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London King. Where have you heard that name, to begin with, because it sounds so familiar? If you already do not know, London King is the famous actress and model who took reign over the industry in her days back in the 80s and 90s. A few glances of her previous works and everything will come off as crystal clear to you in a matter of minutes.

However, acting modeling are not the only things that London King is famous for as people also recognize as the wife and mother of two very famous personalities. King is the ex-wife of world famous American actor and comedian named Rob Schneider and moreover, the mother of Ellie King.

London King

Ellie King is at the moment, one of the most sought after American Singer and songwriter in existence. London herself has the talents that can make her immensely famous, but the fact that she is the ex-wife and mother to some of the most famous people does the trick for her fame. But let us avoid that and not go down that road and only talk about her link to other people.

Here, we are going to talk about London King as she is or was. In this post, we aim to talk solely about London King and details of her life. You already know London is the ex-wife of Rob Schneider. Did she get married again to someone? What does her career look like? All these questions will shortly have their answers if you just keep reading about London right here.

Get ready for all the King details.

Early Life

American actress and the model London King was born in the year 1971 in Ohio, United States of America. She is currently 58 years old, but you probably know this by now that London does not seems to age at all. As a former model, London knows how to keep her body in check, which in turn rewards her with younger looking skin and a face that looks no close to someone nearing their 60s.

Despite being born in Ohio, London and her family moved to Brooklyn, New York, when she was a very little girl. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York. London was born to her parents, father, David King and her mother, Paula King. Growing up, London’s parents tried to give her everything that made her happy.

King’s parents are American natives who were also born and raised in the United States. This means that King also shares white ethnicity, and since she was born in the United States as well, her nationality is American.

From a very young age, London developed an interest in modeling, and since her looks always made that path easy for her, King’s parents and family always supported her on that road. King also has a brother whose name is William Scott King. However, at the moment, anything substantial regarding William Scott King remains unfound.

Unlike other celebrities, London keeps fairly tight-lipped when it comes to her early life and family. London never revealed the profession of her parents that allowed their family to live such a comfortable life. Moreover, London also does not talk about her dear brother William Scott King. The reason behind this secrecy remains unknown for the moment.

London King

London King Education

King’s parents, like any other normal parents, wanted that their children go to school and get a decent education so that there are no hurdles in their success later on in life. As London already knew the importance education played in people’s success, she also studied very hard and got her education.

King and her brother joined the local Brooklyn high school where both brother and sister studied very hard and always got decent scores on test exams. After years of climbing the grades and passing exams, London graduated from high school successfully and that too with fair grades.

However, after her high school graduation, London does not talk about pursuing a college degree at all. Because of this confusion, many believe that London did not even go to college even after graduating from high school with acceptable marks. We also suspect that London is a high school graduate only.

Until London reveals about her educational degree in detail, she only remains a high school graduate.

London King

Name London King
Date of birth 1971
Birthplace Ohio, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Actress and model
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign N/A
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $1 million


Personal Life

When it comes to personal life, London has a pretty interesting life. Until now, London has married twice, and it did not take her a third time to establish a healthy relationship and live a prolific romantic life. At first, London met Rob Schneider, a comedian and a fellow actor in early to mid-80s.

London and Rob fell in love and started dating shortly. After a couple of months, King and Schneider became virtually inseparable as they started going on a date much more frequently and started to go out in public. As the years went by, their public relationship started to get more attention.

In 1988, London and Rob married each other and a couple of years down the road also welcomed a beautiful baby girl. They named their child Tanner Elle King. However, very shortly after getting married, London and Rob started to experience the difference in their relationship and eventually that led to divorce in 1990.

After divorce, London married again to Justin Tesa, a musician by profession. London and Justin married in 2000. They do not have any children together. London and Justin live together very happily and there lie no rumors about London and Justin divorcing each other.

London King

London King Career

Before high school completely finished, London already started her modeling career. King had the necessary looks required for modeling, and people instantly liked her personality in front of the camera. Also, with the help of prior experience in front of a camera lens, King never felt camera shy when her career as a model started.

While she did photoshoots here and there, King officially started her modeling career with TV commercials and another form of ads where her beauty did its charm. Along with TV commercials, London also worked on various magazine photoshoots, and this allowed her face to come up on different magazine covers.

Appearing on different magazine covers gave London the much-needed exposure in the modeling industry, and as she progressed, people started noticing her more and more. London also went to different functions where companies needed models to stand by whether it is an award show or launch of some sort.

After pursuing a career as a model for very long, King felt the urge to switch career and began eyeing towards the film industry which at the time of her modeling days boomed. Because she already made important contacts via her modeling career, making her way into the film industry became comparatively easier.

London King

Movie Career

In the year 2000, London made her first ever TV appearance in a movie called A Better Way to Die in which she portrayed the character of a girl named Cheryl. The movie had famous actors like Carmen Argenziano, Andre Braugher and others who turned it into a success. This helped King a lot.

But, despite critics loved her performance, London did not pursue her career as an actress very long. She appeared in another 2001 movie called Raw Fish in which she portrayed the character of a woman named Jade. Further down the road, the following year, King appeared in another movie named The Calling in which she appeared as Ruby Jenkins

Net Worth

From her career as a successful model and a brief acting career, London earned herself lots of fans and followers who still to this date follow her. At the moment, with all the past and present hard work, London has amassed a massive net worth of $1 million. However, that still remains comparatively less than her daughter.

London’s daughter, Elle King, currently has an outstanding net worth of $4 million which she earned through her career as a singer and songwriter.

Social Reach

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Instagram: N/A

Facebook: London King


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