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Lola Iolani Momoa

Birth Date: 23rd of July 2007
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California
Weight: N/A
Salary: N/A
Net Worth: N/A
Ethnicity: American
Nationality: American
Marital Status:
Married date: N/A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Facebook: N/A
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Instagram: N/A


Lola Iolani Momoa

Let’s see where should we start. Oh yes, a nobleman once said We become what we repeatedly do, so who is Lola Iolani actually. First and foremost she is the daughter of Jason Momoa. You know Jason right? If you don’t then don’t worry we will talk about him later. Anyways let’s focus more on Lola Iolani’s mysterious life, shall we? Now many of you out there might have noticed it but Lola has been pretty successful in masking her personal life. She is living her personal life out from the eyes of countless media networks and paparazzi photographers. So keep scrolling to learn a thing or two about Lola Iolani.

Early Life

Lola Iolani Momoa began her lives journey on 23rd of July 2007. Her name actually means Royal Hawk in Hawaiian mythology. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Lola comes from a family of mixed ethnicity. Undoubtedly her mother Lisa is African American. Her father, on the other hand, is part German, Irish and Native Hawaiian in ancestry. Lola herself is American in nationality. She is also blessed with brother Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa and half-sister Zoe Isabella Kravit.

For Zoe, she was actually born from her mother’s side prior to her relationship with Jason. She turned out to be the first daughter of Lisa Bonet with vocalist Lenny Kravitz. As for her brother well he was born on 15th of December 2008. Although Isabella is Lola’s half-sibling they do watch each other back from time to time. Posting their pictures on Instagram the sisters sure seem to enjoy their livelihood together. Interestingly enough Lola belongs to the star sign Cancer.


Lola Iolani Momoa grew under the spotlight of her parents’ Hollywood fame. If that wasn’t enough she is now predicted to be the next fashion icon. What the future holds for Lola is unknown but her present actions are quite promising. Right from her age, it can easily be speculated that Lola is now in her school days. It’s not clear which institute Lola got enrolled in but it must be one of the private academies of Los Angeles. Other than schooling, Lola is also interested in daredevil activities and often spotted in rock climbing or outdoor sports.

Lola Iolani Momoa


Well, she is the daughter of a famous Hollywood couple Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa ( Birth name Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa. There’s no need to explain the reputation of Jason Mamoa. Other than his dynamic performance in Aquaman, Jason also appeared in HBO’s “Game of Thrones”. As for her mother, Lisa Bonet is also an actress. She recently made her appearance in one of NBC’s most anticipated sitcom “The Cosby Show”.

Other than the show, Lola also appeared in movies like ‘High Fidelity’, ‘Biker Boyz and ‘A Different World’. Lisa divorced with American singer, lyricist Lenny Kravitz after 6 years of relationship in 1993. They both also had a daughter which we already mentioned before. Moving on Lisa slowly fell for kindhearted Jason and the couple recently married in late October of 2017. The couple are living quite a happy life now. Their love story really sounds something derived from a fairy tail. ( Don’t you think.)

About Jason and Lisa

You might not believe it but Jason and Lisa have an age difference of almost 12 years. Jason being the twelve years younger one actually grew love interest for Lisa Bonnet after her appearance in The Cosby Show. Only 8 at the time young Jason vowed to love and marry Lisa once he reached his adulthood. Time passed and Jason eventually stumbled upon Lisa at L.A. jazz club one fine evening. Introduced by a close acquaintance Jason met Lisa for the first time in both flesh and blood. Though her existence was never faded from Jason’s pure heart. The couple’s very first encounter sparked the existence of Jason with life. Meaning he was happy no more than happy.

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Lola Iolani Momoa is yet to enter the Hollywood industry and follow in the footsteps of her parents. She did make her appearance in Canvas of My life (A short story about Jason Mamoa himself ) but that’s just not enough for her future career. The movie was directed by none other than Brian Andrew Mendoza. Based on the life story of Jason Mamoa, the movie itself featured the bold stature of Lola and Mamoa’s relationship with his entire family members. The movie did not break any box office records but it was mostly praised by Mamoa’s fans and followers. Moving on Lola just turned 12 as of 2019 and is currently living with her parents. In fact, her current residency in Los Angeles. It’s true she is young but she will obviously be more famous than her parents someday.

Lola  Momoa

Relationship and Hobbies

Not much info has come to life when it comes to the relationship of Lola Iolani Momoa. It’s true she is still young and not in her teens for relationships. But who knows young love tends to blossom even faster these days. Anyway, Lola is currently living her childhood to the fullest seeking adventures alongside her father. She’s a tough kid herself but who would even dare to ask the daughter of Khal Drogo on a date. That would be quite scary don’t you think. All we can do for now is wait until Lola seeks a suitable life partner on her own. Lola also has a hobby of posing for photographs. Her cute pictures and photographs can also be viewed in Mamoa’s Instagram account. At quite a young age Lola has already started building her social media presence.

Awards and Achievements

Winning awards or being nominated might not be a big deal for us but for real celebrities, it’s quite a huge deal. After all, awards are what holds the talents and real value of a celebrity. If we were to ignore it there would be no distinction between a good or a bad celebrity. Awards are also a sign of respect for any celebrities’ hard work and dedication. If there is one thing that we can all agree upon it’s that a celebrity values his awards and nominations more than his net worth.

We know Lola Iolani Momoa is the daughter of Jason Mamoa but he is no stranger to award shows either. Throughout his acting career, Jason has won 1 award and been nominated 5 times. For Lola however, she isn’t lucky as her father. That’s because she hasn’t started her professional career yet. Given time and effort, Lola will most likely make her family proud of awards and nominations. That is if she desires to follow the footsteps of her parents and pursue acting as her career.


There’s no way we could ever speculate the exact net worth of Lola because she is still dependent and living with her family. Interestingly enough her father Jason stands with a net worth of $15m Her mother, however, has a net worth of $10 million. That makes a grand total of around $25 million. It is only a matter of time when Lola will outnumber her parent’s assets and net worth.

Social Media Presence

In these desperate times, social media has become a vital reserve of information and knowledge. From a high school kid to mere celebrity everybody is now bound to this circle of information exchange. For celebrities, it has its own perks and cons. We’ve seen individuals gaining widespread popularity all thanks to their performance in these so-called media platforms. These days posting a ten-minute long video on YouTube can earn you millions of loyal fans and followers. That’s the power of social media but it also creates controversy and hates speech from time to time. Lola Iolani is no social media user who is not present on Instagram and Twitter. She has no followers in her Instagram account and her Twitter account. Lola never posts about her private and personal life that makes it easier for Lola to escape unnecessary rumors and controversies.


Most of the celebrities out in the world are philanthropist these days. Is it a coincidence or a new trend growing among young and talented celebrities. The answer is Yes and No also. You see most celebrities engage in donations and charity work out of goodwill and pure intentions. But some seek their own fame and popularity in these works. Entertainers and celebrities like Ellen De’ Geners and Oprah Winfrey have established themselves to be some of the greatest philanthropists of Hollywood. If we look into their works most of them have their own charity foundations or donation groups which provides help to millions of helpless people. For Lola Iolani Momoa however, it’s not sure whether she is engaged in charity works and donations. She might be if her parents were ever indulged in philanthropy works but were not clear on that topic either.


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