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Kyle Chrisley was born on 9th of August 1991, in southern California, the United States of America. His zodiac sign is Virgo. He is a well known Television personality in America. Chrisley Knows Best was the show of his father, and he was famous for his acting in the show. Also, his father was an outstanding real estate businessman. He came to the highlight after his appearance on the show, Chrisley knows the Best.

Kyle Chrisley

Nationality and Ethnicity

Kyle Chrisley holds the citizenship of the United States of America. He is the citizens of America, and his nationality is American. This popular actor’s ethnicity is white, and he belongs to a native American family.

Kyle Chrisley; Family Life

Kyle Chrisley had quite a food family life. He was the son of a rich and well-established man in the United States of America. Todd Chrisley was his father, and he was the director of the reality show, Chrisley Knows Best. Julie Chrisley was his mother, and she was a homemaker. His father and mother had married in 1996, but after they got him, they were divorced. In the name of siblings, Kyle had four siblings, and his parents had five children. The four siblings of Kyle are; Chase Chrisley, Lindsie Chrisley, and Savannah Chrisley. When Kyle Chrisley was in his early teens, he went to the Samoa and Asia with the Red Cross to do some charity work. Hence, he certainly had a proper family life.

Early Life

When he was at a very young age, he was featured at the cast of this family TV show by his father, Chrisley Knows the Best. This was a family reality show. Because of this show, he got into the entertainment industry from a very young age. Also, it started creating his fans, and he got well established in the entertainment industry form an early age. But, from his small age, he was so troublesome that he caused people massive troubles. He also created difficulties on-screen and people criticized him for that.

Education History

Talking about the education history of this pretty boy in Hollywood, he has not revealed anything yet. He does not tell anything about his personal life. People came to know about his family only because of his father. He has not yet revealed his education history as well. There are no chances of him showing his education history.

Kyle Chrisley; Career

Kyle Chrisley was into acting since his childhood days. He made through his acting career because of his father. His father started a new show based on his family, which was known was Chrisley knows the Best. It was a family reality show, and because of this, Chrisley was able to progress in the field of acting in a short time. The first show of this family reality show got released on the 11th of March 2014.

So, his career got established as an actor from a very young age. Till today, he is doing great in this field because of his constant dedication and efforts. He is hardworking despite that she had been troublesome and was accused of drugs and jailed.

 Awards and Achievements

He has not received any kinds of notable awards yet. But, he was in the limelight. Despite being in the spotlight, he had not contributed much to the Hollywood industry, so there are no awards given to him by the Hollywood industry to date. Also, there are no major achievements of him that is remarkable.

Social Media Reach

Kyle Chrisley is a very low-key and secretive person. He has his confidential stuff kept within himself. Social media is not of his kind as it brings people from the world together to know his thing. So, he is not active on social media. He does not have any social media account too. There are no records of him having an official Instagram account. Also, his Facebook account got limited within his family and close friends only. This TV personality does not have any records of being on Twitter too.

Body Measurements

He is very handsome. He has a fantastic personality. Being bought up in the right family, he has a personality that can attract anyone. When things are about his height, his height is 5 feet and 10 inches, which is approximately 1.78 meters. He has a pair of blue that that makes his fair look shine like a diamond. So, this handsome guy rules the heart of many girls.

Kyle Chrisley; Net Worth

Kyle Chrisley was in involved in the field of acting since his early age. He was quite generous about this profession. Working in the reality show, Chrisley Knows the Best and The Real he was able to collect a considerable sum of money. By this on-screen appearance and his music career, he was able to add more to his existing property. He had an abundant life since his childhood and still lives a luxurious life as he has earned a lot. When he was a child, his father’s winning was high, due to which all his requirements got fulfilled.

He lives with his wife on a 3000-foot house in Atlanta, Georgina, the United States of America. Even if his salary is not known yet and is under review, his net worth has been out to the public. According to the media, his net worth is estimated to be more than 3 million dollars, which is quite a considerable sum of money.

Relationship Status

Kyle looks handsome and gorgeous. He was involved with Alexis Whilby Chrisley. They two got into a relationship for a long time and finally in 2014; they got married. With the constant support of his life, he formed a music duo and named it Lexi and Kyle Chrisley. Also, on that very year, he released his single and called it Shame On You. With the view to promote the name of their band, this couple had to make a collaborative Facebook account. They then made an official Facebook account to help under the name Kyle and Alexis.

Moreover, he had other relationships too. He was in a love affair with Angela Victoria Johnson. He has a daughter named Chloe Chrisley from his ex-girlfriend. They had a smooth and easy going relationship at the beginning. However, their relationship went better, and they had to end. According to the rumors, they separated because of his drug addiction. He even lost the custody of his daughter, and Tod won the care of his grandfather and started looking after her. It was on the favor of his little princess that her life would be better with her grandfather. But, Kyle Chrisley began claiming his father as a snake for taking his daughter away.

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Rumors and Controversies

He had a lot of stories and controversies in his life. Because of his drug addiction, his wife had to give up on him and their small family. Also, she failed the custody of her child, and neither did he win. Todd, his father, had to look upon their daughter. His daughter got separated from the love of both mother and father at a very early age, and people criticized him for that. Todd looked after his grandchild very well, and there was a lot of criticism on Kyle and Chloe’s mother. People made gossips about them telling that they could not fulfill their family love and also could not look after their daughter correctly.

Also, he had faced a lot of rumors from his father, Todd. His father accused of Bankruptcy and Kyle had to pay all the debt. He got charged with being able to pay for all the money. Also, he was a drug abuser. Always high, he caused a lot of problems while he was on the shoot. He even caused troubles off-screen and people were tired of this behavior of him.


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