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Have you ever heard about Kevin Hunter? No? Well, you should because there are only so many reasons to know this man. A TV producer by profession, he is not someone to mess with. He is married, has a family of his own and earns pretty well for himself. Well, they say, rich people spend money as fast as they make it. As it so happens, Kevin did something similar just recently; bought a watch costing a massive $40,000 U.S dollars.

Can you believe that? There are a lot of things that are unbelievable about Kevin Hunter, and the main one is his married life. You sure will quiver with jealousy when you find out who this Canadian/American man is married to. Ready to find out? Keep reading so that every little detail about Kevin is known to you as soon as possible. Who Is Kevin Hunter’s wife and who are his children?

Kevin Hunter

Married Life

Kevin, the dark and handsome man who is known as television producer around the world. However, this may be the second thing that serves as an introduction for Kevin Hunter. But if his actual profession is not something that has made him famous then what is? Did he do some kind of crime that shuns his professional career out in the dark shadows? Well, not exactly.

The thing is that Kevin Hunter is famous for being married. But you must be wondering why someone would be famous for just being married because almost everybody on this earth, 7+ billion people are married, were married or will get married eventually. What exactly makes Kevin’s case so different. It isn’t the fact that he is married that makes him famous; it is the matter of who he is married to.

Let’s roll it back a step. Kevin did commit a crime. His crime is to get married. You still may be wondering what is the big deal here. He is just another man who got married, that is all. Why all the fuss? Well, not everybody gets married to Wendy Williams. That is right ladies and gentleman.

Kevin is the husband of Wendy Williams, our very own favorite television personality who runs her self-titled show. Now it all starts making sense to you for why Kevin Hunter being married is such a big deal. A lot of men out there have a dream of getting someone as close to Wendy Williams for their life partner and Kevin Hunter is out here living the dream.


Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams married back on November 30, 1997, in front of friends and family. Calculating from 1997 till now, it has been over two decades that the couple has stayed married. The couple also has a son, Kevin Hunter Jr. who was born on August 18, 2000, three years after Hunter and Wendy Williams got married.

Kevin and his son Kevin Hunter Jr have always been supportive towards Wendy Williams. A solemn example is a fact that they looked after Wendy during her struggle with cocaine addiction. While all may seem right, there have been troubles in the couple’s life. But before that, let’s look closely who exactly is Wendy Williams.

Kevin Hunter Wife – Wendy Williams

Kevin Hunter’s wife Wendy Williams born on July 18, 1964, in Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States is a famous television host, actress, author, fashion designer, and a former radio personality. However, it has been a couple of years that Wendy William has focused on running her television show which has a massive fan following and is watched by millions of viewers across the globe.

Her show The Wendy Williams Show which started since 2008 is a nationally syndicated television talk show where she invites famous personalities like actors, sports people, models, influencers and celebrities in general and asks them exciting questions. Before entering the television scene, Wendy Williams also served as a DJ and host.

Wendy enrolled in the Ocean Township High School and graduated from there. She later joined the Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1982 and graduated from there in 1986 with an associate of science degree in communication. Apart from her career as a DJ and television host.

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Wendy’s Other Career Line

Wendy Williams is also an author and has written a New York Times best-selling autobiography called The Wendy Williams Experience. She also has other six books written, and they are Wendy’s Got The Heat, Is the Bitch Dead Or What? (The Ritz Harper Chronicles Vol. 2), Drama Is Her Middle Name (The Ritz Harper Chronicles Vol. 1), Ritz Harper Goes To Hollywood! (The Ritz Harper Chronicles Vol. 3), Hold Me in Contempt: A Romance, and Ask Wendy. With such kind of diverse work, there is a massive reward for Wendy as well. She currently has a net worth of an estimated $60 million.

When it comes to her personal life, Kevin Hunter is actually her second husband as Wendy was previously married to Robert Morris III. Robert was a salesperson. When the couple got married is not quite clear, but they divorced because of irreconcilable differences. While it has been over two decades Wendy and Kevin have stayed married, they have had their share of ups and downs.

Kevin Hunter Cheating On Wife Wendy Williams

While Wendy Williams was in a sober home in Queens, she came to know that her husband is reportedly in touch with his mistress of over a decade. News broke that Kevin Hunter allegedly kept a sexual relationship with a woman named Sharina Hudson and had a baby with her.

However, while the relationship with Wendy Williams seems to wobble around, Kevin is trying his best to keep his marriage with Wendy Together. Hunter recently bought his wife Wendy a watch that cost about $40,000.

He also spoke to a media network and said that the couple was excellent at the moment and are working on Wendy Williams’ sobriety. He said, “Wendy and the family are doing fine. We are focused on her health and sobriety, and that is it.”

Expensive Gift Amid Rumors

The watch as far as resources say is a diamond-encrusted customized watch made on special request. Kevin went to Flawless Jewelry and asked for a customized watch made for his special lady. According to the jeweler, Kevin came in the shop on Thursday and got the diamond-encrusted Frank Muller watch.

As far as Wendy is concerned, she says that marriages are not perfect whether a couple is married for five years or 500 years. She says that marriages are not easy and people have to work really hard on it to stick around.

With all this matter, the couple’s son, Kevin Hunter Jr. is out of reach and has not made any comments whatsoever. As far as cheating scandal goes, things do not end here as Kevin Hunter has allegedly cheated on Wendy before with the talent booker for The Wendy Williams Show. The talent booker by the name Nicole Spence sued Wendy with papers filed for equal employment opportunity commission in 2008.

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Nicole Spence claimed that Kevin Hunter demanded sexual relationship from her in several instances and created a very unhealthy and hostile working environment. Kevin allegedly threatened and assaulted his wife Wendy as well which had a negative impact on Nicole Spence.

Spence later filed for a sexual-harassment lawsuit against Kevin Hunter and his wife Wendy Williams along with the Inner City Broadcasting Corporation. Both Kevin and his wife denied the claims made by Spence and the case dismissed on October 22, 2008, with prejudice. Despite the case not creating a bigger mess, it surely left a dent on Kevin and his wife Wendy’s image as it brought dark secrets out.

Bio, Age, Height

American producer Kevin Hunter was born on September 17, 1972, in Ontario, Canada and later moved to the United States of America. Hunter currently is of age 46. Before gaining fame as Wendy Williams’ husband, he served as a manager to her. However, the couple did not have any romantic relationship beforehand. He graduated from high school and later received his Alma Mater from the Sears and Switzer Academy.

Kevin follows Christian religion and as per sources, he and his wife Wendy Williams always pray together before shows. Kevin currently stands at a tall height of 6 feet and 2 inches that converts into 185 cm and 1.85 m. When it comes to his weight, Kevin is somewhere between 85-90 kg. He has a chest size of 42 inches, a 32 inches waist, and 37 inches hips.

Net Worth

Kevin who splurged a massive $40,000 on just a watch surely has a massive net worth as well. While taking on the responsibility of Wendy’s manager, he must have been paid handsomely. As of 2018, Kevin Hunter has a massive estimated net worth of $7.5 million U.S Dollars. Unfortunately, his salary as of now is unclear.

Kevin loves to play music, travel, and do the reading. His favorite celebrities include Will Smith, Julia Roberts and undoubtedly, his wife, Wendy Williams.


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