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Lacey Nicole Chabert or just Lacey Chabert is the actress that in the most probable scenario, everyone loves. She is famous as an America actress, singer, and voice actor and does everything quite perfectly. Above, she appeared on sever Hallmark movies and needless to say, has a lot of fans from there only.

While talking about her skills may never end, it adds with the beauty she possesses. Have you ever just sit back and look at Lacey? How can someone be so beautiful and charming? Those piercing gaze, vivacious smile and a flawless facial structure in general. Lacey is one of the most beautiful women ever to exist. Period.

Lacey Chabert

But, there are bigger questions than this we are discussing today. Her professional life details as mentioned earlier are very extensive and not to mention, famous as well as general knowledge for fans. Want to know what is remains unknown about this beautiful woman?

Her personal life. Many questions who is Lacey Chabert behind all the acting and cameras? These are the things that we are going to discuss here now. Everything there is about the personal life of Lacey Chamber. Her married life and husband if she has any and also other details such as her bio and net worth.

Lacey Chabert Personal Life

Lacey Chabert personal has long stayed a question that not many have been able to answer successfully. Well, that is about to change today. If you do not believe in fairytales making it into reality, then you should better start working on it as Lacey’s personal life is no less than a typical fairytale.

But where to start from because there are only so many things to talk about her picking one particular thing seems very hard. But, for the sake of all the fans and followers who so religiously follow Lacey, we will do our best.

To make it all as confusion free as possible, let’s start from her married life. Oh. Did you not know Lacey Chabert was married? You are in from a treat today. All you will have to do is keep reading.

Lacey Chabert

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Lacey Chabert Married

Lacey Chabert is married, and her marriage happened with the man she has known for a good part of her entire life. However, like most celebrities around, Lacey tries to keep her personal life a little more private than usual.

But, when there is a will, there is a way, and we’ve found the essential details, exclusively for you. Lacey is married to a man called David Nehdar. If you are scratching your head, frowning that you do not know this name, then do not feel alone.

There are a bunch of people who do not know David Nehdar as he neither is a celebrity, nor someone who strives for it. Lacey and her beau David Nehdar managed to sneak out of the prying public eyes and get married in privacy.

Lacey tied the knot to David, and the couple swapped their vows in 2013. The romance filled the air in an intimate wedding ceremony that only the couple’s close family and friends attended. However, the location and theme of the couple’s wedding remain undisclosed.

Before Marriage

Celebrities have all kind of stories, and they are quite entertaining as well. While some meet in the park while walking their dog, some meet at a restaurant and instantly fall in love. However, as much as everyone like to hear a good love story, Lacey is not interested in giving one.

The actress as mentioned keeps her personal life very private, and there are not many things that people know about her. But, again, for the sake of her fans and followers, we have dug out some interesting details about this couple.

According to sources, Lacey and David were longtime best friends before the romance took over and steered the wheel. While Lacey was working on her career as an actress, David supported her to the brim and beyond to make sure that Lacey was not alone.

While many people fear the “friend zone” these days and think it is impossible to get out, David is an icon. He demonstrates how a man should focus on helping and building a friend. Doing anything with greed will always, always result in a bad relationship.

Lacey Chabert

Lacey and David Family

Lacey and David married back in 2013, and it is already quite the road they have traveled till now. Do they have a family together? Of course, they have their respective parents, but we are talking about their family “together.”

As it happens, the couple does. In early 2016, news hit the media when Lacey took it to Instagram to share one of the most blissful news any married couple can receive. Lacey revealed in February of 2016 that she was expecting a baby.

Naturally, friends and family started congratulating her on the good news and Lacey, and David was over the moon. This was the first time Lacey and David received the news of pregnancy despite being married for so long.

Months later in September of the same year, the couple became for the first time. On September 9, 2016, Lacey and David welcomed their first child together with a baby girl that they decided to name Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar. Lacey decided to name her first born after her mother’s name.

Let’s also learn more about the couple’s current relationship status as so many celebrities around get married, have children and eventually confront their differences. Which ultimately leads to getting a divorce. Do Lacey and husband share the same fate?


Married in 2013, the couple has come a long way now and have a child of their own. But divorce happens even to people who stayed married for decades. It is unpredictable, but like Lacey and David, they can avoid it.

Marriage needs work which Lacey and David know perfectly well. They are not among the ones who do nothing, lying around and think everything will work on its own. The couple manages their schedules, take time out for each other and most importantly, know what to value most.

All that led to one thing for the couple. No rumors as of now for divorce. Lacey is living very happily with David and their daughter Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar. If you have a problem remembering the name of their daughter, you can just call her Julia Nehdar.

Lacey Chabert


Lacey Chabert Bio

American actress Lacey Chabert was born on September 30, 1982, in Purvis, Mississippi, United States of America. She was born to Italian, English descent father and Scottish, Italian, and English descent mother. Lacey Chabert is currently 36 years old and has a younger brother and two older sisters.

Her earliest credit is playing Erica Kane’s daughter in All My Children. Before making her big screen debut, Lacey appeared as Cosette in Les Misérables on Broadway. She appeared as Claudia in Party of Five in 1994 from where she started getting more attention.

Lacey is also a voice actress and has given voice to Family Guy character Meg Griffin and Melanie Staples in Scooby-Doo! Mecha Mutt Menace. Her most famous work includes Baby Daddy, Family Fortune, Still The King, Love, Romance, & Chocolate and many more.

Lacey Chabert

Net Worth

With such an extensive career in this entertainment biz, Lacey has gathered a lot of fame and fortune. While some sources claim her net worth is $4 million, others believe she has an estimated net worth of $9 million.


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