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Have you, as a commoner, ever wondered what it would feel like when people would consider you as a living legend? A person who has reached the height of that many only dreams of reaching? Well, if you want to know just how exactly that feels, then you have to go no further. The person that we have here today to talk about can tell you everything about that feeling. Before you start scratching your head, let’s just clear it out. The person we have here today is the Basketball legend, Lebron James.

Now, you understand why we said that if you’d ever want to know what exactly it feels like when people consider you as a living legend. That is because Lebron here is the living legend who changed so many people’s perspective towards basketball and what it means to gather success by hard work. The whole world witnessed Lebron’s hardship and his road to success, and everyone loves him very much. He ranks somewhere in the list with Michael Jordan.

Lebron James

Along with mad basketball skills, Lebron also possesses a charm like no other. Warren Buffet, one of the richest person in the whole world, said how charming Lebron is and his intellectual perspective as well. Buffet said that he talked about business more cleverly than most of the MBA students he knew. That shows how diverse of a personality is Lebron. However, about his professional life, most have the idea. But what about his personal life?

How much do you know about Lebron outside of his basketball career? Everyone, even the most famous of celebrities, have their separate personal life, and surely, Lebron has it too. But alas, people are really unaware of it all. But this post shall clear up all the confusion about his personal life.

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Lebron James Early Life, Age

The American basketball legend and a very skilled sportsperson, Lebron James was born on December 30, 1984, in Akron, Ohio, United States of America. At the moment, James is just 34 years old, and it is really astonishing to see how at such a young age, James has managed to reach success height that people cannot even grasp in a lifetime.

Also, James pays extra attention to his health as it is one thing that allows him to perform at his best. Without proper and stable health, it becomes impossible for any athlete to perform at their best level. For this, James makes sure that he eats well and always stay in shape. Thanks to his intense basketball training, everything is covered.

Lebron was born to father Anthony McClelland and mother Gloria Marie James. Unlike many, Lebron’s childhood is a bit on the darker side because of the absence of his father. Anthony McClelland, James’s father, throughout most of his life, remained heavily involved in criminal activities and never actually was present in his life.

Because of this disposition of his family situation, James grew up in a family that always seemed very disturbed. He and his mother struggled financially and always lived on the edge of life. Things did not seem to get any better for James and his mother since Glodia always struggled herself to find a steady job in the town.

At a young age, when James was just a teenager, he moved in with Frank Walker, a local football coach. Frank is also the man who introduced young James to basketball when he was just a child. Since the whole family struggled to make ends meet, Gloria allowed James to move in with Frank but at a great emotional cost.

Lebron James Education, School

After moving in with Frank Walker, James began to play basketball very extensively and also soon, started to compete in competitions as well. James joined the St. Vincent-St. Mary High School as a young child with his three friends. However, while joining the school, people made a massive fuss about this step.

This happened because the school that James joined was a school that predominantly occupied with white students. Despite the feud between races diminished largely over the years, people still used the terms like black people, and white people and James’ move gave everyone a topic to talk about.

While at high school, Lebron did not show any extraordinary skills in the classroom as long as anyone was concerned. James performed as an average kid in studies, but that did not matter much to the basketball giant. While in fifth grade, the averagely performing kid started to participate in organized basketball games.

In no time, young high schooler James began playing in the amateur games and established himself in the group called Fab four with his friends Sian Cotton, Dru Joyce III, and Willie McGee. Stardom for James came early, and all of his hard work and sweat while practicing started to pay off.

However, the career rocketing did not bring to his educational journey as Lebron did not go past studying high school. His basketball career started to rise so rapidly that James could not find time for all the studying that was necessary to put him through college without failing.

So, Lebron did not aim to pursue education until recently. James is very determined to get a college diploma degree now that he is at the epitome of his career. In an interview, James revealed that he intends to get a college degree during his free time.

Personal Life

For such a successful man, you must be certain that he has a massive number of followers, running behind him and also that he has a number of affairs going on. But you should be surprised to hear that Lebron is a one-woman man. Meaning. For the most part of his life, James has had only one woman by his side. And her name is Savannah Brinson.

Lebron and Savannah met during their high school years and then fell in love with each other. Not many believe, but Lebron and Savannah dated for over a decade before things moved on. After roughly dating for 12 years, Lebron proposed Savannah and they got engaged.

On September 14, 2013, Lebron and Savannah married each other in a lavish San Diego wedding ceremony. However, Lebron and Savannah already became parents during senior year in high school. As of now, this power couple has three children; Bryce Maximus James, Zuri James, and Lebron James Jr.

Apart from his marriage with Savannah, Lebron also has other reporter affairs. In 2003, James got engaged to Adrienne Baillon but the love only laster for a year. James also reportedly dated Carmen Ortega and Hencha Voigt and Amber Rose as well.

Lebron James Career

James’ career started very young when he was in high school. James started to play in competitive competitions since fifth grade, and with three equally gifted friends, James became unstoppable. During his time in St. Vincent-St. Mary high school, he also joined the school football team and played as a wide receiver for the team.

James’ play in the school team was also so impressive that major analysts conjectured that he could easily play for the National Football League if he wished to do so. But, his heart lies with basketball, and that is where he aspired to go. In 2003, when trying to get into the bigger leagues, Cleveland Cavaliers became the fortunate ones when they picked James in their team during the NBA draft.

The following year, James also appeared in the Olympics held in Athens, playing from the U.S basketball team. Things were only starting with James, and even then, his skills astonished everyone. First show of his skills came when James hit more than 50 points in one game and also became the youngest to do so.

From 2004 to 2008, James’s career especially skyrocketed when he began to play in major NBA games against some of the most fierce and tough teams. In games where James played, he has successfully ranked wins again teams like Toronto Raptors, Detroit Pistons, Washingon Wizards and more.

During the late 2000s, almost all of the analysts and commentators were praising the gameplay that James showcased in each and every match. One of the ESPN analysts, John Hollinger, said that during 2008-2010, Lebron was having one of the greatest individual seasons in history. This, from an analyst like Hollinger, is something everybody acknowledged.


During Lebron’s career, he has made several changes. Initially, James played with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 2010, when James became a free agent, a mass of teams offered him signings and offerings. After about a week of analyzing and contemplating, James announced that he would join the Miami Heat.

After four years spending time with Miami heat and getting many wins for the team, James once again became a free agent, and this time, he went back and joined his first team, Cleveland Cavaliers. Again in 2010, James went on an opted out of his contract with the team and became a free agent.

He joined the Los Angeles Lakers following his departure from Cleveland Cavaliers. During his career, Lebron received AP Athlete of the Year award three times and also the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award.

Net Worth

Lebron, as we clearly see, has a very prolific career, and one that most people would always dream of having. As of now, Lebron has already established himself as a legendary sports player and is in the list with Michael Jordan. With such a successful career also comes a massive fortune as well.

As of now, James has an astonishing net worth of over $375 million with a reported annual salary that caps somewhere above $30 million. Also, James manages to gather extra money from signing deals with sports brands. In his initial career, James received $90 million as a support deal from Nike.

Name Lebron James
Date of birth December 30, 1984
Birthplace Akron, Ohio, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 6.8 ft
Weight 113 kg
Profession Basketball player
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Capricorn
Measurement 203 cm
Net Worth $375 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @KingJames

Instagram: @kingjames

Facebook: LeBron James


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