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There are only a few people around in the world who have managed to create a massive influence on industries on foreign waters. All because of their talent and other aspects that also help in making a person successful. Who would have thought that dancing can create such a massive impact on a person’s career and make them famous in the whole wide world? Well, the person we talk about today has a similar case. Her name is Lauren Gottlieb, a famous dancer.

Now, for anyone who has some familiarity with dance or any of the entertainment industry things that happen around, you probably remember and know this name. For someone who indulges themselves in this particular field, everything is clear as water to them. But no people are all-knowing, and not everyone has acquaintance with such people. In that case, let us gladly introduce you to Lauren, the amazingly beautiful and flattering personality whom many love.

Lauren Gottlieb

Before we get into anything specifics about her career and talents in general, let’s get this fact out of here. Lauren is immensely beautiful in ways that that are no words in an arrangement that can describe this. In other sense, anyone who sees her remains starstruck and loses their talking ability. As for her career, it is something that requires a lot of time to discuss and also learn about. Want to know what else deserves a separate discussion?

Lauren’s personal life. In this post, we dissect all that there is about Lauren’s personal and professional life. Is there something that Lauren’s fans and followers do not know about? Is it her relationship status? Find out everything that there is about Lauren’s personal life here and also other interesting facts.

Lauren Gottlieb Early Life

One of the most popular and wildly accomplished dancers of the age, Lauren Gottlieb, the ABCD actress, was born on June 8, 1988, in Scottsdale, Arizona, United Staes of America. At the moment, Lauren is 31 years old. But most surprisingly, Lauren deceives her age very much and does not comes off as a person of that age.

Because Lauren still looks so young and has a lot of glow and radiance, people have a hard time believing her age and that she is already in her 30s. But for someone who is always moving around and sweating, exercising through dance, keeping up such a young-looking face and body is a no brainer.

Lauren was born to her parents in Arizona and grew up there for the most part of her childhood. As a result, Lauren is a very native American and has all the traits embedded in her. According to Lauren’s birth details, her astronomical zodiac sign is Gemini. According to popular beliefs, there are many traits Gemini has.

Those beliefs say that people who share this zodiac sign are very much enthusiastic about what they do and what they want to achieve in life. Now, after assessing all the facts related to Gemini, it comes off as something very true and suggestive of Lauren’s nature as well.

When it comes to talking about family, Lauren has a very strict rule of not letting others peek into her personal matters. Because of this boundry that Lauren has imposed on her early life details, getting information regarding her personal life becomes very difficult.

Lauren Gottlieb Education

American parents are very conscious of their children’s education and how they perform in school and college. As Lauren was born to American parents, this remains as a similar scenario for her and Lauren is already pretty familiar with these kind of knicks and knacks.

As a young child, Lauren went to a very reputed high school which promised very good results to parents and looking at all the result that the school put out, it is actually very true about it as well After joining the school, as a young child, Lauren was filled with aspirations of doing great.

While Lauren performed quite notably, she did not, however, establish herself as a remarkable or out of the ordinary range of students. But outside of studies and in other activities, Lauren made sure that she performed very well. After years of hard work, Lauren graduated from high school.

After graduating from the local high school that Lauren joined as a child, Gottlieb started to contemplate her decisions of pursuing higher education via college and university. Unfortunately, her decision on this matter remains hidden as well because Lauren keeps her decision of joining a college secret.

Maybe, let’s hope that next time, Lauren reveals each and every bit about her life and early details as well.

Lauren Gottlieb

Personal Life

Beautiful women usually have someone on their tail all the time, and when someone is as beautiful and charming as Lauren, the numbers suddenly become uncountable. Gottlieb’s fans and followers want to know more about this beauty’s personal life, but does she let anyone?

Well, even though there are certain obstacles, we have managed to penetrate into the personal life of Lauren. At the moment, Lauren is dating a guy named Brian Tanaka, who is also a dancer professionally and also very famous in the industry. While the couple reportedly has an affair going on, there is no concrete evidence of their romance continuing.

Before dating Brian, Lauren reportedly dated Neil Haskell and made a great lover out of him as well. However, things did not go as properly as Gottlieb planned, and the couple separated swiftly and without letting the word out of their split to the public. As of now, there swirl no rumors about Lauren and Brian separating.

Both Gottlieb and Tanaka are very happy with each other and have a wonderful continuing relationship.

Lauren Gottlieb Career

Apart from her personal life, this is also a place where things start to get interesting and take new turns as well. While the whole world knows Lauren as an immaculate dancer, Lauren also introduces herself as an actress. That is right. Although people have not really heard about it much, Lauren is an actress.

Now that we have that fact put aside let’s talk more about this beautiful personality’s career and what helped her become so massively famous as well. Dancing for Lauren started very young as she fell in love with the art of dancing at a very young age of seven years old.

After finding her passion for dancing and deciding to make a career out of it, Lauren worked really hard in this field and became very determined to reach greatness. On her way to success, Lauren made an initial impact on her career when she started to work as an assistant choreographer for Tyce Diorio.

Lauren actually became famous when she competed in the famous dance show called So You Think You Can Dancer in 2005. With the unmatched dancing skill and knowledge that Lauren possessed, she easily made it to the final six contestants on the show. Unfortunately, Lauren did not win the show, but that does not mean she did not come out of it as a winner.

When it comes to her acting career, things are similarly positive for Lauren. Gottlieb’s first appearance was in a show called Ghost Whisperers. Along with that, Lauren also appeared in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Most notably, Lauren appeared in a Bollywood movie called ABCD, and her fame immensely skyrocketed.

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Net worth

In this age, people usually measure success by the number of followers that one person has and also their lifestyle on social media as well. Other than, people also look at their work life and how it’s booming over the years. However, one of the most precise and well-known methods is by the help of assessing a person’s net worth.

Lauren may look like a sweet girl who loves to sway to the beat and make everyone look at her, undistracted, however; she has a lot under the hood. Over the years, Lauren has managed to gather a large sum of money from her acting career and most notably, from her dancing career,

Unfortunately, her net worth at the moment remains unknown and totally mysterious to her friends and family. Because of that, we all remain in a dilemma when it comes to her riches. But looking at her social media life, Lauren lives very luxuriously and comfortably.


Name Lauren Gottlieb
Date of birth June 8, 1988
Birthplace Scottsdale, Arizona, United States of America
Ethnicity American
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Dancer
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Gemini
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Social Reach

Twitter: @LaurenGottlieb

Instagram: @laurengottlieb

Facebook: Lauren Gottlieb


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