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We have to thank Canada for bringing us such amazing actors like Keanu Reeves, Ryan Reynolds, Lindy Booth, and many other extraordinarily talented people. What? Have you not heard much about Lindy Booth? If so then you are missing out a lot that a normal person because there are only very few people who do not know her.

Lindy Booth is a beautiful Canadian actress who has, till this date, delivered some of the most famous movies of all time like Cry Wolf, Kick-Ass 2, and many others. Surely you have seen these movies. Now, think closely, remember a slightly red-headed beauty in these movies? Well, that is Lindy Booth for you.

Lindy Booth


Booth is one of the most beautiful actresses currently active in the film industry, and we are glad she is because just look at her. Doesn’t she make you want and see more of her on the TV screen? But to some fans, that is not enough because people these days like to keep tabs on their favorite celebrity. In a good way, of course.

Do you know anything about Lindy Booth beside her professional life? We guessed not. In that case, do not feel left out and start worrying because we have you covered here.

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Personal Life

We know that you once hoped to date and possibly marry Lindy Booth and that is alright, many did. However, the question is if it will come true or not. Usually, pretty and smart woman get into relationship all the time because there are equally handsome, smart, and successful men out there looking for a possible relationship. When they see a fitting woman, men do not let go of that chance.

The real question is, did someone take his chances with Lindy Booth? Because we all know she is one of a kind, charming in all ways, someone who can quicken heartbeat by just a single smile. But unfortunately, she already has someone like that in her life so you can step off the bandwagon right now.

We just did not want to give you fake high hopes because it hurts to know later that your favorite actress who you have plans to date eventually is actually married. Yes. Gone are the days of asking if she is dating someone and has a boyfriend or not. Lindy Booth found the man of her life and married him. Period.

So who is the man that bagged this undeniably hot and beautiful actress? He has to be special right? Well, he is. The man who married and called himself the husband of Lindy Booth is Jeff Wadlow. Jeff is an American film director and quite a famous one as he directed movies like Truth or Date, Cry Wolf, Kick-Ass 2 and more.

Lindy and Jeff both worked together for a long time and eventually fell in love. Before mid-2010, Jeff popped the question to Lindy.

Lindy Booth


After dating for an extensive period, Jeff and Wadlow decided to get married, but the couple did not want to create mass attraction towards their special day. For the sake of enjoying their special day as much as possible, Lindy and Jeff decided to hold a secret wedding that only their close family and friends attended.

Lindy and Jeff married in 2014, but unfortunately, the date of their wedding remains a mystery. The newly married couple take privacy very seriously and act on it in an aggressive manner. Nor do they make a frequent public appearance on shows and event, they do not also talk about their marriage in any interview whatsoever.

As of now, the couple does not have any children. But fans believe they have a family together and are just keeping it a secret.

Lindy Booth Bio, Age

Canadian actress Lindy Booth was born on April 2, 1969, in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. She is currently 40 years old. As a young child, Booth enrolled at the Blakelock High School and graduated from there in 1998. Lindy grew alongside her parents as they always supported and encouraged their daughter’s creative talents.

Lindy started writing plays at the age of six and also performed in it. For a six-year-old to do that was quite astonishing, and people started praising her young talent. She continued with her writing and doing plays, and during high school, she also won the 1995-1995 Junior Drama award.

During her senior years at the Blakelock High School, Booth won 1997-1998 Senior Drama Award. Seeing her progress, the people she had contact with helped Booth to a great extent. Her high school drama teacher was so impressed with her talents that he offered to help her get an agent right after graduation.

Her success rose quickly and Booth people from around the country and outside it started noticing and recognizing her more and more. After a couple of appearance on TV series and movies, Lindy started working on much bigger projects like Relic Hunter, Supernatural and many others to establish a film career.


Lindy started focusing on her acting career right after high school. Some even went to the extent and labeled Lindy as a young acting and writing prodigy. While we cannot help but agree, Lindy thinks otherwise. From her connection with the school drama teacher, Lindy got her very first agent.

After some searching, the agent found Lindy a fitting role. It took her three auditions to land this role, but it was all worth it. Lindy made her debut as Carrie Taylor in Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension. The series premiered in 1998. Although Lindy appeared before in Mr. Music, it did not count as a substantial or significant enough role.

While Booth could not appear for more than 15 episodes, she did get much experience. Lindy then started searching for other projects to work on with the help of her manager and the next year in 1999; Lindy bagged a role in Teenage Space Vampires in which she portrayed the character of Katie.

Booth then got herself some major roles in major movies such as American Psycho 2, Rub & Tug, Hollywood North, Bar Life, Dawn of the Dead, Lucid, Cry Wolf, In the Stars, What Just Happened and undoubtedly, Kick-Ass 2, a movie which gained a lot of positive critiques and helped her in every way possible.

On the other hand, Lindy also appeared in some of the most famous TV series back in the days such as Strange Justice in 1999, Relic Hunter in which she appeared as Claudia from 1999-2001, Traders in 2000 as Elizabeth Watson, Earth: Final Conflict in 2000, Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows in 2001 and many other.

Lindy Booth

Most Famous

Lindy, however, is most famous for appearing in The Librarians from 2014 -2018, a show in which she portrayed the role of Cassandra Cillian. The show helped Lindy get nominated for Golden Maple Award for Best actress in a TV Series broadcast in the United States in the year 2016.

Lindy is still very much active in the film industry. She most recently appeared on SnowComing, a TV movie in which she appears as Samantha. Lindy now finds herself busy with another project called The Creatress in which we will see her portraying the role of Eryn Bellow.

Net Worth

Lindy Booth is shared white ethnicity and is Canadian by nationality. With an extensive career in the film industry, Lindy has managed to amass a hefty net worth of $3 million. While her earnings in the form of salary remains a secret, it is sure that her charges depend on the scale of the movie as well as the character she portrays.


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