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Imagine what it’s like getting famous and not only you but also the people you love so much and the people who are your family. To that, Luke Wilson has all the experience. Yes, we are talking about the same Luke Wilson, who is an actor and most famously appeared in Idiocracy and Legally Blonde; some of the most famous movies Hollywood has ever seen. Well, there’s more to him than just movies.

So, why did we say that Luke knows what it feels like being famous with the people you love and your family? Because he is famous for his family. Tell us, does the name Wilson ring a bell to you? Well, you guessed it right. OWEN WILSON!!! Luke is one of the three Wilson brothers; the three brothers who have their feet deep into the entertainment industry and for every good reason.

Luke Wilson

We all know who Owen Wilson is. Predominantly, people know him as a “Wow” guy because that’s his signature expression in a lot of his movies. His brother Luke is also a very prominent actor, and people know his work that is every bit good as his brothers’. He appeared in major Hollywood movies like Charlie’s Angels, Old School, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde and many other movies along the way.

However, this post especially focuses on Luke’s personal life and all the other things that happen behind the curtain in his life. Do you have any idea who Luke is dating right now are already married to? These are some of the things that we uncover. Along with that, we shall also talk about his early life, career, and other interesting facts. All you have to do is stay relaxed and read.

Luke Wilson Early Life

The very handsome actor and brother of Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson was born on September 21, 1971, in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. At the moment, Luke is 47 years old, and good gracious will you look at this man? Does he look like 47 years old to you? If you ask us, we’ll probably say that Luke is lying about his age.

As a matter of fact, no one believes that Luke is in his late 40s at the moment. He dresses up carries himself and looks like someone in their early or the mid-30s. There are people who’d sell their soul to the devil to never grow old or at least, not looking old. Did Luke sell his soul too? We’ll never know for sure.

Luke was born to father Robert Andrew Wilson and mother Laura Wilson (née Cunningham). To talk more about his parents, his father Robert worked as an advertising executive at a company named KERA while his mother worked as a photographer. Born to a family with already influence on the entertainment industry, Luke grew up with a lot of childhood memory pictures.

Luke is also one of the three Wilson brothers as his parents gave birth to three sons and he is also the youngest among his three brothers. The oldest of them all is Andrew Wilson, who is an American actor and director. The second Wilson brother is the famous Owen Wilson who predominantly recognizes himself as an actor and then a screenwriter as well.

Luke’s family previously lived in Massachusetts, and the family shares an Irish Catholic background.

Luke Wilson Education

Both of Luke’s parents wanted their children to get a good education and not fool around aimlessly. As the couple firstborn, Andrew Wilson started his education. First, he also acted as an example for his younger brother at school. With this, both Owen and Luke had someone to look up to and get inspired from.

All three brothers went to the same school called St. Mark’s School of Texas located in Texas itself, and all three established themselves as very obedient and disciplined kids. Although all three of Wilson brothers had their different personalities as young kids, none of them gave major trouble at school.

Owen once revealed that on the first year of Luke joining the school, he became the class president after everyone voted him. That just shows how much a sincere student Luke, was during his school time. After studying and focusing on school very hard, Luke graduated from high school with very good marks.

Getting good marks in high school allowed Luke to go to any university he fancied. However, if Luke pursued his higher education program or not remains a mystery. He does not talk about going to university and completing his bachelor’s degree. But for all we know, Luke did go to university and get his degree; he just doesn’t talk about it.

Name Luke Wilson
Date of birth September 21, 1971
Birthplace Dallas, Texas, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 6.0 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Virgo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $50 million


Personal Life

Do you know what happens when a man is handsome, successful, and well, rich? Simply put, he is attractive to ladies. If you are a woman and reading this, you probably have a massive crush on Owen already. But, do you have any chances with this gorgeous man?

It looks like you do. At the moment, Luke is not in a relationship, and surprisingly, Luke has never married as well. Surprising because not all handsome and successful men are available like this. While some say Luke is a gay man and hiding in the closet, we say otherwise.

His previous relationship stands as witnesses that Luke is not a gay man. Don’t believe us? Reportedly, Luke previously dated Drew Barrymore, his co-actor at one time. Luke and Drew gave media houses all the love details they needed. Apart from the relationship with Drew Barrymore, Luke also reportedly had other affairs.

Till now, Luke reportedly dated Joy Bryant, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alison Eastwood, Audra Lynn, and Jennifer Walcott. As of now, Luke reportedly stays single. However, we hardly doubt his relationship status at the moment. There is a very high possibility that Luke is dating someone secretly at the moment.

Or there is also a very high possibility that he is searching for that one woman he can settle down with.

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Luke Wilson Career

The youngest Wilson brother started his career with the help of his older brother Owen Wilson and his friend Wes Anderson. Luke appeared as the main character in a short movie called Bottle Rocket in 1994, a movie that Owen co-wrote along with Wes Anderson, who directed the movie.

In the late 90s, Luke and his two brothers went to Hollywood with very stout dreams of becoming actors. The year they moved to Hollywood, Luke appeared in four movies back-to-back. Luke appeared in Bongwater as David, Telling Lies in America as Henry, Best Man as Jesse Reilly, and Scream 2 as Billy.

With every movie that Luke appeared in, it rewarded him with good critics and further opportunities to enhance his skills as an actor. Before 2000, Luke appeared in Dog Park, Home Fries, Rushmore, Kill the Man, and Blue Streak. All of his initial roles gathered him with a lot of positive comments and reviews.

Luke’s breakthrough roles came in 2000 and 2001 when he appeared in Charlie’s Angels and Legally Blonde. These two movies ended up casting Luke in its sequels as well, and that is how Luke built his career. Luke again appeared in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde in 2003.

During his career, Luke also appeared in The X-Files, That ‘70s Show, Saturday Night Live, Drunk History, and other famous TV shows. But most of his career, Luke only focused more on movies rather than TV shows.

Most recently, Luke appeared in Berlin; I Love You, The Goldfinch, All the Bright Places, Zombieland: Double Tap and has one project called Guest of Honour in production.

Social Reach

Twitter: @imlukewilson

Instagram: @Iwilson_82

Facebook: Luke Wilson

Net Worth

Luke currently has dozens and dozens of movie credits lining up in his sweet resume, and with that, Luke also has a lot of fan following. Now, we all know what follows with a lot of fans and followers. That is a massive fortune, and the youngest of Wilson brother is loaded with it.

As of now, Luke Wilson has a massive net worth of over $50 million, and his net worth is only growing more and more. On the other hand, his brother Owen Wilson has a massive net worth of over $70 million.


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