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The world has, most graciously, provided us with very handsome men always, and this century is no different. We have the likes of Kyle Griffin, one of the currently existing journalists who manage to raise the heartbeat of many women out there and for all the good reason. If you’ve seen Kyle Griffin at least once, you would probably know all about that.

Griffin has all the attributes that ladies please and wish for in a man. Those chiseled jawlines that is as sharp as a Japanese knife, perfect stubble to run hands across, that handsome, manly mustache and overall beauty as a man. Truth be told, Kyle Griffin is a dream come true for everyone, yes even for men too.

Kyle Griffin

Now, who wouldn’t want to date this handsome young journalist? Ladies get in line please. As a producer and journalist, Kyle Griffin is not only unbearingly handsome but also very successful as well and what more a man needs to be apart from looking good and being successful. But there seems a catch, especially for ladies.

It looks like there are rumors about Kyle’s sexuality, and people claim that Griffin is actually a gay man with a gay lover. Is that true? Kyle Griffin, a gay man? For anyone who does not know, don’t fear because we have all the answers right here about Kyle Griffin. Everything you want ever to learn about this one of a kind man lies right here, and all you have to do is read on.

The answer to Kyle Griffin’s personal life right here. But first, let’s talk about who Griffin is.

Early Life

American journalist and producer Griffin was born on July 10, 1986, in New York, United States of America. At the moment, Griffin is 32 years old, and his zodiac sign is Cancer since he was born in early July. As a kid, Kyle grew up in a very loving family environment that never let him become severely upset.

Kyle was born to parents, father Harry P. Griffin and mother Janice L. Griffin. His parents are very humble people and raised Kyle to be a very good Christian boy as a kid.

Growing up, Kyle’s parents always taught him to believe in god and have utter faith in whatever happens in life, happens for good. Griffin’s parents are American native and belong to white ethnicity. Since his parents share white ethnicity, Griffin also shares the same ethnicity and shares American nationality.

Unfortunately, Griffin is very secretive about his early family life and does not like to talk about it. Because of this, his followers are banished from any substantial information regarding his early life. Why Griffin decides to keep his personal life to himself is a matter of mystery, of course.

Furthermore, other information regarding his parents also remains a secret as Griffin does not talk about his family. This also keeps any information about his siblings in the shadows. We currently have no idea if Kyle Griffin has any siblings or not. As of now, until Griffin reveals, we believe he is the only child of his parents.

Kyle Griffin


Kyle always wanted to work creatively and among people. While watching TV, the concept of journalism mesmerized Kyle, and he always dreamed about becoming like the person he would see on the TV screen. Moreover, his parents also successfully imprinted on the importance of education held.

With all the guidance, Kyle’s educational path became very clear. As a young kid, Griffin joined the local high school famous for its great exam scores delivery. While in high school, Kyle established himself as mischevious but still a very bright student and teachers love him for it.

He also took part in extra activities outside of studies and liked to make friends everywhere he went. After years, Kyle graduated from high school with considerably scores that allowed him to apply for high-end colleges. After high school graduation, Kyle went on to join the St. Rose college, where he took communication and English as major subjects.

After about four years, Kyle graduated from college, and his thirst for knowledge did not stop there. Followed by graduating from college with a degree in Communications and English, Griffin enrolled for a two years long Master’s degree. Griffin enrolled at the George Washington University and took Strategic Public Relations as major.

Again, Kyle graduated with notable marks and successfully completed his master’s degree in Public Relations.

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Personal Life

Here comes the question that most of the women out there fear and most of the men from the LGBT community wish to know about. Is Kyle Griffin gay or straight? Either way, nobody here is lucky except for that one person that Griffin is currently taken. That is right people; young Griffin is not available for anyone.

And Kyle Griffin is also a gay man. As an outgoing and extroverted personality, Griffin never tried to hide his sexuality and always remained an open book to people he cared about and loved. Also, he never thought of hiding his sexuality as a gay man. As discussed earlier, he is also taken.

By taking, we mean Kyle is married. This handsome hunk married a man named Joel, who is also a gay man. Kyle and Joel met for the first time in the early 2010s. Kyle and his husband married at the Lucas Confectionary which is a restaurant in Troy, New York. To talk about his husband, Joel is also in the journalism field.

Professionally, Joel is an online editor and writer who is very skilled in his craft. Griffin and Joel do not have any children right now, and if they wish to have one, use of surrogate is the way to go. Kyle and Joel live very happily in their home in New York and balance work and marriage perfectly.

Kyle Griffin

Kyle Griffin Career

Griffin started his career as an assistant career way before his education completed. He started working as an assistant producer and joined the WNYT network, where he worked for about seven years as a freelancer. A freelancer usually means working without any commitment, and whenever required.

After his career started to fruit and branch out, Kyle started to gather experience as much as possible, and for that, he needed other jobs. So with the determination to enhance his portfolio, Kyle joined the MSNBC network and worked there for about seven months before moving to its parent company NBC News.

Griffin worked at the NBC News for a proper 14 months and established himself in the market as a competent producer. With a resume that included some of the most high profile networks, Griffin established himself as a very desirable candidate wherever he went.

After NBC News, Grifin started to develop a product of his own and started his own monologues for Reverend Al Sharpton. In 2012, Griffin began working with Yahoo in Australia. Kyle does not mind going to places when it is work that is taking him. As an associate producer, Kyle did not stay very long with Yahoo. Kyle currently works for MSNBC and looks after different segments of The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.

Kyle Griffin

Net Worth

As we have already seen, the young personality has a lot of experience in the journalism field and with extensive experience comes a bigger chunk of fortune as well. Now, you guess. How much would a person like Kyle Griffin earn? Given his work ethics and his work experience. Very high right.

Unfortunately, Kyle does not talk about his incomes much and does not reveal it to the media to enjoy. Griffin rather keeps the details of his riches to himself and well, enjoys them privately. But considering the fact that he is living very comfortably with his husband suggests that he has a net worth in millions.

Name Kyle Griffin
Date of birth July 10, 1986
Birthplace New York, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Journalist
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Cancer
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Social Reach

Twitter: @kylegriffin1

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: Kyle Griffin


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