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Creating legends isn’t something new for some people out in the world. Whatever they do, it tends to break records and give them a higher recognition. However, what if there is no higher recognition left to give or offer to these kind of people? Well, this is the time when people become legends. Now, there are some kinds of people who are the perfect example of what we are talking about. The man we are talking about today is Kobe Bryant.

Many of your sports fans already know who we are talking about here and how Kobe is. As one of the most famous sports players, Bryant is an iconic name when it comes to the art of playing basketball. Similar to the saying of float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, Kobe has a knack for it. With an immensely successful career thriving, Kobe has a lot of prestigious accolades to his name and all thanks to his determination and sincerity.

Kobe Bryant

But surely, there are also people out there who do not know a single thing about Kobe here because they do not play or even watch this epic game. Basketball remains, to this date, a very renowned game with billions of fans all over the world. Among all the spectacular players around, Kobe is one of the most famous with legendary point counts and wins over another team in NBA seasons. A step down below Michael Jordan, Kobe aims for the throne.

Surely, of a man with such talent and success, you ought to know more about him.  How much do people know about Kobe’s personal life? Is Bryant, this tall, dark man married to someone or like other ballers, dating? Learn everything there is about Kobe here.

Kobe Bryant Early Life

One of the most famous basketball players of all time, Kobe Bryant, the retired legend, was born on August 23, 1978. Kobe was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States of America under the name Kobe Bean Bryant. For obvious reasons, Kobe excluded his middle name from professional use.

Although always remaining in excellent health, Kobe retired from basketball a little early than everyone expected. Bryant cited that he wanted to retire because of physical state deterioration. However, despite retiring, Kobe shows no sign of aging what so ever. At the moment, Kobe is 41 years old but does not look like that.

Now, sports blood in Kobe isn’t something new as he was born to father Joe Bryant and mother, Pamela Cox Bryant. If you already do not know who Joe Bryant let us do the work. Joe is a former NBA league basketball player who, during his time, also raised to fame and stardom from his skill.

Kobe’s parents also went a little creative when it came to his name. Unlike conventional parents and them choosing names, Joe and Pamela went for something different. They once saw a famous beef in Kobe, located in Japan, and as you clearly see, it became an inspiration for his name.

Starting to play basketball since the age of three, Kobe began getting rather good at all the dribbling and shooting through the hoops. At one point, Kobe also began playing football, not the ones that the British call football. One Joe Bryant retired, the whole family moved to the states.

Kobe’s childhood is one of his nicer memories as he grew up with three siblings that he got from his parent’s past relationship. Kobe is the only child of Joe and Pamela, and Kobe has half-siblings from that cause.

Kobe Bryant

 Kobe Bryant Education

Bean Bryant, the middle name that Kobe got from his father’s nickname called Jellybean, began basketball, as mentioned when he was three years old. During that time, his parents were only concerned about giving Bryant his father’s skill knowledge and what he could do with it.

But parents usually focus on their children’s career, and that career comes from education, most of the time. As a young child, Kobe enrolled at the Lowe Merion High School located in Ardmore, Philadelphia. Naturally, Kobe also joined the basketball team there and began playing as a freshman.

High school is all about studying and making the most out of one’s skill and talent. Following that culture, Bryant gave a try in the varsity team and became one of the first freshers in decided to do so. During his time in high school, he attracted a lot of recognition for his school and ultimately for himself.

Apart from bringing lots of recognition to Lower Merion High School and also to himself, Kobe won a lot of awards as well. One of the most significant awards that Kobe won is Naismith High School, Player of the Year award. At the time of his graduation, Kobe accumulated an SAT score of 1080.

An SAT score of 1080 meant that Kobe possessed a lot of choices on where he wanted to go for further education. However, seeing the potential for his career, Kobe chooses to halt his education to high school and did not go to college.

Personal Life

In 1999, after signing a rookie contract of worth $3.5 million, Kobe met Vanessa Laine, a dancer during her initial days. Kobe and Vanessa met each other while working on a music video in 1999. After six months of dating, Kobe and Vanessa became engaged, and both were deeply in love as well.

During the time of engagement, Vanessa still remained in high school, Marina High School in Huntington Beach. After a year of engagement, Kobe and Vanessa married each other in a wedding ceremony that most of Kobe’s closest did not attend. While his teammates, agents, and coach did not attend the wedding, his parents did not as well.

Kobe’s parents did not like Vanessa that much because of the fact that she was not African-American like they were. This sometimes led to a tirade, but Kobe did not let that wander his mind off of his relationship with Vanessa. In 2003, Kobe and Vanessa welcomed their first child, a daughter.

The birth of his daughter also helped him in getting his relationship with parents in order as well. In 2006, after one tragic miscarriage, Vanessa welcomed another baby, another daughter in 2006. After several years of marriage, in 2011, Vanessa filed for divorce without any proper reason.

Citing irreconcilable differences, Kobe and Vanessa somehow worked out their marriage and now live very happily together.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Career

Playing for the college basketball team is all good and real, but people do not consider that as an official career in basketball. That is also the reason why aspiring basketball players always eye for the NBA tag and want to get into the league games as well. That worked all well for Kobe because of all the talent that he possessed.

In 1996, Bryant came in between a very serious scenario where two teams were trading one for a draft. As Bryant made his way in, he also became the first guard position player that came in straight out of high school. The same year, Bryant signed a $3.5 million contract with Lakers.

The signing fame Bryant unlimited opportunities to showcase his skills, but only the fact that restrained him was playtime. But that changed soon as his performance escalated drastically with every game. At the age of 18 and during initial NBA days, Kobe broke so many records.

He became one of the youngest NBA players of all time and also reigned as a Smal Dunk champion, which he won at the age of 18 as well. In any game, there are a lot of ups and downs, and for Bryant, most of them caused by injuries. By 2007, Bryant was breaking other records as well.

At the age of 29, Bryant became the youngest to reach 20,000 points. However, that record title now belongs to LeBron James, another world-famous basketball player. There was this one time when Bryant requested trade upon some issues with a coach; however, later, he reconsidered his demand.

After playing the 2015 and 2016 season, Bryant felt that fame was taking a significant toll on his health. Considering this decline, Bryant retired from the game.

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Net Worth

As we clearly see from his career, Kobe is one of the most successful players of all time with extreme basketball skills, as well. All of that managed to get him only good things in life. As a result, Kobe also became one of the highest-paid sports personalities, coming in parr with other players like Ronaldo and Messi.

During the peak of his career, Kobe earned as much salary of $300 million. Adding millions of dollars worth of investments, Kobe earned around $1 million per day. During his career, Kobe also featured in various endorsements and other advertisements. One time, Kobe signed a contract with Nike of an approximate value of $45 million.

Apart from earning $25 million per year even after retirement, Kobe owns his own company and has several investments in popular brands. Kobe also has lots of real estates, as well.

Name Kobe Bryant
Date of birth August 23, 1978
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 6.6 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Basketball player
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Leo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $500 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @kobebryant

Instagram: @kobebryant

Facebook: Kobe Bryant


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