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Having an acting profession is not an easy job, but it is not less than one of the most exciting job ever which we could find. It might be the reason why Laurel Coppock chose it as her career. People say playing on a screen, making others happy, entertaining other is the best job to do. However, some people try their hard to come in frame whereas, some people do not do anything. They got lucky to the height level.

Even a small thing like a small role in a movie or commercial can turn people in overnight to be successful. Therefore, Laurel Coppock has also the same story. She has experienced a maximum height after appearing as fun and aspiring employee, Jan in the Toyota commercial. Not only this, she is not famous for her ad. She has also been the part of many films and movies series including ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and ‘Modern Family.’

Laurel Coppock

Laurel Coppock is a dynamic worker where she always used to be serious about her career and all other. She is born in the family of well-established. Thus, she did not have to make any extra effort on her living during her childhood. She is not only an actor but also she is also a director whereas, she is also famous for the group and a show The Groundlings.

Personal Specification For Laurel Coppock

  • Full Name                                                     Laurel Coppock
  • Age                                                             48 years ten months
  • Birth Date                                                    August 22, 1970
  • Horoscope                                                   Leo
  • Birth Place                                                  United States of America
  • Mother’s Name                                            Susan Coppock
  • Education                                                    Colby College
  • Profession                                                   Actress and Director
  • Height                                                        5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
  • Salary                                                        not disclosed
  • Net Worth                                                   $ 1 Million
  • Ethnicity                                                     Caucasian
  • Nationality                                                  American
  • Weight                                                        58 kg
  • Hair Color                                                    Blonde
  • Eye Color                                                     Blue
  • Waist Size                                                    24 Inch
  • Bra Size                                                      32 Inches
  • Hip Size                                                      34 Inches
  • Husband                                                     Bobby Mort
  • Siblings                                                      Emily Coppock (sister), Selena Coppock                                                                       (sister)
  • Marital Status                                               Married
  • Occupation                                                  Actor, Director
  • Children                                                      one
  • Education                                                    Weston High School, Colby College,                                                                              Square Acting Conservatory
  • Divorced                                                      Not Yet
  • Gay/ Lesbian                                                No


  • Mike Tyson Mysteries                                                       2016-2017
  • ‘History of the World… For Now’                                                 2016
  • Hot in Cleveland                                                                      2015
  • Adam Devine’s House Party                                                       2013
  • Arrested Development                                                              2013
  • 2 Broke Girls                                                                            2012
  • Hart of Dixie                                                                            2012
  • Comedy Jam                                                                           2012
  • Zeke and Luther                                                                      2012
  • How to Cheat on Your Wife                                                       2012
  • The Office                                                                               2012
  • Modern Family                                                                         2011
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love.                                                                 2011
  • Workaholics                                                                            2011
  • The Daily Habit                                                                       2008
  • Talk show with Spike Feresten                                                  2008
  • Downers Grove                                                                       2008
  • Food Chain                                                                             2008
  • UCB Comedy Originals                                                             2007
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm                                                              2007
  • Derek and Simon; The Show                                                     2007

Early Life Of Laurel Coppock

Everybody has not the same comfortable life. Some have the presence of full of struggle, whereas some do not. Some work hard to make their career in their early life where few don’t have to do anything. Talking about the early life of laurel Coppock, we can not see any hard work that she has to do. August 22, 1970, was the date where Laurel first cried and existed to the world. She was born in the United States of America. She was the daughter of Susan Coppock. Talking about Susan Coppock, she is a dancer and Broadway Actress. As Laurel’s mother was also from the same field, it was not hard to make her career due to this.

Talking about her family, the name of her father is a mystery. There is no information about her father in any of the social media and sites. Her family consists of five members, including her, where two of them were her sister. Selena Coppock and Emily Coppock were the two sisters of Laurel.

Selena is a standup comedian whereas Emily is an art dealer and appraiser. Laurel passed her childhood on the East Coast alongside her sister. She is an American by Nationality where she belongs to Caucasian ethnicity.


Education is the thing that everyone needs to make their career. Without knowledge, it is like a ship without a rudder. Regarding the education of Laurel, she has passed the good knowledge experienced from most of the reputed country. She has studied at Weston High School during her high school period. Later she went Colby College in Maine and Square Acting Conservatory in New York City where she passed her college level. After she moved from the Colby College in Maine, she again studied and played comedy in Chicago at Second City and ImproveOlypic. After her this much of achievements in the education sector, she still went to make her career and started to her job where she was interested.

Career Of Laurel Coppock

As mentioned already above, she started making her career right after the completion of her education. As she was a dynamic and hard worker, she prepared to become one of the critical characters in Hollywood movies as well as in many of the plays. She has played in several films and movie, series and even in many of the advertisement. However, the most significant achievement and started to become famous after the ad in Toyota.

Laurel Coppock started her acting career from the movie called “Food Chain” which is one of the comedy movie categories. Thus, she began in 2008 in the same film. After this great success, she started with more severe and made several films and movies which is already listed above. Therefore, after the video named “Food Chain,” she again showed a part of Sophia in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” After a year, she still acted in the movie called “Comedy Jam” in the role of Carol Trotter in 2012.

Furthermore, she was also available in many of the television series and plays. Laurel Coppock is famous for starring in the Television series named after “The Office,” “Hot in Cleveland,” “Arrested Development,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and many more. She also played in many of the film theater with the theater group. She was an individual from “The Groundling” which was also one of the non-benefit spontaneous creation and representations comic dram theater group.

Afterward Career

She was also the co-maker of a web arrangement “The Break Womb.” This arrangement was on Youtube. Besides the acting career, she also went to for commercial advertisements. She went to features for her ads of Toyota Group. Moreover, she was famous as “Toyota’s Jan.” she even got the chance to get highlighted in the second project of Toyota. She was in the limelight in Toyota’s second commercial “Science Project.”

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Net Worth and Salary

Every person does not want to make his/her income flashed among different member. They want to keep it as a secret and want to hide from others even from a family member. Likewise, Laurel Coppock was also of the same character. She tried to keep thing beside the media and other public ever. However, from the different source of internet and social media, it was proved that she had the net worth of 1 million dollars till today’s date. Talking about the salary that Laurel earns is still unknown. However, she has not said to anyone of the person. But looking at her work, passion, and many more, she could have earned the excess amount of money that is for her daily living and living standard.

Rumors and Controversy Of Laurel Coppock

News is such a thing that can ruin a person’s life. Controversy can create a huge misunderstanding among people. Talking about the stories and discussion, Laurel was able to maintain a vast difference between them. She was able to keep her personal and professional life separate so that no rumors get created. Thus, Laurel has also gained success in it. Coming through the most talented actress Laurel, she has got no rumors and controversy regarding her personal and professional life. Furthermore, moreover, Laurel has not been in any debate yet. Thus wish she will not have in the future.

Body Measurement

Most of the people who appear in the movie and series has to maintain their body structure. To look attractive and also to support healthy living people who appear in so-called film celebrity always want to make their body structure healthy and enjoyable. Talking about Laurel body measurement and appearance, she is found more attractive in real life rather than on the screen. She has a perfect height, weight shape, and size according to age. Maintaining her height of 5 feet 6 inches it is called measured in another way that is she has 1.68 meters of altitude. She weighs 58 kg, which is also the perfect height and weight according to age.

Laurel is also attractive in other ways. She also has got the perfect body figure. Coppock has the body size of 34-24-35 inches. With blonde hair and blue eye color, she is an attractive woman.

Social Media

As Laurel Coppock is a successful woman, it is apparent that she could be following by several people. But as she does not want to public her other side of her life, she has not been connected to social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But she has got the fan page where more than 5.3k people follow her.


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