Kenny Goss: Net Worth, Relationship With George Michael, Career, Rumors


Kenny Goss is an American businessman. He is well-known for his relationship with the late singer and songwriter George Michael.

Kenny Goss

Birth Date: September 17, 1958
Birth Place: Brownwood, Texas
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Salary: N/A
Net Worth: Millions
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Not married
Married date: N/A
Children: None
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Facebook: N/A
Twitter: https: N/A
Instagram: @kenny_goss
Quotes: N/A

Early Life and Family Of Kenny Goss

Kenny was born on September 17, 1958, in Brownwood, Texas. He was born to Earl Goss and Ozzell Goss, who were alcoholic dysfunctional parents, resulting in a troubled childhood. Kenny is also open about his addiction and claims it runs in his family. Kenny also dated a lot of women and even a Miss Texas once in order to hide his sexuality from his parents, who he believed wouldn’t understand. His mother died of cancer in 2000 and his father died of a stroke in 2003, without ever getting to know of Kenny’s relation with Michael. He also has a brother, Tim Goss, and they seem to be quite close, as Kenny told him about the relationship with Michael. He is also the godfather to former spice girl, Geri Halliwell’s daughter, Bluebell. Geri even lived with him and George in their US home while they were still together.


Kenny Goss graduated from Trinity High-school and immediately started preparing for college as he wanted to escape the cruelties of his parents. After that Goss got admission into the famous University of North Texas to expand his business knowledge further. He was part of the university’s cheerleading and gymnastics team. Kenny Goss was also a member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. It’s one of the largest men’s fraternities found in 1909. His brother is one of the most successful attorneys in Dallas and really looks up to Kenny. The two brothers only had each other to look up to while growing up and couldn’t depend on anyone else. He is openly gay and is very proud of his sexuality and relationship with a former lover, George Michael, who unfortunately passed away on December 25, 2016.


He started working at Herbie’s Cheerleader Supply Co. right after graduation, where he learned more about the cheerleading business. After working there for some time, he started his first business venture by selling cheerleading supplies. He also appeared in Michael: A Different Story, which is a documentary on George’s life. Kenny and Michael had opened a gallery featuring contemporary British art and an art research library called Goss Michael Foundation in 2007. The prime objective of the organization is helping struggling young artists sell their work. Likewise, their foundation also helps other charities raise money. Some of the causes they have helped include HIV and AIDS prevention, mental health, domestic violence, and Drug addiction. They also even held an art scholarship for high school seniors interested in pursuing college, which is hosted every year.

Latest Ventures

Kenny still raises money for the couple’s foundation, recently helping the MTV Staying Alive Foundation. They did not let their failed relationship affect the charity organization they had created. He currently runs the organization with the help of his brother, Tim, and sister in law, Joyce. The institution has raised more than $7 million till date and spends most of it helping other humanitarian efforts. He opened up about his relationship with George on an interview after the singer’s early demise. Kenny admitted that they had an open relationship and were quite happy with the deal. He expressed extreme sadness after finding out about George’s death and was one of the thirty people that attended the funeral. There was a rumor that he has a new partner, but has not revealed the identity of this secret lover yet. Anyway, he looks happy and seems to have found love once again.


Kenny Goss was involved in a legal battle over Michael’s fortune of £105 million with another one of George’s lover, Fadi Fawaz, claiming he deserved it since he took care of the late singer during his most troubled periods. Later, the businessman revealed George had promised him a lavish life, and that his will did not reflect the singer’s wishes properly. Kenny started to clean his act after realizing the damage he was doing to himself and those around him. He even went to rehab twice to try and end this filthy habit. He and George were dealing with their own drug addiction issues at the time and thought it would be better to split up, but still supported each other throughout the sobering process. Goss was also under fire from George’s family members and the fans after revealing some secrets about the singer’s life after his demise.

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Kenny Goss met George in 1996 in LA while waiting in line at a restaurant. After they fell in love, they were ready to officialize their relationship in 2005. However, it got postponed and unfortunately didn’t happen again. The two split after some personal issues related to addiction but didn’t stop supporting each other through the sobering processes. The singer was never the same after the breakup and faced some of the darkest periods of his life. George even performed the song, Where I Hope You Are, on his last tour which was dedicated to Kenny. He says it was Michael’s way of apologizing for the failure of their relationship. The two reportedly became close once again after the breakup and there was the hope of a reunion but unfortunately, it never happened.


Kenny Goss is a very successful businessman whose world mainly revolves around his career and the foundation he created with George. He spends most of the time on balancing between the two, so he very little time to pursue other things. Moreover, he is a philanthropist who loves helping people through the organization. When he’s not so busy, he likes to travel to different places and work from there for a while. His favorite city in the entire world is Paris and hopes to permanently live there at some point in the future. George has admitted that if he didn’t have Kenny’s support during these tough times then suicide was a huge possibility. They broke up in 2009 but the news was only public after George announced it live on one of his shows. Similarly, Kenny still regrets separating with the late singer and wishes he could change that fact.

Net Worth and Lifestyle Of Kenny Goss

When he was with George, the two lived on a £10 million mansion in Highgate, North London. He was already a millionaire following his first cheerleading business. His exact net worth is not disclosed but we can assume that it’s easily in the millions. Kenny left his old home and currently lives in an LA penthouse which is the city where the couple first met. He auctioned off all the art collections gathered by the former couple for over $15 million dollars, saying that it reminded him of George too much. He revealed that he even contacted a psychic in hopes of talking to George one last time but later realized the absurdness of his wishes. The businessman owns a Range Rover, an Aston Martin, and a Jaguar which are the dream cars of every individual.


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