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If there is a list somewhere in the world about most beautiful journalists of all time, Kristen Welker surely makes into that list. Welker has managed to gather up and injury a lot of hearts, and the culprit here is her impressive reporting skills and undoubtedly, her absolute sheer beauty. Surely, all of these things are unintentional because when you have a charming personality and astonishing beauty of this level, it is out of control. This truly makes Welker among the few female personalities who deliver news with a constant flow of charm.

Kristen Welker

You as news consumers and viewers have seen her on NBC Network, and there is no denying that you fell in love with Kristen the very first time you saw her. But frankly, there is absolutely nothing that should embarrass you here because when we look at Welker, it is just mind-blowing how someone can redefine beauty with brains like this.

While people usually look at Kristen and fall in love instantly, they all seem to stop right there admiring her without the urge to learn more about her. Some facts about Kristen remain unknown to even that of the craziest of Welker fans out there in the world. Have you ever wondered who one of your favorite NBC News journalist, Kristen in this case, is behind all the reporting job?

We clearly understand your dilemma here because you most likely looked for the details but did not find any. And that is a shame, to be honest. But, we have the solution right here. In this post right here, we talk about Kristen Welker and mind you; only her. All about Welker personal and professional life available here. Just read through people, read through.

Early Life

An American reporter and TV journalist Kristen Welker were born on July 1, 1976, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Her zodiac signs in Cancer, and she celebrates her birthday three days before the fourth of July, a special day in American history and for the people as well.

Welker grew up with her parents. Her parents are Harvey Welker, an engineer by profession and her mother, a real-estate agent. Since her parents come from two different ethnic groups, Kristen shares a mixed ethnicity. This is because her father is white and her mother is black.

Kristen grew up as a very sincere Christian girl who believes in God and that everything happens for a reason. Growing up, Welker went to the Church on a regular basis with her parents and always donned a kind and humble persona. Kristen always believes that there is no such thing as more kindness in the world.

At the moment, any further information regarding her family remains a big question mark. She does not talk about having any siblings at the moment, and further detail on her parents also remains missing. As of now, we believe that Kristen is the only child to her parents, and she does not have any brother or sister at the moment whatsoever.

Kristen Welker


The concept of journalism always fascinated her as people appeared on TV and Radios to deliver news to people. As she grew up, Kristen realized that in order to pursue a career in journalism, one has to study hard for it and also, get a degree. With that in mind, Kristen started studying very hard.

As a child, Kristen’s parents enrolled her at a local school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called Germantown Friends School. With the end goal already in mind, Kristen started studying sincerely and very passionately. Her determination to becoming a famous journalist carried on for years.

Eventually, the determination managed to get Kristen graduate with impressive marks from Germantown Friends School in 1994. While her time there, Welker managed to establish herself as a very sincere and obedient student and teachers liked her very much as well.

After that, Kristen joined the Harvard College to further continue with her studies. At Harvard, Kristen started focusing on Arts and decided to continue in that. In 1998, Kristen Welker graduated from the Harvard College with a bachelor of Arts degree and that too with honors. She majored in History for the added benefit of the past of America.

After graduating, it was now time for Kristen to make the big move of starting her career. During this time, she contemplated big time and brainstormed very much to make a decision that she would not regret later in life. After much thought process, Kristen finally decided that journalism was the way for her, and there she started her career.

Name Kristen Welker
Date of birth 25 September 1973
Birthplace Hartford, Connecticut, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Anchor
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Libra
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $12 million


Kristen Welker

Kristen Welker Personal Life

Surely, everyone wants someone like Kristen Welker in their lives; especially men. Because a hardworking, ambitious, and extremely beautiful woman like Welker is very hard to come by. But to everybody’s despair, Kristen Welker is already married to a man named John Hughes.

John Hughes is a marketing executive by profession, and the couple met for the first time through a mutual friend back in 2014. After consecutive meets and conversation, both ended up liking each other and started dating eventually. The news of the couple dating made everyone happy since they looked so good together.

After dating for a few years, John proposed to Welker and for sure she said yes. The couple married in a very intimate wedding ceremony in the States, and many of her journalist friends attended the wedding. The couple married on March 4, 2017. While Welker donned a simple yet elegant wedding gown, John donned an impressive Tux.

The couple does not have any children at the moment, and there are also no reports about any rumored split or divorce. Welker and Hughes are very happily married and enjoy their days as a married couple.

Kristen Welker


In 2001, Kristen joined the KRCR team as a reporter. She worked there for about two years until a better opportunity arrived at her doorstep. In 2003, Kristen joined the WLNE-ABC6 News as a reporter. WLNE-ABC6, as the name suggests, is an ABC affiliate network.

There, Kristen spent another two years before joining the KRCR-TV again as a reporter and an anchor. This served as a huge chance for her at this time; she also served as an anchor of the network. From 2003 to 2005, Kristen worked as a reporter for KRCR-TV and also served the same designation for the WLNE – ABC6 News. She worked in both networks until 2005.

In 2005, Kristen joined the NBC 10, network as an anchor and reporter and she worked there for a total of four years. During her time at the NBC 10, Kristen also served as a WCAU-TV, another NBC affiliate network. While she exited form NBC 10 in 2009, Kristen remained with the WCAU-TV till 2010.

In 2009, Welker joined the NBC Universal, Burbank Bureau and served the designation of NBC News Correspondent. She worked there for about two years until moving on to The NBC News as a White House Correspondent in 2011. Since then, Kristen is with the network, and it has been over 8 years now.

Kristen Welker

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Net Worth

Kristen has a very diverse experience chain as far as her career goes. Welker started working for the career she wanted from a very young age and built her way up to this level of recognition and success. After more than a decade and a half in journalism, Kristen has gathered a mass of fans and followers, and you obviously know what comes along all that? That is right. A big bank account.

Kristen Welker currently has a net worth of over $2.5 million and the fact that her career is still raving; Welker is earning more and more. She likes visiting new places and dining in nice restaurants. Moreover, she splurges on special and intimate moments with her husband.

Kristen Welker

Social Reach

Twitter: @KristenWelker

Instagram: @jewelsbidwell

Facebook: Kristen Welker


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