her acting is good, and she can gain a lot of popularity from her profession.

Maggie Grace

Body Measurements

This lady has fantastic body features. She has an adorable face with a pretty face, unusual facial features, and a charming personality. This gorgeous lady has a face structure that is loved by everyone. Her personality is appealing, and she can attract many people with the character that is loved by everyone. She has a stunning body with a height of 5 feet and 9 inches, which is approximately 1.70 meters. Her weight is about 62 kilograms, and she is very fit. With the purpose to maintain her body, she does exercise regularly. Her hair is blonde, which is pretty enough to attract people. She has green colored eyes which are extremely beautiful, and she can melt many hearts with it. It is probably the first thing that anyone notices when they meet her.

Moreover, her body is well-shaped and looks like an hourglass. She has her chest measuring 36 inches; her waist measures 25 inches and her hip measuring 36 inches. Her bra size is 34 B according to the size of the United States. Talking about her dress size and her shoe size, her dress size is 8.5, and her shoe is four as set by the United States of America. Hence, her body is attractive, and she has a fantastic personality.

Maggie Grace

Rumors and Controversies

At present, there are no gossips regarding her life. She has not faced any rumors, no matter weather; it is professional or personal. This pleasant personality has been doing her job correctly. She has no complaints in the field of her work. Also, this lady personality serves humankind. Having no intention of harming others, she has been working very well. All love her in her workplace and her shoots too. Being very straight in nature, she works very hard with high determination and concentration. Because of her relentless commitment and her essential problem-solving skills, she can be free of the rumors and controversies, unlike the rest of the other celebrities. That is the reason why till the date, she has not got included in any scandals and any controversies.

Awards and Achievements

Maggie Grace is a top-rated personality. She got nominated for very notable awards in the year 2003. The award by known by the name “Young Artist Award” which got awarded to her for her performance in “Murder in Greenwich”. She was a great nominee for the award and people suspected that she would take the prize home. But, it was for her disappointment that she could not take the award home as she lost to Clara Byrant, who is a popular actress. Clara Byrant got awarded as Young Artist Award for her fantastic contribution in ‘Tru Confessions.’

Moreover, in the year 2005, she was nominated for the award of ‘Teen Choice Award’ for her role in the famous movie Lost. But, this was only a nomination too, and she could not bring the award home. However, she got listed in the list of ‘Maxim Hot 100 list of 2005.’ In the list, she got ranked on the 27th number. Thus she also appeared on the screen with her other co-actors of the movies, Lost. She appeared on the screen with other cast members of Lost in the category Outstanding Performance. Hence, she has done a lot of big things in the American movie industry and has achieved quite a lot in her life. So, her life is good with the nominees she receives as it attracts her towards more opportunities.

Maggie Grace

Maggie Grace; Relationship Status

Maggie Grace began to date Brent Bushnell in 2016. After they dated for around a year, this couple got engaged in the year 2017. In February they got engaged and started living a happy life. She also posted pictures on her Instagram, mentioning him as her fiancé. Soon they began to live a good life as they got happy engaged. Her fiancé, Brent Bushnell, is the founder of ‘Two Bit Circus’ which is a famous company for engineering entertainment. They were tied on a knot and began their marriage on 28th of May 2017. Since she had her husband by her side, they lived quite a happy life. Now, this couple is living a pleasant experience.

Moreover, they have no plans of getting divorced so soon. They enjoy each other’s company and find it perfect to be together with each other sharing a strong bond of affection. But, they do not have any children as a sign of their healthy marriage. Also, they shared that they have no plans of getting children.

Maggie Grace

Additionally, Maggie Grace was also involved romantically with Blake Mycoskie, who was a contestant on the second season of the famous ‘Amazing Race’ and also the founder of the TOMS shoes. They were dating and living a happy life, but they ended their relation in 2009. She also dated Matthew Cooke, and they could not continue their relationship for more than one year.


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