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Have you, as a general reader, ever wondered what it actually feels like to be famous since the day you were born and also to have all the attention in the world right from the very start? Well, you may be wondering what this is all just a mere imagination and not something that anyone has ever experienced. But look at the royal baby of Prince Harry and Megan Markle. However, we won’t have that far to go. All we have to do is ask Lucy Hawking, the daughter of one of the most famous scientist.

While the name Lucy may not ring a bell exactly, but what about the last name? Surely, you know all about that last name for this is the last name that almost all of the world has recognition of. Yes, for anyone who guessed that Lucy Hawking is the daughter of famous physician and scientist Stephen Hawkings, they are absolutely right. Lucy right here is the daughter of the man who proposed the theory of everything and always set out on the journey to find out how everything started till his last day.

Lucy Hawking

Unfortunately, Stephen Hawking is no more with us as he passed away. However, his legacy remains forever, and his name gets carried out. Stephen Hawking possessed a brilliant mind, one that did not give up despite forever deteriorating health conditions and proved everyone wrong. Similarly to him, his son also introduces in this generation one of the brightest minds. She is a multi-talented personality with tags such as journalist, novelist, Educator on her.

However, regardless of all the professional facts, it is Lucy’s personal life that we endeavor to unfold and learn about. Who is Lucy behind all the limelight? Is she married to someone? Get all the personal life and other answers and facts right here.

Lucy Hawking Early Life, Age

The daughter of amazingly talent theorist and scientist Stephen Hawking was born on November 2, 1969, in London, England, United Kingdom. Hawking at the moment is 49 years old and judging by her looks, Lucy has maintained her looks very well and manages to remain as beautiful as she was in her 20s.

But this does not come as a surprise because when one’s parent is one of the most famous personalities in the whole wide world, they receive all kind of information regarding a healthy life. Moreover, as her father suffered a disorder, her entire family always remained very conscious regarding their health as well.

Lucy was born to father Stephen Hawking and mother Jane Wilde Hawking. Her father, as we have repeatedly talked about from earlier on, is a theoretical physicist, cosmologist and a scientist as well who proposed one of the most feasible definitions regarding the origin of the universe.

On the other hand, Lucy’s mother, Jane Wilde Hawking, is also a very remarkable personality who professionally introduced herself as a teacher and also an author. Both her parents are very highly educated personalities with immense knowledge of the field that they pursued. As a result, they welcomed highly smart children as well.

Lucy has two brothers whose names are Robert Hawking and Timothy Hawking. Lucy grew up in England and experienced a very normal childhood. However, it always remained a little different with a father who suffered from a severe paralytical disorder.

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Lucy Hawking Education

Most of the normal parents around the world believe that education is the stepping stone towards success. Moreover, most also believe that a person who received knowledge education relating to their particular interest, it excels. Now, Lucy’s parents are no ordinary people. On the contrary, her parents are that kind of people who devoted their lives to education in general; as a student and as a teacher.

As a young girl, Lucy went to the Stephen Perse Foundation and studied there. Now, not people get the fortune of studying at a school that bore their parents name. It remains a proud momentum for the whole family in general. While at school, Lucy studied very hard for she had a level to meet.

As both her parents are highly intellectual, the weight also drops onto the shoulder of children as well. But, needless to say, Lucy maintained her last name’s integrity and showed high skills in exams and all her school works. While everyone believes that children follow their parent’s footsteps, this is a different case.

While studying at school, Lucy did do great in science, but it did not entice her much as it did to her parents. As a result, her career path diverted from that her parents held. After completing her initial studies, Lucy went on to the University of Oxford, where she studied French and Russian.

During that course, Lucy also went to Moscow as a part of her Russian Studies program. After four years, Lucy graduated from the University of Oxford and then enrolled at the City University of London. There, Lucy started to study journalism, especially focusing on international journalism.

Personal Life

Lucy Hawking is undoubtedly a very attractive woman. With world-renowned parents and her own striking intelligence, people often find themselves timid towards her. Now, who might have gathered the nerves to ask out this amazing lady and eventually, become her life partner as well?

Well, as it happens, there is one man who has done that. Back in the days, Lucy married Alex Mackenzie Smith, a famous personality in his own field. Alex was one of the members of the UN Peace Corps based in Bosnia. After dating for quite some time, Lucy and Alex decided to marry.

Lucy and Alex married in a very intimate wedding ceremony in 1998. After a year of marriage, Lucy and Alex welcomed their first child together and named him William. However, even after welcoming a son, things did not seem very nice between the couple. Adding to the continuing turmoil, Lucy and Alex realized that their son suffered from Autism. One thing led to the other, and in 2004, Lucy and Alex divorced.

Lucy suffered twice as she had a broken marriage and a son with autism to look after. With getting into heavy drinking habits and depression. But, as her family always remained very supportive, everything for Lucy began to come in the right tracks. As of now, Hawking is not dating anyone and keeps very quiet regarding her personal life.

Lucy Hawkings Career

Naturally, for someone who went to university and studied journalism, it is only natural that they go and work as a journalist. However, this case as well differs a little than the ordinary ones because Lucy did quite the opposite. Now, don’t get us wrong because Lucy did pursue a career in journalism, but that did not last very long for her.

Lucy previously worked as a journalist, but she soon found that her interest lay largely in writing and she was rather good at it as well. As Lucy began her career as a writer, she began associating with some of the most influential and famous journals of that time. In her list of associations, she includes Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Times and The Guardian as well.

While in that endeavor, Lucy also began her journey as a novelist who began work on novels as well. In 2004, Lucy published her first novel called Jaded and the very next year; she published another novel called Run for Your Life. Later, Lucy also found a topic in which she incorporated the help of her father Stephen as well as one of his student.

Lucy released another book, but this time, she worked on a children’s literature and titled it, George’s Secret Key to the Universe. People liked this book so much that it went on and translated into more than three dozen languages and also received a lot of recognition.

The book also helped Lucy to gather some of the highest honors available. In 2008, her participation in NASA’s 50th anniversary and talk based on George’s Secret Key got her the Sapio Prize. The Amsterdam News also honored Lucy for her contribution to the field of science and raising awareness in regards to it as well.

Net Worth

According to what we see from Lucy’s career, she has achieved many things so far. Lucy completed her education in the most spectacular way and in a way that everyone expected from the kin of Stephen Hawkings. However, despite studying journalism, she did not pursue it. On the contrary, she only relates to the part of it.

As far as her success in monetary value goes, Lucy keeps a tight lip. That is right people. As of now, nobody knows the net worth that Lucy has accumulated from her career so far. All that we know is she has not revealed. However, her father, Stephen Hawking was a very wealthy man.

He wrote multiple best-selling books and contributed so much the scientific community that it awarded him with massive fortune over the years. The late professor who died in 2018 amassed a massive $20 million fortune. Is it possible that Lucy and her siblings inherited that sum?

No information regarding this particular arrangement has come out. But it remains safe to assume that Lucy has net worth in millions.


Name Lucy Hawking
Date of birth November 2, 1970
Birthplace London, England
Ethnicity White
Height 5.4 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Author, Journalist
Married No
Nationality English
Birth sign Scorpio
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Social Reach

Twitter: @lucyhawking

Instagram: @LucyHawking

Facebook: Lucy Hawking


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