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Where have you heard the name Lesly Brown before? Well, it does ring a bell, doesn’t it? It is because we all grew up hearing this particular name over and over again on our TV screens. Yes, all the grown-up folks as well because Lesly did not appear just in any other show around the block. She actually appeared in the Wheel of Fortune.

Every single episode, became special when Lesly appeared in it and for all the obvious reasons as we all know. With those stunning looks and body features, any woman would envy, Lesly, reigned the hearts of so many men. So many men in number that it becomes virtually uncountable. Why is that? Well, her charm first of all, which mesmerizes everyone.

Lesly Brown

Brown started her career as a model and ended up turning people’s wheel of fortune and her own self as well. Brown has the kind of charisma that the show needed and referring to the good choice, Brown appeared in the show as a guest during the time of more than two decades. That is a very long time to spend with one particular show but do you see anyone complaining? No. Because everybody loves Lesly Brown.

But what else do people know about her? Do they know Lesly as well as needed or do fans and followers just scratch the surface and perceive Lesly as she is on the TV screen. If this all holds true, then there is a lot of people need to know about Lesly. First and foremost, her personal life. Did Lesly marry someone? Who is her husband? All these questions concerning Lesly come to an end now.

Lesly Brown Early Life

Lesly Brown, the famous TV personality and the host of Wheel of Fortune, was born on February 18, 1965, in Maryland, United States of America. Brown grew up in the United States, and her family environment was always very pleasant, and she always got to follow her gut feeling. Her family always supported Lesly.

Brown was born to parents Michael Brown who by profession was a dentist and Maria Brown, whose profession currently remains under the radar. Growing up with parents Michael Brown and Maria Brown, Lesly had two siblings and had quite fun with them. Both her siblings are girls, so Lesly did not feel alone while growing up.

However, as much as followers and fans want to more about Lesly’s early life, she makes it quite impossible. When the source itself keeps a tight lip about all the information, every other thing that people say becomes just speculation and that is unpleasant. Lesly Brown does exactly that.

As of now, Lesly does not talk about her parents or her sibling in much detail, which makes it hard to learn more about what it was like growing up for Lesly as a child. Any further information about weather Lesly’s parents remained married or divorced over the course is also a mystery.

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Growing up in an informative and educated family, Lesly had the silent idea that education always played a vital role in people’s lives. Also that studying and learning things is only a part of what people later become able to achieve. Keeping this in mind, Lesly did not dread to go to school as a young child.

Brown attended the local high school where, as a young student, everyone loved her and adored her. Brown began scoring high in her tests and exams, which reflected her hard work and dedication to become a better student overall. During her time at the school, Brown also participated in a lot of other activities.

After graduating from high school, Lesly started to look for a nice and reputed college to further study and gather knowledge. With top marks and a sheer determination to further continue her studies, Lesly started looking everywhere and finally settled with the University of Maryland, which located nearby where she lived originally.

There, Brown pursued Television Production and started focusing very intently on the subject. Brown always knew that she had the looks to be on the TV, and this led her to choose the subject. After about four years, Brown graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in television production in 1986.

Name Lesly Brown
Date of birth February 18, 1965
Birthplace Maryland, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.7 ft
Weight N/A
Profession TV personality
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Aquarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $1.3 million


Personal Life

Many people believe that Lesly met her husband Pat Sajak when she appeared in the show Wheel of Fortune, but they cannot be more wrong. As a matter of fact, Brown and Sajak met way before that show. In 1988, Lesly and Pat met at the opening of a sports bar located in California.

The restaurant owner was a friend of Lesly as well as Pat, and that is how the couple met. Pat Sajak was freshly out of marriage during that time as his married life of almost a decade with Sherrill Sajak came to an end in 1986, Pat and Lesly did not feel the spark between them at the Sportsbar.

However, after some months, both started recognizing the attraction and soon began going out on dates before officially starting to date. After a couple of years later, in 1989, Pat proposed to Lesly and that is where the couple made it clear that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Naturally, Lesly said yes to the proposal, and eventually, the couple got married. In December 1989, on New Year’s Eve day, Lesly and Pat married each other in a very traditional Catholic wedding ceremony surrounded by 150 of their closest friends and families. This marked as their day of love.

A year later, Lesly and Pat welcomed their first child together, a son named Partick Michael James Sajak who was born on September 22, 1990. After about five years, the Brown and Sajak welcomed another baby together, and this time a baby girl. Maggie Marie Sajak was born on January 5, 1995.

The family of four currently lives in Maryland, Lesly’s hometown and are very happy with their lives.

Lesly Brown Career

Brow’s facial and physical attributes always played a huge role in her gathering a lot of attention towards herself, and this always benefited her. As a young woman, she competed and became delegated as Miss Georgetown back in the days. Also, right after graduation, Lesly got offers to appear as a model.

While taking the job as a model here and there, Brown also managed to appear in the Playboy’s Women of Washington in the year November of 1988. This helped Brown with a much-needed exposure because she also highly aspired to become an actress. Lesly also appeared in the Wheel of Fortune, largely because she was the wife of Pat Sajak, the game show’s host.

Apart from that, Lesly is also a jewelry maker who made quite the fortune with her collections. While on the road, Brown thought of studying law and pursuing a career as a law practitioner, her mind diverted towards opening a jewelry business, and that did not go to waste. Later in her career, Brown appeared in the game show to promote her intriguing jewelry designs.

Net Worth

Lesly Brown has quite the career, and we all must acknowledge that deeply. She worked as a model in her early days and also appeared in one of the most longtime running game show called Wheel of Fortune. Apart from that, Lesly also started a career as a jewelry maker, which undoubtedly is a very profitable business.

All of these has gathered Brown with immense riches and also a fortune that many envy her for. At the moment, Lesly has a massive net worth of $1.3 million. However, that is nothing when compared with her husband Pat Sajak’s net worth. The host of Wheel of Fortune currently has a massive net worth of $55 million.

This undoubtedly clarifies that the couple are living a very comfortable life with their children and have no financial problems whatsoever. The whole family loves a good vacation and free time from their daily lives — also, Pat and Brown, nice fancy restaurants.

Lesly Brown Social Reach

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