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Talking about Hollywood, it is a platform for different people. Some come through a history of the family engaged in the entertainment industry, while some make their name and pass the legacies. The celebrities who are already in Hollywood love their child to enjoy the same paparazzi of Hollywood and join the same platform. So, it is the same with Kevin Selleck, who is the son of a very famous personality the Hollywood history, Tom Selleck. Tom is happy to see Kevin in the same path as him. Also, the fans of Tom feel so excited to see Kevin in the same direction as his father.

Kevin Selleck

He was born in 1996 in the United States of America. His birth name is Kevin S. Shepard. He is a well-known actor in Hollywood. He was already famous as the son of Tom Selleck, but he carved his own identity in the Hollywood industry after he acted in popular movies like Scream 2, Magnum, and P.I. Also, his mother, Jacqueline Ray, is a popular actress too. As he was born in the family of the entertainment industry, it was easy for him to get there. 

Family Life of Kevin Selleck

The name of the father of Kevin Selleck is Tom Selleck, and the name of his mother is Jacqueline Ray. His mother, Jacqueline, was a former American model and an actress. His stepfather Tom Selleck is a popular actor too. Kevin’sKevin’s biological father and Jacequiline got divorced with Kevin was at an early age. After they got separated, Kevin started to live with his mother. He crossed his entire childhood with a household of no man. However, his mother fulfilled all his requirements and never let him feel low. When he was 19 years old, Tom Selleck accepted Kevin as his legal child. Also, Tom has a step-sister whose name is Hannah Selleck.

Professional Career

Talking about the professional career of Kevin, he has a sound professional career in music and acting. Kevin joined an American rock band named Tonic. At the group, he started to work as a drummer. Some of his band members at the band were Jeff Russo, Dan Rothchild, Dan Lavery, and Emerson Hart. In the year 1996, the band Tonic released their first duet. With time, the duet started trending on social sites and YouTube. So, their band started gaining high fame. Also, they released another single in the year 1977. The name of the single that they released was ”If You Can Only See.” It was such a great song that it reached the number 11 on BillBooard Airplay Hot 11.

However, their band could not sustain long. This is because Kevin got into a fight with a group member. Then, he quit the band. It was the end of his musical career.

Moreover, Kevin has a good career in the acting industry, as well. He has made his appearance in different Television drama series. He has played a small role in the Television series along with his stepfather Tom. Also, he played in a movie named Scream 2. After his role in Scream 2, he left Hollywood and has not been active since then.

Furthermore, Kevin has supported his father in his career. Tom has played in a comedy movie named ”Three Men and a Baby” in the year 1987. He has also appeared in 10 episodes of a popular T.V. series called Friends in which he appeared as Dr. Richard Burke. Tom appeared in the series from 1996 to the year 2000.

Hence, both Tom and Kevin have a right and secure place in Hollywood as the master of the entertainment industry.

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Education and Academic Qualification

Talking about the culture of Kevin Selleck, he went to the University of Southern California. At the University of Southern California, he started to play volleyball just like his stepfather. Any more information about the education of Kevin is not into the disclosure.

Nationality and Ethnicity of Kevin Selleck

Kevin is an American citizen. His citizenship is American. But, there is no proper information about his ethnicity and ancestry.

Lifetime Achievements and Awards

Kevin has not been so active in Hollywood. The roles he performed in Hollywood are admirable, but they aren’t so great. There are other competitive actors in comparison to Kevin. So, Kevin has not got nominations for any awards to date. But, his stepfather is a very well known figure of Hollywood and got different nominations and awards. In his career, his stepfather Tom has received various awards, such as Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award. Hence, he is one of the biggest stars of Hollywood.

Relationship Status

Talking about the relationship of Kevin Selleck, he is a married man. He got married to a lady named Annabelle Selleck. They got married on the 7th of August, 1987. Their wedding ceremony was grand. But, they had only invited the people close to their soul. They completed their wedding ceremony with their family and their close friends in a private place. As they had been dating before their wedding, they knew each other well and did not face any difficulties after their marriage. They lived in a healthy relationship supporting each other well.

This lovely couple has six children. But, the name of any of their children is not available. Neither is the date of birth of their children available on the Internet. Kevin and Annabelle live a great lie with their children. This couple loves their children very much and is fulfilling all their needs. They live together will all their six children. Until today, Kevin and Annabelle have no signs of divorce. They are enjoying their married life with trust and love for each other.

Net Worth of Kevin Selleck

Talking about the net worth of Kevin, he has a significant sum of money. He has collected a substantial amount of about 18 million dollars from his professional career. Although he worked in the industry for a brief period, he was able to gain a lot. However, he faced some financial problems when he got a judgment of about 6K dollars from a credit card company. This judgment got made for an unpaid bill in the year 2011.

Moreover, the net worth of his stepfather Tom is excellent too. Tom has a substantial net worth of about 45 million dollars. He receives a big salary of about 150K dollars from one episode of the Hollywood movie that he performs in. Also, Kevin’s mother has a net worth of around 1 million dollars.

Social Media and Fan Followers

Kevin is not at all present in the world of social media. As mentioned, he does not like the fame of limelight. Also, he does not like to get on the social media platform. He quit Hollywood very soon too. After 2002, he has not been active in Hollywood. So, to escape from the public and media, Kevin remains away from networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. But, he has a significant number of real-life followers.

Gossips, Rumors, and Scandals

Kevin is a well-known face of Hollywood. He got a lot of fame because of his father. Kevin lives a very low-key life. He does not like getting trapped in the world of rumors and controversies. In his career, he has not been held in any gossips either. Also, he is a one-person lady and got into the relationship only once in his lifetime. So, he is living a life free of controversies.

Body Measurement and Appearance of Kevin Selleck

Talking about the body statistics of Kevin Selleck, he is a man with a great personality. The body statistics of Kevin is excellent. He has a well-maintained body with a very tall height of about 6 feet and 3 inches. Also, he has beautiful brown hair and black eyes. However, the information on his weight, shoe size, and body measurement are not available.


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