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You may have heard the name Kidada Jones before as she is quite well known. Jones is an American actress, a model who is now widely known as a fashion designer. While all the career tags may hint that she is quite happy and satisfied, all that came with a price.

Also, her personal life is a little bit dark that may haunt her for most of her life. Kidada Jones lost her one true love to death when things were going very good and by things we mean the relationship. However, life rolled its dice and took her lover away.

Now, the man that she lost is someone almost everyone in this world knows. He is only known as one of the greatest rappers of all time who revolutionized the rap scene from its roots. You may have already guessed about who that man is.

Kidada Jones

Well, the guy that Kidada Jones lost is none other than Tupac Shakur. Yes. We did say almost everyone in this world knows who Tupac Shakur is. But there are other facts that people do not know about her which also gives glimpses on her relationship with Tupac.

Keep reading and do not stop to find out all the details about Kidada and her relationship status now.

Kidada Jones Personal Life

Jones, as mentioned, is an American actress, model, and a fashion designer. As accomplished as she is, her beauty is no joke as well because many look for the qualities in their significant others that she possesses. Nevertheless, Kidada does not seem to be too full of herself because of that.

Her personal life has ups and downs for sure, and she also suffered a great loss. Jones’ struggle with love is something that even grown-up people fear to suffer from, but Kidada did her best. Her relationship with Tupac Shakur was very special.

Everyone who knew about the relationship was looking forward to the couple to get married eventually because they reportedly got engaged. Oh. Did you not know this piece on information? Consider this your lucky day because you’ll be leaving with more information than you thought you’d get.

While people find it hard to believe, Tupac was ready to settle down with Kidada, but he did not get to make any statements. Did Kidada and Tupac get engaged?

Engaged To Tupac?

After Tupac died from being shot, of which we will talk about later in full detail, Kidada had a lot of burdens to talk about her relationship with the love of her life and relive those moments through re-walking in the memory lane from time and again.

However, she did her best and told about her relationship with Tupac; however; she did not say that she was engaged to Tupac. It was her sister Rashida Jones who revealed this bit of information in an interview.

She talked about her family feud with Tupac andrealizing that she could not forever hate the person who said ill about her family and especially someone who was engaged to her sister. She said that her time hating and then turning into friends with Tupac made her realize and know herself better.

However, people do not readily believe this because Tupac never called Kidada his fiancé or reveal the fact that they were secretly engaged to get married. More on more, Tupac also did not have an engagement while in the hospital before his death.

While there lies only the word of Kidada and her sister Rashida, this might just true. However, the lack of evidence suggests otherwise. Guess we’ll never know until there is a photo.

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Kidada and Tupac first encounter was not as usual as there was a lot of hate between them; at least between Pac and Kidada’s family. The thing, Pac called Kidada’s father, Quincy Jones who is a famous composer, a blonde-lover and accused him of having several white wives.

This put up a visible hatred between him and the Jones family. As a reply to his allegations, Kidada’s sister Rashida wrote a letter to The Source revealed and talking about Pac in very detail. However, Kidada never did anything like that.

Although she did not like the fact that Pac insulated her father and tried to defame him, when the couple started to talk, everything gradually smoothed out. Quincy told how he caught sight of the two talking when he is dropping Rashida to Jerry’s Delicatessen.

Seeing his daughter talk to the man who accused him, Quincy went to them, put his two arms on Pac’s shoulder and said that they needed to talk. Quincy later revealed that has Pac had a gun on himself that night, he would have shot Quincy. Fortunately, he did not.

So, Quincy and Pac sat and talked where reportedly Tupac apologized for calling his such things, and that was it, the point break. After that conversation, Tupac and Quincy became closer than ever and even went out on dinners.

Boyfriend Tupac Killed

In September of 1996, it had already been four months since Kidada and Tupac were living together as partners. On September 7, Kidada came in town and was in the Las Vegas hotel suite room that the couple booked. Tupac told Kidada that he was coming and she waited for her partner.

However, instead of Pac, a phone call came telling her that Tupac got shot and taken to the hospital. Kidada could not believe what she was hearing. She went to the hospital where someone handed Pac’s bloody clothes.

That night, she paced through the parking lot for approximately nine hours, muttering to herself and saying he cannot die, Tupac cannot die. However, on the sixth day, Pac’s health deteriorated. Kidada is among the people who talked to Pac moments before he slipped into a coma. The doctors could not revive Tupac and sadly, he died shortly.

She called Pac and said if he knew that she loved him and that everyone loved him. He nodded his head and then fell into a coma. The doctors later pronounced him dead.

Other Relationships

Tupac is not the only man Kidada has loved and dated. Before meeting Tupac, Kidada was in a relationship with rapper and actor LL Cool J back in 1992. The couple dated for a while and made few public appearances before splitting in 1994.

After her relationship with Cool J ended in 1994, and her attention towards Tupac grew, and the two started dating after some time until his death.

After Tupac died, Kidada took hiatus from dating and did not have any relationship whatsoever. However, as time heals all wounds, she started dating actor Jeffrey Nash in 2000s; Nash and Jones married and swapped vows in 2003.

Jones and Nash started their marital journey very happily, but soon, their love grew sour, and the couple divorced. They do not have any children together. After her marriage failed, she has not dated anyone. At the moment, Kidada is reportedly single.

Kidada Jones Bio

Daughter of Quincy Jones, Kidada Jones was born on March 22, 1974, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. She attended the Los Angeles Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising. But she did not complete her years there after getting a chance to work with famous designer Tommy Hilfiger.

Kidada previously worked as a designer for Vibe magazine which her father Quincy Jones owned. She later started working for Tommy Hilfiger as his muse for about eight years. She has styled celebrities like Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg and has worked for different magazines like Elle, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazar.

Net Worth

At the moment, Kidada has a massive net worth of $3 million.


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