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What would living the American dream look like? Ask Kia Proctor, the beautiful woman who manages to literally get people to splurge on her for swaying her body in sexy motion; or at least she did. Her eyes act like an arrow that pierces right through men’s hearts, and all they can do is lay there, as a victim of her gaze. We are not kidding when we claim or state that Kia Proctor has a mesmerizing look.

As a former model and a former stripper, Kia Proctor has many people lingering behind her with hopes that she would notice them or perhaps, luckily date her. It is not unnatural in any manner that men spend thousands of dollars on her just to buy some minutes of their appearance in front of her. But, that is not all that made her famous in the entertainment industry.

Kia Proctor

You see, there are people who work for their own success, work day and night to get the recognition they always dreamed of. Similarly, when this kind of people associate themselves with someone of less fame, it works like a catalyst and bam! Fame surrounds everywhere. Now, it does not mean that Kia did not work for her fame.

She did, but it is her link with a famous NFL player that resulted in her meteoric success. Don’t you know about her famous affair with one of Carolina Panther’s teammates? Oh, you are missing out on so many things but don’t worry, Kia Proctor details are all that we have here. In this post, we talk about everything there is to know about Kia Proctor.

All you have to do is keep reading and find out the rest.

Kia Proctor Early Life

American model, dancer, and former stripper Kia was born on October 16, 1988, in Virginia, United States of America. Her zodiac sign Libra and Kia is 30 years old at the moment. Proctor was born to parents, father Jerome Proctor and Anne Marie who reportedly lived in Virginia for the longest part of their lives.

Kia, during her early childhood, lived in Maryland as well; however, later, her family settled down in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents sincerely believe in God, and they passed this character down to their daughter as Kia also follows her religion very sincerely. She never tries to intentionally harm other people.

At the moment, her family information stops right there as Kia keeps it all a secret. Proctor does not talk about her early family in any of her interview or social media. Therefore, there is very limited information regarding her family out there, which frustrates her fans and followers.

Procter also does not talk about having any siblings as of now, and her parents also do not openly talk about their children or the number of a family member they produced together. Because of that, we believe that Kia Proctor is the only child of Jerome Proctor and Anne Marie.


As a young child, Kia went to the nearest local high school, where she studies fairly and sincerely. Kia managed to establish herself as a sincere and obedient student, and teachers at the school also seemed to like her very much. After years of hard work, Kia graduated from high school.

Unfortunately, after her graduation, there remains no evidence that she continued with her studies and went to college. Because of that, we cannot be certain that she went to college and graduated with a higher educational degree like a bachelor’s or masters. As of now, Kia remains only as a high school graduate until she claims otherwise.

Name Kia Proctor
Date of birth October 16, 1988
Birthplace Virginia, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.11 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Model
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Libra
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A

Personal Life

As mentioned earlier, Kia Proctor is famous for her link with someone who is in their career, very massively famous. Kia is definitely an exotic personality, and everyone wants someone like her in their lives. But that does not mean they will get her. It is because Kia is already committed to someone else.

Does that mean Kia is married? No, but Kia is already in a heavily committed relationship that seems to go on and hard for a very long time. At the moment, Kia is dating her boyfriend, NFL star Cam Newton. Cam Newton is famous as an all-time NFL rookie who also holds the same title records for passing.

Kia and Cam, the American football quarterback who currently plays for Carolina Panthers, started dating in mid-2015 and confirmed their affair at the end of 2015. This means that Kia and Cam are dating for early five years now. Kia and Cam first appeared publically during the 2014 NFL function.

They year they confirmed dating, Kia and Cam also welcomed a baby boy and named him Chosen Sebastian. After about two years, Kia and Cam again became new parents when they welcomed their daughter in 2017. Kia and Cam named their daughter Sovereign-Dior Campbell.

At the moment, Kia, Cam, and the whole family live very happily together in their home in the United States. There swirl no rumors of a split between Kia and Cam. Cam loves Kia very much and does not allow any outsider to jeopardize the relationship even by an inch.

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While growing up and trying out to find out where she fits, Proctor indulged herself in various fields. She started as a dancer and eventually trained to become very good at as people started paying more and more for her dance appearances. Seeing the potential, Proctor started as an exotic dancer at the famous Washington D.C Stadium Club.

Her nickname at the Washington D.C Stadium was Hazel, and she became quite famous there in a relatively short period of time. Many people believe that she choose the name Hazel because of her eyes which fall in the Hazel category while others believe that she choose the name because it reflects old lace and Victorian.

Soon, Proctor also started getting modeling offers, and like any wise person, Proctor embraced that line of career. Kia’s modeling career started taking over her schedule and working as an exotic dancer now only remained as something that she did during her free time or during whenever she fancied.

After a couple of years later, Proctor left her career as an exotic dancer completely and started focusing on modeling, which turned out to be a little more stable than she initially thought. You know how it is with modeling agencies as they do not promise anything and models always depend on calls.

But, with Kia, it was very different. People liked seeing her, and agencies wanted her desperately as well. During her career, she has modeled for many high and prestigious brands and gathered herself the always deserving attention and exposure. While in that journey, she gathered a lot of fans and followers.

Net Worth

You probably have than best of an idea what comes after a massive fan base and followers. That is right, a hefty bank account. Kia started modeling years ago, and her career has only grown aggressively ever since. Even after welcoming multiple children, Kia has not lost her charm as her career still thrives.

With that said, Kia Proctor currently has her net worth in millions. The exact figures remain on the mystery side, but we strongly believe Kia earns a lot more. As an exotic dancer, Kia bagged a lot of cash and the same happened during her modeling career but in a slightly higher and consistent manner.

But let’s not forget that her boyfriend cum partner currently has a massive net worth of $20 million. That said, Kia has nothing to worry about at the least. Her partner is financially stable, and that puts her on the safer side as well.

Kia Proctor Social Reach

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: @kiaproctorofficial

Facebook: Kia Proctor


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