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Laura Rutledge was born on the 2nd of October 1998 in St. Petersburg, Florida, the United States of America. Her zodiac sign is Libra. She is the winner of an American beauty pageant. With her beautiful nature, she was able to win the title of Miss Florida in the year 2012. Also, she is famous because she was married to a professional baseball player called Josh Rutledge.

Laura Rutledge

Nationality and Ethnicity

Laura was born in the United States of America. Her nationality is American as she holds the citizenship of the United States of America. Talking about her ethnicity, she is from the white-American nationality.

Following that, she also appeared on the Orange Bowl between Oklahoma and Alabam with the popular Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Flower and Maria Taylor who were the sideline reporters. This popular program got aired on ESPN. Then, she got millions of fan followings who praised her for wearing Jordan 11 Concords.

Family Life

Laura has a very private life. Keeping her life secret and private, she can live a living out of her family. This popular lady has not revealed about her family. There is no information regarding her parents and her siblings that is available on the internet or any other media. Hence, she lives a life where she has not exposed even a single thing about her family.

Early Life

Laura Rutledge had an extraordinary early life. She experienced her early life in the city of St. Petersburg in Florida. There would be no clue if her early life was right or not as she has not even revealed a thing about her parents, siblings, and her early days. No information regarding her childhood days is available. Hence, this celebrity has hidden her life well. Her degree is fantastic, and because of that, she can pursue her life in a better way.

Education History

When it comes to her education, she is a graduate. She obtained her graduation from Florida University. Her degree was good, and she was an eligible student. Broadcast Journalism was her field of education.


Laura Rutledge has a shining career. She has an excellent job as a journalist and a model too. While she was at the start of her career, she firstly hosted the show, SD lives, and she was the producer of the same show also. The show first started at the Fox Sports Channel of the San Diego. Then, she worked as a reporter who is sideline for the Fox News Channel. It covered the Fox broadcasts of the Tampa Bay Rays at the initials. In the present context, it includes San Diego Padres games.

Moreover, she was also the host of the favorite show, Coors Light Post Game on the Fox College Football channel in 2014, and she hosted half of the time of the programming for the favorite FSN college football games. Also, she worked as a sideline reporter of the popular ESPN channel. In that channel, she covered the Southeastern Conference in the year 2014. Then, she worked as a reporter on SEC Network and ESPN.

Hence, her career is decent as she lives a good life and has focused much on her career.

Laura Rutledge; Net Worth

Laura Rutledge has a perfect life. In her professional life, she is very successful. Her salary is excellent, and she has a great experience. But, this lady has not revealed much about her salary. But, according to the reports given by the media, she has an annual salary of more than 400,000 dollars from her profession. In the year 2019, she has become very successful. This beautiful personality lives a lavish life as her job is right, and she can manage her life in quite the right way. Hence, her estimated net worth is about 0.5 million dollars. It includes the money she has on the bank, her property, and her salary. Thus, she lives a luxurious life, as her net worth is excellent.

 Body Measurements

Laura Rutledge has useful and appealing body features. She has a height that is admired by everyone. Also, she has the shape of a model as she won the titles of a different beauty pageant. Her height is nearly 5 feet and 10 inches, which are approximate, 1.78 meters. Talking about her weight, she weighs about 59 kilograms. This weight is right for her height, and she looks perfect.

Moreover, when it comes to her body statistics, she measures 35 inches in chest, 24 inches in waist and 36 inches in the hip. She has body features that are admired by everyone. In her soft and bold body, she has a pair of brown eyes which is perfect. Also, her hair is blond, and that adds more to her beauty. Her hair and her eyes suit perfectly on her face. Hence, her body measurements are perfect.

Rumors and Controversies

Laura Rutledge is a very well known personality in the United States of America. She is the winner of a beauty pageant, and she can attract many people. Also, she is the wife of a famous baseball player. Because of that, she was able to gain a lot of fame. But, even if she has achieved very much popularity and reputation, there is no anything about this popular girl that has been the rumor as talked by the local people. Hence, her life is free of scandals and controversies, and she lives a good experience.

Awards and Achievements

There are no notable awards that Laura Rutledge has achieved yet. She has no significant achievements in her life too. Hence, there is no remarkable awards and success that she has received in her life.

Relationship Status

Laura Rutledge was married to a professional American baseball player called Josh Alan Rutledge. He was very active as a baseball player. When he was playing baseball, he played for the favorite team of Colorado Rockies and Boston Red Sox. From his small age, he was fond of baseball. When he was in his early days, he won in the baseball championship of his high school. As he won the tournament with Cullman High School, he got into the college baseball team of his college because he got a very high recognization. In that time, he was playing for Alabama Crimson Tide Baseball team. Then, as soon as she completed his journey there, he started playing baseball professionally on the professional league in the year 2012.

During Josh Alan’s professional baseball playing days, he met his sweetheart, Laura. At the time, she was on duty, and they responded. He feels glad that she has good taste in career choices, and she has embraced it. This guy is younger than his wife as he was born on the 29th of April 1989. He won other medals too in the baseball team. In the year 2018, he retired after he was released by the favorite team Sacramento River Cats.

Thus, these two people have a perfect marriage life. They are living a good experience in their marriage life, and they get a successful marriage. This couple got married in the year 2013. Since then, they are living a happy married life. They spend a good time together, but they do not have any children yet.

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Social Media Reach

Laura Rutledge is a famous social media personality. She is active in various social media sites. Mostly, she is active in social platforms like; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her appearance on social media sites is very appealing. Talking about her fan bases and her followers, she has over 40K followers on Facebook. When it comes to Instagram account, she has over 90.5 K followers, which is quite a significant amount of people following her. Also, her Twitter account has more than 140K followers. Hence, her social media reach is perfect, and she has many fans in her social media.


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