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Laura Slade Wiggins smile is just bewitching, and you know it. You know it very well don’t you because you have followed that wonderful and beautiful actress for the past many years. But Laura is not only just an actress, but she is also a musician who plays guitar pretty nicely and a singer as well. That is one talented woman right there.

And here we thought we couldn’t love this beautiful woman anymore. Honestly, Laura Slade just leaves us wondering how could someone be so flawless and highly talented in terms of so many things at the same time. Is she really of this planet and sure that she’s isn’t some extremely beautiful and talented goddess in the form of a human body?

Laura Slade Wiggins

That may obviously sound like an exaggeration, but to us, it makes sense. We have seen Laura Slade many times. She has appeared in movies like Dance of the Dead, 20th Century Women, Cradle Swapping, Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. Also on other famous TV shows like Shameless, The Tomorrow People, Law & Order: Special Victim Unit, Starving in Suburbia and others.

However, there are still die-hard fans out there who remain unclear when it comes to Laura’s personal life. Tell us, when it comes to Laura, how many of you know her from a personal level? Do you happen to know who her boyfriend or husband is or is Laura already married? These are one of the most pressing questions about Laura, and this post clears out all confusion right here and now.

Everything about Laura Slade comes out crystal clear, and all you do is read onwards.

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Laura Slade Wiggins Early Life

American actress Laura Slade Wiggins was born on August 8, 1988, in Athens, Georgia, the United States of America and she is currently 30 years old. Laura’s birth sign zodiac is Leo, and she shares a white ethnicity. Laura was born to father Mark Wiggins and her mother, Kathy Wiggins. Slade’s mother Kathy is a very famous and noted attorney in Athens.

Slade grew up with her parents and brother named Motie Wiggins, and her childhood never included any major PTSD causing or critical trauma. Laura’s parents always treated her and her brother very nicely, and they worked very hard to meet all the requirements of Laura and Motie while growing up.

Since both her parents are American natives who were also born and raised in America, Laura has a very secular history. Her parents also share American nationality, and so does Laura since she was born in the US. Both her parents hail from white ethnicity, and as mentioned, Laura also shares white ethnicity.

Unfortunately, more information regarding her early life with her parents remains a mystery as she never openly talks about her childhood very often. Slade does not talk about her family in an interview or discuss her parents on any social media sites. For the moment, we only know her parent’s names and nothing more than that.

Until Laura Slade talks about her early life and childhood explicitly, every other information or detail about her childhood remains a secret. Till then, all we are able to do is anticipate and speculate.

Laura Slade Wiggins Education

Slade grew up in a very friendly and loving family environment where her parents always loved and cared for her and her brother Motie. They also, like any other parents, emphasized on the importance of education to her and her sibling from a very young age. This created a mindset for her and sparked a willingness to go to school and college for education.

Laura enrolled at a local high school in Georgia, and there she studied very hard. Shortly, Laura started becoming the favorite of many teachers, and everyone liked her as well. During her high school days, Laura also engaged herself in various extra activities. Back in the days, Slade became a member of the Oconee Youth Playhouse, which was a community theatre.

This is where her interest in acting began to bud and rise more and more. After graduating from high school, Laura looked forward to continuing her studies and making the most out of her time. High school graduation left her with a newly fulfilled enthusiasm to go to college.

Slade enrolled at the Pasadena City College in California. However, we do not know what she majored in during her college days. So on so, we do not even have any idea if Laura even completed her college education. Until Laura tells all, we believe that she successfully graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree.

Name Laura Slade Wiggins
Date of birth August 8, 1988
Birthplace Athens, Georgia, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.2 ft
Weight 43 kg
Profession Actress
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Leo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $2 million


Personal Life

Many men might get into shock when they hear this, but Laura Slade is not available for anyone except for one particular man, and his name is Kyle Weishaar. From a professional perspective, Kyle Weishaar is a professional stuntman who has worked for several famous Hollywood stars.

The couple met back in 2008 while working for Sony TX7. The project also featured Taylor Swift, so it was a massive project to start with. Laura and Kyle met again after seven years in 2015 and started maintaining contact. After some months, both realized that they liked each other more than just casual friends.

Post-dating for a couple of years, Laura and Kyle got engaged and married in 2018. Wiggins and Weishaar’s wedding happened very intimately, and only the ones who Laura and Kyle invited, and some of their friends and family knew about the wedding. The wedding took place at the Smithsonian Farm in Georgia.

The couple are very happily married at the moment. Both constantly talk about how lucky they are to find one another and to get to spend their lives always together as husband and wife. There are no rumors about split or divorce at the moment. Laura and Kyle are also taking their time with starting a family of their own.


In 2006, Laura made her first TV appearance with Not Like Everyone Else, a TV series. In the TV series, Laura portrays the character of Kimberly, and everyone loved her work very much. The following year, Laura appeared in another TV series called Girl, Positive in which she portrayed the role of Lindsey Carter.

Critics praised both her appearances and from there Laura started her professional acting career. In 2008, Laura appeared in another TV series called Eleventh Hour as Belinda. However, the same year, Laura appeared on the big screens in a  movie called Dance of the Dead as one of the best friends of the character in the movie.

Even though Laura made her appearance in movies, she particularly prioritized TV shows more. But, from 2008 to 2010, Laura took a break from acting and focused on herself and her career as a musician and singer. This allowed her to explore a large array of business industry and gather experience.

In 2011, Laura got back with acting again and appeared in Day of the Living as Amy and in Shameless as Karen Jackson. Laura appeared in Shameless as Karen Jackson for a total of 30 episodes from 2011 to 2013. This served as one of the most noted works of Laura.

Since then, Laura appeared in other TV shows such as Copper and Stone, The Finder, Blackbox TV, The Cheating Pact, The Tomorrow People, Law & Order: Special Victim Unit, Intelligence. Another one of her major roles is as Zoe Tate in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation from 2010 to 2014.

Most recently, Laura appeared in Chicago P.D. as Juliana. When it comes to the movie, Laura has appeared in The Ganzfeld Haunting, Hard Drive 20th Century Women, Cradle Swapping. Most R, recently Laura appeared in Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase.

Social Reach

Twitter: @lauraslade11

Instagram: @lswiggins

Facebook: Laura Slade Wiggins

Laura Slade Wiggins Net Worth

As discussed, Laura Slade has a pretty successful career going on for her. Slade worked for more than a decade in this industry, and people love her very much for all the work she put into her acting career. All this ultimately fueled her roles and brought all the characters that she portrayed to live.

However, Laura did not only earn success, fans, and followers, but she also has managed to earn a very hefty fortune for herself. As of now, Laura has a massive net worth of $2 million, and the numbers keep growing because she is still very active in her career.


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